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  1. kelly mt

    5000 Swather lost all hydraulics

    The 5000 has a park brake and foot brake, same constricting band activated by the either pedal or the lever on the left side of the seat. I've not seen one without it. As to priming, when changing oil and filters I just start it up and let it run for a few minutes and the oil is circulated through the system.
  2. kelly mt

    5000 Swather lost all hydraulics

    When my 5000 did that the charge pump died. It's a small vane pump on the front of the hydrostat drive. Good thing I had rebuilt my brakes as I was going up a steep hill.
  3. kelly mt

    TD-14 Motor Transplant?

    Thanks for the info. Looks like I'm good to go.
  4. Getting ready to replace the motor in my 14 from a donor 14A. Any hints, tricks or advice?
  5. I've taken trees out with my TD-14 and it works well. Lot of stress on the machine. I've gone to an excavator for that work now. Works real good. So now you will just have to expand your herd and get an excavator.
  6. kelly mt

    Radiator Question

    Check with a over the road truck repair shop. They sell gasket material for tank to core.
  7. kelly mt

    TD-14A Info

    I'll have a 14A to sell next spring. I'm taking the motor and radiator off it for my 14. Track plates are good, track chains are worn pretty good as are the sprockets but for the light work you describe they may work for you. I'd like to sell the whole machine less the parts I mentioned. It's a wide track machine also. PK