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  1. FarmerFixEmUp

    Hitch On 3 Point Sprayer

    I bought a 300 gallon 3 point sprayer a few weeks ago as a pasture/fenceline standby sprayer. I was mounting it on my 1066 and I had to disconnect the sway limiter linkage to get the arms to clear the end of the pins. It has CAt II pin size but it's dimensions are like a Cat III hitch. The frame measure 37" across and the pins extend 3" or so farther on each side. Is there a CAt II HD or wide or something? The pins haven't been replaced since they are part of the framework on the sprayer. Sorry for the picture quality but it's little dark in the shed.
  2. FarmerFixEmUp

    856 air filter parts

    I got some for 66 and 86 series tractors from CaseIH. Weren't really that expensive either. Around $12.00 if I remember correctly.
  3. FarmerFixEmUp

    1480 with 1020 head custom harvest

    If it's a reliable machine and it gets the job done let em laugh. Up until 4 years ago I ran 500 acres a year through my 1989 combine which now has almost 5000 engine and 3800 separator hours. I check it over pretty carefully every year and fix what's needed. There's nothing fun about having a breakdown in the field and a farmer or someone's breathing down your neck and wondering when you'll be running again. It doesn't take new machinery to get the job done. My newest tractor was built in 1983, combine in 1989 and planter in 1995.
  4. FarmerFixEmUp

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    It's kind of confusing when the turbo engine model is a DT 436 and they use the DT for a naturally aspirated engine on the engine serial number. . From the IH engine manual.
  5. FarmerFixEmUp

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    I guess depending on what his price is and how much work you want to do use your own judgement. I looked at a 1086 a few months ago with a spun rod bearing, cab was getting ragged, rear tires were mismatched, hadn't moved in 5 years and he still wanted $3000. No thanks.
  6. FarmerFixEmUp

    Last of 2017 soybean crop

    Enjoy working with dad while you can. Mine came out to help on the farm until he was 88 years old. Sure do miss him. Nice to see a 1206 being used, lots of them are parade tractors now.
  7. FarmerFixEmUp

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986 It's a 1976 by seriall number. The engine has been swapped at some time. TT in the serial number on the block means it's a turbo engine. DT is naturally aspirated. What I can see of the hose going to the intake manifold the turbo has been taken off.
  8. FarmerFixEmUp

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Your description of tassels is more interesting though, Delta Dirt! At the top of a mature corn plant is the tassel, the male part of the plant. Along the stalk are the leaves and the ears of corn, wrapped closely in husks. Hundreds of filaments, called silk, protrude from the top of each ear. These filaments are the female flowers. The roots spread deep into the soil. © Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
  9. FarmerFixEmUp

    German Invasion!!!

    Snapped a photo of 2 projects waiting for me. 756 needs a TA and possibly a clutch. May as well replace it when it's apart, and the rear main's leaking too. 826 also has a bad clutch. May as well get to them, farming doesn't do much bill paying with the markets falling apart. 😪
  10. FarmerFixEmUp

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    I was out yesterday spraying my neighbor's soybeans and the corn field to the south of me was getting sprayed by a plane. I imagine fungicide was being applied. Got a few pictures and actually got the plane in them on all 4! That's kind of difficult when they're going that fast. One photo looks like the wheels are almost in the tassels! I used my 706 with the small sprayer because I don't have 20 GPA nozzles on my bigger sprayer which has my 1066 with cab and AC on it. These are Liberty soybeans and that Liberty is some smelly stuff! I still smell it in my nose a day later. Need to get nozzles for the other rig if I need to spray it again to get out of that smell! Sorry about the picture quality, it was pretty hot and steamy in the field. 100 plus heat index. I can't figure out how to zoom in and save a picture that way. Any pro advice?
  11. FarmerFixEmUp


    I believe ours is a Sealy Posturpedic. I think it's too hard and we really should replace it. I always sleep with a pillow between my knees or under them if I sleep on my back. Relieves lower back pain for me.
  12. FarmerFixEmUp

    Difference in rear wheel casting

  13. FarmerFixEmUp

    Difference in rear wheel casting

    I got this 756 in today to do some work on. It's previous owner was my late cousin who passed away 3 years ago. He told me he wanted to trade his 706 gas for this one and the 706 had 15.5x38's and the 756 had 18.4x34 and he wanted to keep his rear rubber so they swapped it for him. The 756 has 16.9x38's now.
  14. FarmerFixEmUp

    another health care story

    My wife seems to attract bugs and when she gets bit she gets swelled up really quick. She takes Benadryl for that. She was in 2 different hospitals for 2 weeks about 4 years ago for cellulitis on her leg. Not something to be messed with. They were considering skin grafts but got it under control.