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  1. FarmerFixEmUp

    1086 starting issues

    That's right. If it has a neutral switch it's under the seat on top of the range cover. About the time the digital tachometers started coming out they had the neutral switch.
  2. FarmerFixEmUp

    5488 Seat Choices

    My 5488 needs a cab kit and the seat is getting pretty ratty too. It has the old style hydraulic suspension which I would like to keep and just put a new seat on top of it. The seat on it now I like pretty well. It has CASE IH embossed on the top of the backrest, if I could find another like it or just a bottom cushion I'd be happy. Don't really want an air seat, they always seem to be leaking down. Besides expensive!!! I talked to the local parts department and they thought it was a promotion from CIH parts at one time and can't find any information on it. Any of you parts guys recognize this? What are you guys running for a seat with this suspension?
  3. FarmerFixEmUp

    5488 Seat Choices

    Looks good!
  4. FarmerFixEmUp

    466 Thermostats

    I've been hearing from a few mechanics that they have been having issues with CaseIH thermostats for the 300 and 400 series engines. Engines running too warm. So last spring I needed to change the thermostat in my 5488 and put in a Gates. I also repleaced the lip seal in the housing. It definitely runs cooler than my 5288 with the OEM unit. But driving it to town today the needle barely got off the first white line, not even close to the green. It was about 25 degrees out and the heater was blowing some heat, but not much. I have the thermostat out now and it only has about 50 hours on it. What should I use now? The Gates is a 180 degree, and the CaseIH is 190 according to the parts site.
  5. FarmerFixEmUp

    466 Thermostats

    I did this yesterday with 4 thermostats I have on hand. My Gates I took out of the 5488, a new Gates, and a new 180 and 190 CaseIH thermostat. All opened when they were supposed to according to my infrared heat gun. With 2 bad lobes on a cam you'd think it wouldn't run right. At least I would expect some noise from the valve train.
  6. FarmerFixEmUp

    5488 Seat Choices

    What number are you looking at? I sent some pictures of the seat I have now to the parts men at my dealer and they found some still available. It was a parts program or something a few years back. New seat like that can be bought for around $350. I'm probably going to go that route.
  7. FarmerFixEmUp

    466 Thermostats

    Somehow got a double, please delete.
  8. FarmerFixEmUp

    5488 Seat Choices

    I think most everyone is getting them from K&M. I have accounts with K&M, Abilene Machine and Hy Capacity and the seats all look the same, but I get the best price from Abilene Machine. A&I units look different, but some of their stuff is getting pretty high priced. A lot of CaseIH parts are less money.
  9. FarmerFixEmUp

    5488 Seat Choices

    Got any extras around?
  10. FarmerFixEmUp

    Ether....where to buy?

    Yes' it needs to be off. I can't remember what tractor my clamp came off. I went to a salvage yard for one after the nut seized on the threads on the old one. It may be from a 90 series Case tractor. I've seen them with longer cans on them. The top part is pretty much universal. Zoom in on #5 in the picture. I think that's where mine came from.
  11. FarmerFixEmUp

    IH 686 hydraulic pump suction tube

    I replaced a pump on a 656 this summer and couldn't find a tube or a seal. I got a seal from Dakota Fluid Power at Sioux Falls SD. Part number is MUU-32x40x5. The brand name on the seal I have is Kastas. It cost me less than $4. Phone number for them is 800-727-2420. I just called them and they don't stock it but they are available.
  12. FarmerFixEmUp

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    Let your air seat down a little! How tall are you anyway? I'm about 6'1" and it never really bothered me much, but I have limited seat time in a Magnum. Especially in reverse. 😛
  13. FarmerFixEmUp

    Ether....where to buy?

    My 806 has the adjustable clamp for different size cans.
  14. FarmerFixEmUp

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    I found this old service bulletin listing some parts changes with the increased power. Looks like the 14's got an 8 pad clutch. Also some got a different lube tube for the differential.
  15. FarmerFixEmUp

    Classified Ads

    Yeah, I like all the Chevy SS and Z28 clones. Like that makes them worth more?
  16. FarmerFixEmUp

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    Someone told me once that the very early 414's and 436's had a different spec camshaft than the later ones and the early models had more torque rise. My one 1066 is a 1971 and I had replaced the cam at one time because a couple lobes were getting worn and the person wanted to know if I still had it. It was long pitched in the scrap pile. I had replaced mine with the newer one with .025 valve setting on intake and exhaust. Torque rise should be in the injection pump settings. Don't know what he was talking about I guess. My 71 1066 2400 rpm will outpull my 73 10662600 rpm no problem, but the 73 still has the seal on the pump. I don't believe it's ever been apart.
  17. FarmerFixEmUp

    Bald Eagle population increasing?

    Steady increase here too in last 10 years. I've been seeing some nests in some big trees too. I can't remember ever seeing eagles here until 10 years ago. Lots of hawks though.
  18. FarmerFixEmUp

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    Let me try! My small block Chevelle will out run a Top Fuel dragster no sweat!!!😎 This thread is going downhill fast!
  19. FarmerFixEmUp

    Early 1066 vs late 1066

    A 4630 is a heavier tractor than a 4430. But still lighter than a 4640.If I remember correctly they called the 4630 a medium frame tractor and the 4640 a large frame.
  20. FarmerFixEmUp

    Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

    Since I'm not harvesting at the moment because of weather I took my wife to $5 cheap movie night last night and saw Bohemian Rhapsody, about the group Queen. Pretty good show. I'm not a fan of Freddy Mercury's lifestyle, but he definitely was talented. And very confused I'd say. I believe the first 8 track tape I bought was Queen, A Night at the Opera. Or the original Boston. Both were very popular at the time.
  21. I guess if I had to pick my favorite John Deere it would be the 4320. Just a bit nicer than a 4020 I think . I've never driven one but my uncle had one years ago and also a 4010. I've driven and worked on 3020's and 4020's but 4320's are kind of rare here.
  22. FarmerFixEmUp

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Thoughts and prayers also.
  23. FarmerFixEmUp

    What's More Annoying Than Telemarketers

    I don't want to start a political thread but I'm sure glad tomorrow is election day! I've had calls (recorded) from Kim Reynolds, (governor candidate) Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst ( endorsing Kim Reynolds) and Donald Trump endorsing all Republicans. 5 messages today alone. Wednesday can't come soon enough! Good thing they don't have my work or cell numbers!
  24. These V8 tractors just look mean.
  25. FarmerFixEmUp

    new retro combine decals

    Gee Rick, trying to cause a riot?? On my 3rd yellow TR machine.