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  1. Tunkhannock,Pa

    My oldest son is doing an internship there this summer before his senior year of college. Wondering what there is to do in that area. Looks to be fairly close to Scranton. Also thinking of coming up there on vacation to visit him this summer.
  2. Tunkhannock,Pa

    Will be going to Lancaster as well. Wife has a friend there. What areas are good to see some nice farms. Seen a lot of pics from up in that area of old big barns. Like to go around and check some of that out too. Boy will be there for around 3 months. Says he will probably fish alot since he'll be so far from home. He'llbe working with Williams pipeline.
  3. RAIN

    Got quite a bit here today. Don't have my gauge out yet. Calling for 5 to 6 by end of week here. Waiting on it to start freezing now. Supposed to start in the next couple of hours. Hope we don't get too much ice. Was terrible muddy feeding tonight.
  4. Forum issues

    Glad it's working again. I haven't been able to reply or post from my phone for a couple of weeks now.
  5. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Amen to that
  6. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Looks like it's going to come a turd floater
  7. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Colder than a welldiggers a#@
  8. Cleaning out the shop

    Bought some new tools for the shop this weekend. Gonna have to make some room. Got this freezer from a guy I work with a few years back with the intentions of restoring it. Well never got around to it and I need the room. Free if anybody is close enough to me and wants it. He used it till the compressor quit. Need the room so if I can't get rid of it guess I'll haul it to scrap as bad as I hate to.
  9. Cleaning out the shop

    Have thought about using it for storage but need the room. Bought a drill press and a chop saw the other day. Saw has a 20 ft table with it to cut tubing on. Needing the freezer gone to make room for the table.
  10. Cleaning out the shop

    I'l give it a few days to see if anyone takes it. If not we can make that happen
  11. Mira fount waterer issue

    Thought I might call about her but I got balls. Wait. Is he talking about the waterer.
  12. Oh the differences in up bringing

    Nothing better than finding the dirtiest place possible to play when you were a kid
  13. Cleaning out the shop

  14. Try it again

    Congratulations and best wishes.
  15. hard on cattle

    Definitely Missouri for you. Seen a guy yesterday on my way to work must not watch the weather. Looked like he got up,seen it was warm and jumped on his Harley. Glad it wasn' me cause it was cold when I left work.
  16. Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas. Praying for a speedy recovery for those injured
  17. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Congratulations. Get that 12 and stay busy.
  18. Songs about farming

    Don't know how to post the YouTube link. But I like American Farmer by Johnathon East
  19. Dow passed 24,000

    Wrong. In 2002 it was at 1 million. Had to deal with all the crap when my fil passed away.
  20. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Prayers for your family. Hoping that all goes well.
  21. Deer season opens today...

    Had one run into the side of my truck Monday morning. Sadly Monday evening my closest neighbor hit one on his motorcycle and didn't make it. He was a good friend and neighbor. Gonna miss him.
  22. Happy birthday Tony in Ca.

    Happy Birthday
  23. My turn for prayers

    Prayers for you and your family
  24. Dad passed away

    Sorry for your loss will keep your family in our prayers.
  25. Had one on eBay. Paid through PayPal. Was getting a pitching machine for the oldest boy. Never got it. Only got a small portion of the money back. People had filed for bankruptcy before we bought it. Got a letter from their bankruptcy lawyer. Listed people all over the world they had done the same thing to. Haven't bought off eBay or used PayPal since.