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  1. This may interest the fans.
  2. I have most of the albums or cassettes. 8 tracks too. Had a Z28 too. 1969, but it's gone.
  3. MTV is playing constant videos of Van Halen, so I cheated!!!
  4. Another awesome song. Van Hagar time slot.
  5. Both. Seems like David Lee Roth thought he was the star of the group, Sammy was more serious about it. Just my opinion.
  6. One of the best guitar players ever. RIP. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dies-gene-simmons-flea-george-takei-and-more-react/5900531002/ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-has-died-after-long-battle-with-throat-cancer.html
  7. I always go 3/4 turn on the Chevys. I like the sound of a solid lifter cam. The one in the 350 in my Chevelle really doesn't need adjusting much, but it has roller rockers and stud girdles so there's not much flex. The clearance in this cam is ,018 intake and .020 exhaust so it's not that noisy. My previous one was .020 .025.
  8. The last one I got from Abilene Machine had no dowel pins. They told me to use it without but I really didn’t like that idea. I had to have some made since the hole in the water pump was bigger than the hole in the timing over. It needed stepped dowels.
  9. Westfield mechanical drives are the same way.
  10. Are they still using an auger bed? I have no idea. The newest Axial Flow I've been around is a 1660. Just curious of the opinions of the Massey Rotary. Never looked at one of those close either. Isn't it basically an IH with the rotor laying at a different angle? There's quite a few of them around here with 2 Massey dealers within 20 miles. https://www.thecombineforum.com/threads/difference-between-an-mf-rotary-and-an-axial-flow.227706/
  11. The listing says 8 row 974 head but the picture is a 6 row. Must be a misprint. And the 86 is priced pretty high, bet he'd take $8000.
  12. I replaced my bottom sieve at maybe 3000 separator hours with a Harvest Services plastic louver sieve from All States AG Parts. The top one had some weak fingers etc so got a good used one before that.
  13. https://mankato.craigslist.org/grd/d/truman-new-holland-tr-95-combine/7204164137.html https://siouxfalls.craigslist.org/grd/d/ocheyedan-new-holland-tr86-combine/7177201469.html
  14. I guess it's possible. One time I picked up a rock with the corn head on my TR70. How that happened I don't know but this guy's corn was down pretty bad and I had the head almost on the ground to pick it up. To the OP, I think you could find an 85 with a head for that price somewhere. My TR70 with a 4 row corn head and 15 foot platform cost me $7500 back in 1994. The 70's are getting pretty old and scarce in salvage yards and a lot is different between a 70 and a TR75/85. There was a Tr89 on Big Iton last week that brought $9500.
  15. Did you have the stone roller down? I always put mine down around halfway for soybeans. I also have a Johnson Grain saver/ rock guard on the platform to keep rocks out.
  16. That's the exact same comment of one of the farmers I did work for. He was a green guy through and through. Green tractor, planter, tillage and at one time he had his own 6600 combine. He said he'd never give a yellow combine a second look. He wanted me to finish the beans that another guy started because he left when he found some rocks in the field. The thing is he did the part of the field already where the rocks were. The rest of the field was clean. I may still be doing his harvesting but a dairy buys all his corn now.
  17. That AgTalk post is a bunch of BS, seems to be a lot of rich whiners over there. All combines need repairs eventually. I'm on my third TR now. First was a TR70 with the Ford 6 cylinder engine and gear drive. I wouldn't run a 20 foot platform on one unless it has the Cat. I had used a guy's 20' on mine because my 15' was broken and it made that engine work. But that Ford was only rated 130 HP. It was top drive and later I put a bottom drive feeder house on it and ran a 972 15 foot bean platform and a 974 6 row corn head. Later I got a TR85, Cat 3208 gear drive and ran a 20 foot 973
  18. PTO gear, quill gear and mcv pump will add another $600 easily. It adds up fast.
  19. This 1486 is from the same owner. Read the description. "Engine modified for higher HP and speeds of 32 MPH" 😃 The steering better be good and tight at that speed! https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1977International14862WDTractor-9
  20. A while back there was a hydro 100 with strange controls. Levers for steering etc. This one has a backhoe on it and is an Industrial with MFD. About a half hour from me. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1976InternationalHydro100FWAIndustrialPrototypeMFWDTractorBackhoewLoader
  21. Sad coincidence that's how your governor lost her father. Same county as you correct? https://www.agprofessional.com/article/governors-personal-tragedy-highlights-everyday-safety-need
  22. I had a local plumber/ electrician shop bring in a 1979 S 1924 truck with a big vacuum pump type setup on it. It has a 446 gas with an Allison automatic and air brakes. At least I thought the air brakes was strange. It has a Ford 6 cylinder gas engine on top to run the pump. Both engines seem to have carburetor issues. They both run off the same gas tanks, and the gas smells really old. The tank switching valve isn't working either so may have a fair amount of work on this beast. Both engines start hard and then idle fine but no power. Seems like the V8 is flooding badly. Holley 4160
  23. https://radioeng.com/product/panel-bezel-radio-kit-st-1000-radio-for-case-ih-86-88-series-radio-kit/?fwp_market=4-agconstruction%2Ccaseih&fwp_category=9-radios&fwp_per_page=15&fwp_sort=popularity http://soundtrackradios.com/productlist.htm#CASE /IH-INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER-JI CASE
  24. I always heard it was Consolidated Diesel Corporation, joint ownership between CaseIH and Cummins. Not that it matters much.
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