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    grammer right hand arm rest

    Is either of these a Grammer seat? Possibly the top one? They list arm rests. *GR 50 RB Western Cab Interior Pic Cushion Mfg. Part # Burgundy: 143440C1 Brown: 143450C1 Backrest Mfg. Part # Burgundy: 143445C1 Brown: 143451C1 Upper Back Mfg. Part # Burgundy: 143449C1 Brown: 143455C1 STANDARD COLOR: Burgundy or Brown OPTIONAL COLOR: Available in a Selection of Colors MODEL # 886* 986* 1086* 1486* 1586* 3088* 3288* 3388* 3488* 3588* 3688* 3788* Hydro 186 + 86 (up to red power)* Western Cab Interior: 5088 (sn 3815 to 6015)* 5288 (sn 2292 to 4086)* 5488 (sn 519 to 2425)* 6388* 6588* 6788* *denotes more than one seat option per model AVAILABILITY Alt Item: SP 2002 or SP 996 or SP GR629466 Assembly: N/A Covers: N/A Cover Kit w/Foam: N/A New Steel: Arm Rest: GR 50-1135AR S L GR 50-1135AR S R Rebuilt Steel: Your Cores or Ours when available Seat: *GR 50 RB (Vinyl or Fabric) *GR 50F RB (Vinyl or Fabric) (Full Foam) Back: High: *GR 50BH RB *GR 50BHF RB (Full Foam) Back: Large: *GR 50B RB (Vinyl or Fabric) *GR 50BF RB (Vinyl or Fabric) (Full Foam) Back: Small: *GR 85B RB (Vinyl or Fabric) *GR 85BF RB (Vinyl or Fabric) (Full Foam) Arm Rest: (Small) *1135AR S RB Wood: N/A 1135 BH Cushion Mfg. Part # Burgundy Fabric: # 143430C1 Brown Fabric: # 143436C1 Backrest Mfg. Part # Burgundy Fabric: # 143431C1 Brown Fabric: # 143437C1 Upper Back Mfg. Part # Burgundy Fabric: # 143435C1 Brown Fabric: # 143441C1 MODEL # 886* 986* 1086* 1486* 3088* 3288* 3388* 3488* 3588* 3688* 3788* 4386* 4586* 4786* Western Cab Interiors: 5088 (sn 3815-6015)* 5288 (sn 2292-4086)* 5488 (sn 519-2425)* 6388* 6588* 6788* 7288 7488 AVAILABILITY Alt Item: SP 2002 or SP 996 Assembly: N/A Covers: Arm Rest: 1135ARC L (Left) 1135ARC R (Right) 1135ARC PR (Pair) Seat: 1135C (Vinyl) 1135C FAB High Back: 1135BCH (Vinyl) 1135BCH FAB Snap Cover Kit: 1135SCK (Vinyl) New Steel: Seat: 1135 S (Vinyl) or 1135 S FAB Back: 1135B S or 1135B S Fab w/ Arm Rest: 1135AR S L 1135AR S R Rebuilt Steel: Your Cores or Ours when available Complete Seat Assembly rebuilt vinyl: *1135 S COMP RB Complete Seat Assembly rebuilt fabric: *1135 S COMP FAB RB Seat (Side Mnt): *1135 S S RB (Vinyl) or (Side Mnt): *1135 S S FAB RB or High Back: *1135BH S RB *1135BH S FAB RB Arm Rest: *GR 50AR S RB Wood: N/A
  2. FarmerFixEmUp

    Need a mechanic

    Maybe Dan would do it or knows someone. He goes by 1967806 on here. I know he did work at a dealer at one time but he also farms. Try to PM him or he may see this. He's at Corydon IA.
  3. This 1066 I bought out of Kansas has the load check valves on the hydraulics. I can't remember ever seeing them on a 66 series before. My 5488 I got a year ago out of North Dakota has them on valves 2 and 3. Also never seen them before. Was this kind of a regional thing to have on tractors? I've seen them more on 06 series than anything else. My 706 has one on 1 of the valves. They pretty much eliminate having a float position which is kind of a pain.
  4. FarmerFixEmUp

    Some Names for IH Techs

    I remember talking to Roger Lewno several times about a 5088 issue. He was in a tech support division I can't remember the name of now.
  5. FarmerFixEmUp

