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  1. 340 504 2504 industrials

    yes found a couple of interesting memorandums, one said the 330 was actually a fill-in while the 340 was readied for production and another showed the current models and the models that would replace them. the one I would like to find is the list of replacements for the 40 and 60 series
  2. A/C pressure ??'s

    stuck txv valve. At that temps it well end up icing up the evaporator
  3. 340 504 2504 industrials

    The hood name plates are not the same on the industrial they are larger than the utility name plates utility 369059R1 industrial 375225R1
  4. 340 504 2504 industrials

    Not mine found the pictures and info here http://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=ttalk&th=903001 serial# 11724 the center hood skirts are the same for 340 r/c utility and industrial PM me i have a nice set of hood skirts
  5. R Model

    R model
  6. Source for small diameter exhaust tubing?

  7. Price Increase Heatlh Care

    heath care period is out of hand my daughter went to the doctor for a cough (bronchitis) Doctor visit and 2 chest x rays the bill was just under $1000.00
  8. About drinking raw milk

    The most common method of pasteurization in the United States today is High Temperature Short Time (HTST) pasteurization, which uses metal plates and hot water to raise milk temperatures to at least 161° F for not less than 15 seconds, followed by rapid cooling. Higher Heat Shorter Time (HHST) is a process similar to HTST pasteurization, but it uses slightly different equipment and higher temperatures for a shorter time. For a product to be considered Ultra Pasteurized (UP), it must be heated to not less than 280° for two seconds. UP pasteurization results in a product with longer shelf life but still requiring refrigeration.