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  1. Picked up this head a few years ago from machine shop. Off a TD6. Customer never came back to pick up. Fully reconditioned. I never looked at it much. Just tucked it away. Got it out to put on a SMD I have and noticed this brass plug blocking off large, injector side water passage between cyls 1 and 2. You can see there was some pinning done around it, probably to fix a crack. My question is: Is this an unfinished fix of the crack around the water port? Was it a homemade way to redirect coolant flow? Should I drill it out? This tractor still had the restrictor plates on all 4 of the large coolant passages going into the block so I'm not sure if I should leave restrictor out of that hole and use the rest? Has anyone else ever seen this? Thanks, Brad
  2. Decided to buy a new one. Hy Cap. Thanks for the heads up on the pipe plugs!
  3. Have a 706 d282 with a rebuilt water pump. Maybe 10 hours on it but it sat for 5 years and is now leaking through weep hole. Anyone know who is selling seal kits for these pumps? Stock part 607467C91 is NLA. Thanks.
  4. Was it just the 600 and 650 that had optional Factory power steering? I thought the later 9s and the supers had optional power steering as well? Pretty sure there was an aftermarket system that went on steering column instead of drag link as well. Would sure like to see this setup as well cause these things are horrible to steer.
  5. Looks like this WD9 has an aftermarket torque generator style power steering system. Any chance we could get some pictures of how that's set up on steering column?
  6. I think original was garret A/R T606. Are there any other bolt on replacements? Or "close to bolt on replacements? Putting this on a 706. Anyone have pics of air cleaner setup and placement? For a factory add-on. Not an M&W. Thanks.
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