    Help Me Diagnose this Super M

    Help me with a running problem on a SM. I think I know the problem but want more opinions. A customer called me a couple weeks ago that he had replaced the carburetor on his Super M and it just runs crazy rpm. He said he can't get the prong to stay in the throttle shaft of the carburetor.I went out and found a lot of end play back and forth on the shaft between the carb and the governor housing. took the top linkage off the governor and found the e clip came out of place that holds the shaft into the housing. M&W Governor. Put it back in place and back together and it sounded like it was missing terrible. Replace points and plugs and rotor and condenser. No change. Tried spraying ether around the intake manifold to check for a vacuum leak. No change. I told him he better drive it to my shop in town and I could check further. He had to drive it 3 miles in 4th gear because it couldn't make the hills otherwise. Got it in this morning and pulled off hood and recheck for vacuum leak. Pretty sure it's not leaking, no hissing or anything. I thought maybe the gas was getting old, so hooked a gas line to carb with fresh gas. It ran a little better but not much. Pulled the carb off since it was getting some black smoke at idle and found the float pin had moved out of the bracket. Pinched the bracket gap a little tighter and put it back together. Now the black smoke is gone but still idles like it has a crazy cam in it!!! I pulled the plugs out to have a look, a little wet not bad. I thought, I'll just check the compression while they're out. 3 cylinders at 50 to 55 and 1 at 70. Now this is a problem!!!I would think a minimum of 110 to 125? Got it running and messed with timing a little and sometimes can here a little clunking noise behind the timing cover. If I put hydraulic pressure on the bucket cylinders to roll it up to end of stroke the engine stops fluttering. Let off and it's rough again. I'm guessing keyway in cam or loose timing gear? Maybe the cam timing is retarded enough to cause low compression? The tractor has a live hydraulic pump and CharLynn power steering. If I remember correctly the M and Siuper M had a lighter cam gear than the 400/450's? I'd like to pull the pump off and check for a loose gear, but where it's sitting right in front of the overhead door isn't a good place for a teardown, and add to it the loader needs to come off. It may just have to sit outside until I get something else out. Plus I haven't got any of my corn planted yet. Sorry about the long post. Thanks.
  6. You need to measure the circumference of the front wheel you are using and program that in. Then you program the width of your equipment and it counts acres off that. Also has MPH and feet readouts. Kind of handy for measuring row lengths for test plot results if radar isn't available. You can connect a switch to something like your 3 point linkage or something to start and stop it without using the top toggle switch.
  7. FarmerFixEmUp

    955 planter

    The monitor reads pressure at the drum. I believe my book says it's 2 oz less than the hopper pressure. The only brush adjustment is to loosen the 2 screws on the metal retainer for the brush and slide it up or down. It's maybe only 1/4" of adjustment.
  8. FarmerFixEmUp

    Air pressure

    You may need to run the engine faster. I run my 5288 at 2000 rpm which is 900 pto rpm. 950 12 row planter and 1000 rpm pump. On my 6 row 800 I run just under pto speed with the 806.
  9. I have 2 of them. One in the 5288 planter tractor and another in my 1066 I put chemicals on with. Both have radar on the monitors now so don't really use them much, but they still work. Here's a manual.\
  10. FarmerFixEmUp

    Favorite Other Brand Of Tractor

    Dang, How old is that corn in the corn cribs? Bet there's a a few rats in those cribs. You didn't miss the 12/1456 did you? I kind of like the 50/55 series Oliver's 2-135 and 155 White's. 9600 9700 Ford's. 30 70 and 90 series Case.
  11. FarmerFixEmUp

    Bought a `1066 today, Auctiontime

    Well, I got a 1066 bought today on Auction time. I talked to the owner and he said his dad bought it new. It has 2800 some actual hours. Paint's faded and it's in western Kansas. Hope it turns out to be a good one.
  12. FarmerFixEmUp

    Bought a `1066 today, Auctiontime

    I guess patience pays off sometimes.
  13. FarmerFixEmUp

    Bought a `1066 today, Auctiontime

    Well I guess that could be arranged, but I think I'll keep it. The previous owner didn't like the cab either. He had a 3394 Case he also sold on the Auction yesterday and he said he farmed with someone that had a 4455 that he used a lot more. I had a 1466 with this cab. I can see they are not very easy to get in and out of a lot of times in a day. But for field work there's nothing wrong with them. Maybe not the quietest cab either. I plan on putting it on my 1000 gallon sprayer. I always had that sprayer on my 826 without a cab and sold that tractor to upgrade a little bit.
  14. FarmerFixEmUp

