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  1. Happy birthday bud081, FarmerFixEnUp, TD25-504

    Thanks everyone! Another lap completed.
  2. Don't Try this had Home

    Speaking of counterbalance...
  3. Pto sheild for 5488

    Abilene Machine has them but it looks different than the one on my 5288. A&I's looks the same. PTO SHIELD&ItemNumber=1264503C1
  4. A little testimony for IH engine oil

    Back when I worked at the IH dealerships a lot of farmers were using "other brand oil" When they complained about oil consumption we tried to get some of them to try No 1 oil and a lot of them cut oil use in half.
  5. Working On Something Different Today

    I'm sure they are better heads. GM lightened the castings a lot in the 70's and non cracked heads are hard to find. This truck has been losing some anti freeze for a while and occasionally when cold one cylinder had a miss but after a half mile or so down the road it came out of it.
  6. Working On Something Different Today

    Last week my old 79 Chevy C10 started smoking really bad gray smoke out the left bank exhaust pipe. Looked like anti freeze smoke to me and smelled like it too. I checked the coolant and it was 2 1/2 gallons low. No anti freeze in the oil though. Definitely had a miss on one of the cylinders. I tried the band aid approach and got some block sealer in it and filled up the radiator. Drove it 4 miles and lost almost all the coolant. . I had a friend of mine pull the heads off since my shop is full. (What else is new?) He found a blown fire ring next to the #7 cylinder. He brought me the heads and I cleaned them all up and checked them with a straightedge and there's not even .0015 warp and the valve guides are pretty tight as well. I replaced the valve stem seals which were pretty brittle. I guess we'll just put it together and give it a go. It has a 350 4 barrel engine. not sure if it's the original engine or not. The heads have obviously been replaced since they have washer type spark plugs which GM stopped using in 1971 I believe. 441 Casting heads and the date code is August of 1969. I used to do a lot of old automotive engine work but haven't done it in a while. Head Gasket issue. The shop's just a little full. 1086 getting a new TA, 856 for a MCV pump. My 1066 needing a TA in the background. Nissan engine issues in a fork lift and my 1066.
  7. Forum problems??

    Thanks BJ, it works now. Thank goodness for computer techs. Thanks for all you do on here.
  8. Tractor Repair - Minnesota

    What part of Minnesota? I just talked to a guy who has a shop SW of Minneapolis near Jordan this morning about a tractor he's trying to sell. Sounds like he's been at it for a while.
  9. Forum problems??

    I have 2 computers at home. The laptop won't work at all. The desktop won't work with Google Chrome but does on Internet Explorer. Here at the shop Google Chrome doesn't work but Microsoft Edge does .On the same computer. Weird!
  10. US olympic gold medal winner my butt
  11. Looking for Allied Precision filter extension

    Someone had some on craig's list, but it's been on there a while. Hope it's OK to post a link to it.
  12. Calls on Cell Phone

    I got a call from Wendy too. On my shop phone. When she said I stayed at one of the resorts, I said "No, I've never been to a resort" and hung up. It came up as a local number. I have anonymous call blocking which won't allow private or unknown calls. It cut down a lot of crap calls, but if they are using fake numbers it doesn't matter. I can enter up to 10 numbers to block and it's always full.
  13. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    I agree with Pete, we were all right too!
  14. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    My Ag Parts Rep gave me a flyer for RF Engine. I've never ordered anything from them yet and I don't know what brand parts they have either. Their overhaul kit for a 1456 at $1590 is a pretty good price IMO. It would be worth a call. DT 466 kits for under $900. And they have Maxi force listed as a supplier. I believe a 1456 has bigger wrist pins than a 1256 though.
  15. 886 oil leak

    Probably 5 gallons max.