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  1. Thrown Rod D358

    I have a complete running D358 out of a 1420 combine, has 660 original hours on it,
  2. IH air cleaner for 826

    It was actually starving for air on start up, when you would throttle up it would collapse until you pulled pipe from air cleaner to turbo off ,then was fine, upon further investigation we found out the importance of the inner air filter the outer filter was dated fairly recent with little use on the tractor so assuming that we never pulled filters to check inner, it was dated June 1978 and was not real clean looking when I pulled it out this morning, put a light in it and couldn't see through it, put a different one in and solved the problem, guess most people feel that the inner filter is for decorative purposes only,lesson learned again ,don't assume anything!
  3. IH air cleaner for 826

    IH 826 gear drive serial # 2510148U009999 IH 826 Hydro Gold Demonstrator serial # 2510120U11591.
  4. IH air cleaner for 826

    My son recently purchased an IH 826 ,that was owned by our neighbor many years ago and was sold to his son for loader work before my son purchased it last winter.,The tractor was a pull on sunday farm on Monday ,with a homemade turbo manifold,and a Schwitzer 3LD 229 turbo added,the aircleaner had an added intake out the hood with a screened 1256-1456 precleaner. we have found the cobbled plumbing and air system doesn't give the turbo enough air as the pipe( a radiator hose with wire in it) from the turbo to the intake manifold collapses when the pipe from air cleaner to turbo is connected, when it is removed runs fine ,air cleaner not new but not dirty, Just anyones thoughts on how to add a larger air cleaner , , also looking at the large air cleaner outside the hood option as many pullers in the 60s and 70s did, Any thoughts, ideas or photographs would be appreciated.
  5. IH Gold Demos production

    My son purchased an 826 Gold demo hydro from Montana 2 years ago,
  6. which snowblower?

    I have used an Ih 80 blower on a 574 ,a 3088 and a 766 gas with no problem,currently have a 9' lucknow on our IH 5088 ,96" blower should work fine But in the heaviest and deepest snow no matter what you do ,you will find times that the blower won't take it all fast enough and you wind up plowing,so no matter what your gonna be riding the clutch to some extent depending on snow condition and depth.a hydro would be a great fit for blowing if you had a 1026 or 1066. Generally unless your in an area that gets pounded by snow daily using a tractor with a blower for the few times you need it in these recent climate changing winters ,using low gear reverse and riding the clutch to get through the rough spots doesn't harm a tractor too much,take it from 38 years with a snowblower and a 1/4 mile long driveway and some neighbors with driveways nobody can plow with a snowplow ,we have yet to change a clutch or stall a tractor running a snowblower.
  7. IH 1086 narrow front open station

    Just had a question saw Ih 1086 narrow front open station on Ytmag site. Was the 86 series offered from factory with narrow front and open station.
  8. Welp!!! The Trigger has been pulled.

    Mike even though I haven't met you face to face, you have been a big help over the phone ,dealing with my 5088 differential problem. Finally got the magnum in there and going, Best of luck going forward in life, you will do fine. Thank you for all your help. look forward to meeting you face to face somewhere down the road.
  9. Picture Posting Made Easy

    Let me drive