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  1. Max output on a 1086 is 12 GPM with OEM pump. Could have been upgraded to 15 or 17 so still OK. Closed center PPH hydraulics were a little more. I believe 18 GPM.
  2. Try this place. Smaller yard with lots of older stuff. http://northeasttractorparts.com/
  3. Seems like a lot of Deere and Fendt tractors have those type tires here, not so many Case IH.
  4. I farm an 80 on shares with some relatives. It has a waterway running through it with about 3 acres of CRP split on either side. It was planted probably 20 years ago with a brome grass mix. The first 5 years or so they wanted it mowed to keep weeds down and then we were told to stop mowing. Canada Thistle came in and they wanted it mowed in the bad spots and nothing else. 5 years ago the field was tiled and the waterway cleaned out and the dirt was piled in the crp until the next fall and then leveled. Of course the waterhemp moved in and some giant ragweed. Planted wildflowers then and sprayed the waterhemp and ragweed with Pursuit/Cobra. ((Conventional soybeans.) Now they got a letter stating the volunteer trees need to be removed, which I did. And they want milkweed, giant ragweed, and Canada Thistle, and wild lettuce? controlled. But not sprayed. They did take milkweed off the list since it's butterfly friendly. I have no clue what wild lettuce is and how it can be controlled in 3 foot tall grass. I think I should be mowing it all again.
  5. Maybe All State has them. https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/muffler-eliminator-new-124236.html
  6. https://www.triplertractors.com/ih-tractor-exhaust.html https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/muffler-new-international-144057c5-124249.html
  7. Does it lift if you pull an aux valve on demand?
  8. These plastic ones are much easier to handle. Slightly cheaper. https://www.batescorp.com/bc71700-plastic-suitcase-weight.html
  9. I'm getting these from Don's Diesel. No reliance markings anywhere.
  10. I just ordered a factory repair manual for my 950 planter off eBay, $75. https://www.ebay.com/itm/International-IH-786-886-986-1086-1486-1586-Hydro-186-Tractor-Operators-Manual/252297873668?_trkparms=amclksrc=ITM&aid=1110006&algo=HOMESPLICE.SIM&ao=1&asc=243356&meid=feba84a6784f4d9584c419d4e8c15670&pid=101113&rk=3&rkt=12&sd=252297876131&itm=252297873668&pmt=0&noa=1&pg=2563228&algv=DefaultOrganicWebV9BertRefreshRanker&brand=International&_trksid=p2563228.c101113.m2109&pageci=975e515e-7429-4e28-9de6-f4326c734d5e&redirect=https://www.ebay.com/itm/International-IH-786-886-
  11. I had a guy that was thinking of overhauling a 756 with a 310. I emailed my rep for A&I about it and said I’d rather not use Reliance and he told me they don’t sell anything Reliance, I emailed back what it was and haven’t got a reply yet. At one time they had Richland. Did a 358 with Richland and turned out good. I believe they have Maxiforce too but not for a 360 or 310/358.
  12. Sorry to hear that Rick. Hang in there.
  13. On some channels, 39 and 40. I have a sideband. Cb in the house. Skip seems too fade in and out a lot.
  14. I've been hauling some manure from a neighboring dairy the last few days. My older 1066 has a Realistic 40 channel CB in it since forever. Was messing with it on the road trips and noticed a lot more skip on it than I've heard in the last year or so. Almost every channel had these high powered super CB's talking back and forth. Sunspot activity? Lately ,most channels have been really quiet except 6 where the big stations go. Found this interesting article. https://www.nytimes.com/1976/07/11/archives/scientist-says-cb-radios-face-sunspot-interference-in-1978.html
  15. Try this place, had good luck. Not sure if he'll redo the face though. http://www.foreignspeedoinc.com/
  16. A customer has a 7220, needs a starter, won't always engage the flywheel and draggy. I see Nippondenso starters in both gear reduction and direct drive. Has a direct drive on it now. Since a gear reduction actually turns the engine slower while cranking, what's the advantage? Just more torque. I put one on a 5240 Maxxum once and the owner said it took more cranking to get it started.
  17. I like it when you see something nice for an unreal low price on Facebook Marketplace, only one photo and the same thing listed in multiple towns. And they won't use a real name, something like" Fantasy Gardens" or some BS like that.
  18. I was finishing up a field tonight, backed into a field driveway and let the ripper down. Looked back and I tore the culvert out of the ground! A foot further ahead and I would have been fine. By the way SDMan, where is the switch to turn on the mid front lights by the fuel tank and muffler. They don't come on with the other light switch, and I have no power to them Fuses and relays seem good. There is a dimmer switch on the turn signal lever, I believe, but it doesn't change anything when I move it back and forth in field position, it does on road lights. I checked the front wheel steering stop bolts and they're pretty far out. I believe it had duals on it looking at the front rims. The tires get pretty close to the frame in turning so probably wouldn't want to go in any more.
  19. It's possible. I just know it's a trade in at that dealer. I can check if they can be adjusted, Are the stops similar to 7100 7200 Magnums?
  20. I rented a New Holland T8 350 Tractor from the local Massey dealer and a customer's 4411 Sunflower 9 shank disc ripper to do some deep tillage on a field that hasn't been done in a few years. Nice tractor with plenty of power to pull it. I am going down about 12" with the shanks. 5 MPH. Could go more but then it may be too much for the tractor. Only thing I don't like about the tractor is the turning radius. Need to ether make a big loop or back up, which isn't a big deal with the shuttle shift. Apparently New Holland doesn't offer Super Steer any more, or just not on this particular tractor.
  21. Finished my corn last Friday. Now I'm doing some disc chiseling and rented this New Holland and a disc ripper for some more fields.
  22. I've had a nagging cough for years. Sinus issues. Went to a sinus specialist and he said I had a "deviated septum." Went through with the surgery and worse than before. Can't hardly breathe through the right side of my nose and constant drainage. Going on maybe 15 years now. I just live with it.
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