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  1. I would like to own a 69 L78 Chevelle someday, but they are priced way out of reach now. I have a friend who had a 70 Nova with the L78 and a 4 speed and 3.73 rear axle. This guy owned a lot of hot cars but that is one he was just scared of, mostly because all he could fit on it was G60 15 rear tires. That car was hard to control up to 50 MPH because the tires wouldn't hook up. That engine seemed so much more powerful than a 325 or 350 HP 396. They say 375 HP was very underrated, more like 425. Isn't that what they rated the same engine at in a 65 Corvette?
  2. I'm kind of partial to the 'cuda. My brother had a 73 340 like that and that 340 bone stock was impressive, even though the 70 340 was 60 hp stronger. Other than that I'm pretty much a GM fan.
  3. Probably doesn't belong here but not General IH either. Hmm. https://www.bigiron.com/Auctions/Sep_23_2021_10A Couple of my favorites. My uncle had a Comet like this until it burned in a barn Fire.
  4. Wish I could, not my trailer though. It has electric tilt and winch with a remote control. Sure beats pulling ramps in and out!
  5. White. Originally a 350 2 barrel car. White bucket seats and a console, auto on floor. His has AC, mine doesn't.
  6. The 72 Chevelle my son bought. The owner needed it out of his storage unit so moved it 100 yards to mine. Hope it gets along with my 71! 😄 This car's been in my hometown since new. Needs an engine and body work, hasn't seen daylight for 20 years. May do a 350 with later Vortec heads. Quote
  7. I'm about 10 miles north of INTERNATIONAL1466. It's mostly to the north of us on the Minnesota border. Last Saturday a friend of mine near there had 3 storms pass though in 7 hours. 6.5 inches of rain and wind and some hail. The town he lives near, Larchwood IA had baseball size hail. Knocked windows out of vehicles. Pretty bad hail and wind all along the border and then Northeast. My brother had 4" of rain in Sioux Falls in less than an hour. Semi trucks blown over on I 29.
  8. Also I've been getting the housings for them online from DelCity. Packard 56 series. https://www.delcity.net/store/Female-Terminals/p_9291.h_150481
  9. http://www.picowiring.com/catalog.html http://www.picowiring.com/pdf/Cat-45.pdf page 45 in the catalog. Most of our local auto parts stores get these.
  10. #7 in the picture. Gong by the number on the valve in your picture.
  11. A&I bought out BMD from Klemme IA years back. They always had pretty good parts. I'd rebuild it with these parts. http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1045770 http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1045833 Or go with a complete unit, depends how bad the gears and pins are. http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1045827
  12. So is the mother not in the picture? The dad is taking this all on himself.? Sad deal, keep the faith Mark.
  13. Yes it does. I did one a few weeks ago and had the headliner package too. Only thing is you need to drill the fender mount holes. I couldn't use the bottom set of holes or it wouldn't clear the 20.8 x 38 tires.
  14. That's what was in the Pontiac. Isn't going back in if it burns off. That 3800 V6 was one of the better engines ever made.
  15. How would you feel about Cum and Go then? 🤭 Some people here call them sp??m and split!
  16. Didn't want to hijack the Viscosity Oil thread on General IH, so here goes. A few years back my brother called me about his daughter's early 2000's CRV Honda. They always had the car serviced at the Honda dealer who used 5W 20 conventional oil. They had some other work done at a different shop so they had him change the oil too. Within 1200 miles it used almost 2 quarts of oil. Apparently he put in synthetic oil. The Honda dealer said they'd try the oil type they were using before but it never came out of it. Eventually they traded it off. It had around 130000 miles so not worn out. My 2nd son has a 2004 Grand Prix with a 3800 V6. 104000 miles. I've always done the oil changes in it since he bought it.. After an oil change about 1300 miles the low oil light comes on. 2 quarts low as well. No leaks or anything. Looked at the NAPA 5w 30 oil jugs I keep on hand and it says semi synthetic. They tell me they can't get any conventional 5w 30 or 5w 20 oil from anyone. 10 w 30 is available. My Car Quest carries Fram oil in 5w 30 so we're using that now, or conventional 10w 30 in the summer. So far so good, oil level not changing. I talked to several auto mechanics and they say if you're using conventional oil keep using it or you will run into an oil consumption problem.
  17. That tool to hold the detent arm can be a pain. One time I got a rebuilt range cover with a plug threaded into it that I hadn't seen on any before. Wasn't the return for the hydraulic seat. Took the plug out and put a pin punch in and held the detent away from the reverse shaft that way. I've done a few that way since.
  18. http://www.agpartsltd.com/shopping/productDetails.aspx?i=1046367 Not a kit but a 6 pad disc.
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