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  1. I have Kenwood radios too. I have talked over 30 miles between the base and a mobile already. Mine are about 12 years old and 6 new radios and antennas were about $1400 then. 5 mobiles and 1 base. I believe they are 30 watt radios. Got mine from Radiotronics at Sioux Falls. 605-221-1720. He usually has some used ones around too.
  2. E10 is 20 to 30cents a gallon less than regular unleaded. E85 is 70 cents or more lower priced.
  3. https://kiwaradio.com/lightssirens/high-winds-topple-trucks-trailers-with-photo-and-video/ https://video-msp1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.1790-2/278617088_663049608304729_4226614417843844724_n.mp4?_nc_cat=106&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=985c63&efg=eyJybHIiOjMwMCwicmxhIjo1MTIsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoic3ZlX3NkIn0%3D&_nc_ohc=9VvW0yfZ0XQAX9cPHPG&rl=300&vabr=146&_nc_ht=video-msp1-1.xx&edm=AGo2L-IEAAAA&oh=00_AT_A3D34qmxCZFnRInAw3cKdj-R0Gn2o9KzrF8gd3AsCGg&oe=625DBC10
  4. Or some poor unpopular kid's papers float by too. People used to "set lockers" .Put the narrowest books on the bottom and heavy wide books on the top, and make them lean against the locker door when closed. They all fall out when the door is opened.
  5. 706 to 806. Have one of each. Both diesels. But there's a 20 HP difference too. And going from 282 to 361 cubic inches is a big jump.
  6. There are some soybeans planted here already. Soil temp here is 40 degrees. I know of some oats planted 4 weeks ago that aren't up yet. Sure is. About as effective as a band aid on a heart attack.
  7. I wish I knew, the thing is everything like fertilizer and chemicals goes up too. I have some old crop corn priced at $7.29 for April and May delivery, which was a darn good price. Now cash corn at the elevator is $7.89. I wouldn't want to be buying corn to feed hogs right now. Pretty dry here too. The guaranteed price for corn on RA crop insurance is $5.90 and soybeans is $14.33 with fall price to be determined. I'm at the 80% level. I don't know why they are talking about making 15% ethanol available in Iowa year around, it has been here for a few years now. We have 10, 15 30 and 85% ethanol levels available. If I had a vehicle that could use 85 I'd use it.
  8. There are some pictures in this old thread. I could get some better ones if needed.
  9. Anyone remember if you had a Class Motto or saying? Unofficial of course. I graduated High School in 1978 and people would say, "We're the class off 78. We're the class the teachers hate." The teachers gave us a good talking to about that one. Before me in 1977, they would say. "All to he!! and none to heaven, We're the class of 77." That one upset the teachers too. My brother's class in 1981. "We're the class that has the fun, We're the class of 81.
  10. RIP, thoughts and prayers for the family. 52, much too young.
  11. I have a new Fel Pro in the drawer and it has somewhat of an egg shape but not that much.
  12. Where is he getting the kits from? The 2 bad experiences I had I have to admit were gasket problems. I went with FelPro going back together, but I'm not sure FelPro still makes gaskets for all these engines. The 2 I was referring to earlier came from Tom's Agri Diesel, who Reliance bought out. Are some places repackaging these kits with cheaper gaskets to cut corners?
  13. I called Riley's this morning about a overhaul kit for a 970 and one for a 1066 and he told me they are repackaging Reliance parts. The Pow'r Seal parts aren't in production yet. Sorry for the bad news.
  14. I've put in plenty of Reliance kits in the last 25 years. Before that at the dealerships they always got kits from IH or CaseIH. At one time they were good in my opinion, when it was Howard Enterprises. But if you ever have a problem it's always the installers fault, which made me not willing to try them again. One was an 826 with a 358 diesel. New sleeves and pistons, rod and main bearings, resurfaced the head, new guides and seats and valves if needed. Tapped all the head bolt holes in the block and on the studs. New radiator core. Injectors were remanufactured. Within 150 hours the head gasket blew out between cylinders 4 and 5. Took it apart and it was a Glaser brand gasket. Turned in a warranty claim and they said improper assembly procedures, or head was warped. Or torqued incorrectly. These engines just don't have head gasket problems. Talking to them was like trying to fill the Grand Canyon with pebbles. Hopeless. Reassembled with CNH, (FelPro at the time). Other was a 1066, complete in frame overhaul. Within 300 had coolant in the oil again. Took the sleeve orings to a machine shop and showed the owner. They were just brittle. Broke when you bent them. Got the same runaround from Reliance, not their problem. CaseIH gasket set and no issues. Now maybe the parts themselves are OK, just crappy gaskets. But why even try them again if there's no customer service? Now seeing dealers selling Reliance is an issue with me. Maybe the issues are fixed, but why bother with it in my opinion, I have better things to do.
  15. A&I has Maxiforce but heard they were part of Reliance now. Hope it's not true. The tech guy at A&I said they won't sell Reliance because of the issues in the past.
  16. I know of some other mechanics who tried the 9 spring pressure plate and had the same results I did. I called Ag Parts and was advised to remove the 3 springs so did what they told me to do. I'd tend to believe the manufacturer. They said there's too much give in the OEM linkage to depress 3 extra springs.
  17. I have both a 460 and a 560 split here for engine and clutch work. If I put the clutch disc in backwards the spring center hub rubs the flywheel bolts. If that was put together that way there would be some type of noise in the clutch I'd think.
  18. Does it have the digital data center? Maybe EGT, or could be water level or brake wear indicator.
  19. I've been taking the rim off the hub lately. Saves messing with dual hubs and all that. Hopefully there's not fluid in them.
  20. This is what's on his invoice. http://www.waltstractors.com/cgi-bin/ss000002.pl?page=search&SS=ut3592&PR=-1&TB=O&ACTION=Go!
  21. You didn't happen to put in a 9 spring TA pressure plate did you? Standard is 6. I put a 9 spring in a 686 a few years back and that thing never did work right. I was afraid every time I pulled the TA lever something was going to break. It was hard to get out of gear too. I called AG Parts about it and they suggested it was only for tractor puling which they didn't tell me on ordering it. They said they'd replace it, but I got a sawall and cut the retainers and removed 3 springs. Worked great after that. I realize the TA lever is longer on the 450 but just offering a suggestion. http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1045740 http://dy5vgx5yyjho5.cloudfront.net/images/v2/180x180-R7j4sGO9i6oEx282690.jpg http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1045746 http://dy5vgx5yyjho5.cloudfront.net/images/v2/180x180-wV9H7smL45bx282913.jpg
  22. MY 5288 on narrow spacing. Shims on the outside of the arm. My 5488 has a Cat III wide quick hitch on it. The shims are on the inside of the arm.
  23. Use what often, ether or the quote?
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