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  1. JRWhite


    Best I can make of the S/N on the tag is TD18TDR15232T7BH1, not sure of last number, don't have my book of S/N with me, what do you make of the numbers?
  2. JRWhite

    TD 18A

    I changed filters, Primary Pump Filter Screen, this pump is a "B" pump, still no pressure, whats next?, smoke is kinda blue, runs pretty good on diesel, maybe time for pump rebuild???? Jim White
  3. JRWhite

    TD 18A

    Starts on gas, runs kinda rough, switches to diesel, kinda rough transition, settles down, break injection line and engine reacts, but has no power! Injection Pump shows low 10 to 20 PSI, Adjusted valves to.020 and this tractor can't get out of it's on way, what! Jim White whitejr1940@gmail.com
  4. JRWhite

    Td 18

    So, Whatever become of this 18, did you buy it or is it available? jim
  5. JRWhite

    td 14/18

    be interested in 18 parts, my problem is getting parts shipped, anybody have solution! JRWhite
  6. JRWhite

    Sprocket Solution?

    does anybody know how to include pic to a post? I give up!!!!!! sorry jim
  7. Saw this on Craig's List, What do ya think? Bulldozer sprocket cups (shells) for rebuilding bulldozer sprockets. One $5.00 cup is required for each tooth on the sprocket. Each cup has 2 holes for tacking to the sprocket. Position the cup on the sprocket and weld thru one hole then spread the cup if necessary before welding thru the second hole. Then weld completely around the cup. Questions call George 7:00am to 10pm any day