    Bought a `1066 today, Auctiontime

    I don't believe I got took, that's for sure. I believe it will fit right in with my other 1066 and the rest of the group. I talked to the owner and I asked him if it had fluid in the tires, he said no there are wheel weights mounted on the inside of the drive tires and he guessed they were 700 lbs each! One of the pictures shows them. He suggested changing all the fluids and filters since it hasn't done much work in the last 10 years or so. He has been using Cenex Hydraulic oil and Cenex 40 weight engine oil. Need to get that out of there! I think probably flushing the cooling system is a good plan too. Hopefully the sleeve orings are OK in the engine. I've heard stories of them getting hard and rotting away.He said the AC hasn't worked in years, but if the cab and condenser fans work maybe it just needs a recharge. He is pretty sure it hasn't ever been split for a clutch or any other reason. He did say the brakes had been worked on but that's all he can recall except for tires and general.maintenance. Maybe a good buffing and decal kit will make it a little better looking. Thanks for the good comments.
  15. FarmerFixEmUp

    Happy Birthday CaseySD

    Have a good day!
  16. FarmerFixEmUp

    A/c discharge air temp

    I was told 20 to 30 degrees below outside air temp was all to expect.
  17. FarmerFixEmUp

    My job for the next few weeks

    Yeah, no problem! Corn planted too? I haven't done anything yet except spread 40 acres of fertilizer. Hope to get the planter on the tractor today yet or tomorrow.
  18. FarmerFixEmUp

    My job for the next few weeks

    So who's doing your field work then while you're napping?
  19. FarmerFixEmUp

    3394 Case AC

    I had a customer call a few days ago about his AC not blowing cool air. (Not even warm out yet!) The clutch wasn't engaging and bypassing the low pressure switch made it engage. I went out yesterday and it did engage for a while and the low side showed a vacuum and high side was 75. Added 2 cans of 134 and it shows only 10 on low and 150 on high side. Should be more on a 60 degree day. It almost acts like a bad expansion valve but a year ago I replaced it and the receiver drier and it seemed to have too low of a pressure reading at that time with the correct amount of 134. I didn't notice any restricted hoses or anything at the time. Apparently it has a slow leak but an other ideas. I don't think these Case tractors had the best AC setups in them along with not enough fan airflow.
  20. FarmerFixEmUp

    Calling all TA experts.........Pressures, questions.

    I think f your pressures are correct after plugging off the brakes, you have a problem in the brake circuit. Maybe the orifice came out of the brake valve. It's under the connector fitting that goes between the valve and the supply line. Really nowhere for it to go though, unless it's loose in the threads.
  21. FarmerFixEmUp

    FINALLY Getting Some Work Done on My 1066

    Ag Parts HD. The old one was a super HD. I have had good luck with them until now. They gave me 15% off the price of my cost on the TA. If they hadn't done that it would have been an Allied TA going in there. Maybe I should have done that anyway.
  22. My 1066 has been sitting patiently waiting to be split since last May and find out why my 1400 hour TA lost direct drive. I've been thinking about taking off the Turbo precleaner. Kind of ugly and unneeded in my opinion. It's been on there since we've owned it, bought in the early 80's. What's a good way to patch up or plug the hole it leaves behind? Probably about a 5 to 6" diameter hole. I guess if it's too involved I'll just leave it on. Also, what makes tthese tachometer drives leak oil? I think I've bought 2 new ones in the last 500 hours or so. And list price is $152. Hopefully later tomorrow I'll have the TA out and find the problem.
  23. FarmerFixEmUp

    1456 TA..........What am I missing?

    Sounds to me like you are losing pressure on both sides of the TA but the sprag is holding yet. Should clarify how mine acted. Mine would pull at Ta speed when the lever was in direct drive because the sprag was still holding. High side clutches were slipping. I didn't drive it enough to know really if it would coast in TA. But it had higher pressure in Ta than direct drive.
  24. FarmerFixEmUp

    1456 TA..........What am I missing?

    No, mine didn't freewheel at all. Just wouldn't pull anything in direct drive. I can't figure out why the pressure wasn't lower in TA since the center ring was bad the pressure should have leaked both ways.
  25. FarmerFixEmUp

    1456 TA..........What am I missing?

    Kind of sounds like my 1066's issue. Does your lube pressure light come on? When I lost high side of the TA it shifted to TA and the lube light came on. Put on the gauges and had 0 lube pressure in direct drive and 4 in TA, just enough to turn off the light. I have the tool that checks pressure at the ta and I had 260 in TA and 120 in direct drive. Got my TA out last week and the center seal ring is broken on the input shaft. Hope that's not the case for you. You just need to check your pressures to make sure.