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  1. 706 c291 sleeve kit still available Case IH 395354R93 425.00 x 6
  2. same here but with all the issues I have seen people having lately with reliance I,m not so sure i want to use them any longer might be OK for a parade tractor but i have 3 to do that will end up put back to work and want a kit with a better reputation
  3. yes if you are building a diesel where do you get a quality kit for a gas?
  4. hope you meant .620 because .520 will be way to loose (5/8 to decimal = .625)
  5. check followup linkage for binding if OK clean orifice screen # 10 in the diagram
  6. the bore is not critical but the OD is tight fit the one i have had to be driven out 5/8 OD steel thin wall is real close to the correct OD
  7. correction on the bushing location
  8. found the bushing here are the dimensions OD .619, ID .540, length 1.155
  9. one other thing to look at is thermostat #2 in the diagram
  10. not that familiar with the 3500 but if it is the same setup as other IH backhoes of that vintage the power steering and swing shared the same pump and was switched manually via selector valve next to the seat. it could be a pump or valve issue
  11. you also need flow control 370760R91 bushing # 373064R1 (NA) and also this part steering universal joint (one used on tractors equipped, w/power steering) Product No: 350256R1 $265.00 Recommended Qty 1
  12. yes goes all the way through to change the flow, I have one of those bushings somewhere but have not found it yet
  13. if I'm remembering correctly it goes in the circled port
  14. yes without that bushing (373064R1) the steering will not work
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