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  1. I haven't posted on this site in several years, but still read it from time to time. This post left me shocked: Who is they? And under what authority would "they" prevent legal businesses from engaging in capitalism? And by the way I am not a breeder and have never bought a dog from a pet store or a breeder. I typically have gotten them neighbors or friends who are giving them away. I did inquire about a rescue/shelter dog once. In conversation I mentioned the dog would have plenty of room to run on our farm. She asked if the dog would be kept outside, and I told her yes. I was shamed and told she would never allow a dog to be adopted by someone who didn't want to keep it with them all of the time. That blew my mind.
  2. Hi, How are you. My name is Steve from Missouri. On a post a couple of weeks ago you mentioned you had several M&W turbo decals. I am restoring a 706 with a M&W turbo and may be interested in 2 if you are open to selling.


    Steve Kientzy

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