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  1. head gasket or valve issue, run a compression test, or pressure test cylinders
  2. Van Sickle IH blue https://www.landmsupply.com/van-sickle-tractor-equipment-industrial-enamel-spray-paint-12-oz?gclid=CjwKCAjw4pT1BRBUEiwAm5QuRxBFa-Y7IdHTP4xif6lagCLcjJ_Pg-EOBvxzRmUTik4kxcTqFNYKJxoCkFMQAvD_BwE
  3. no C grills, actually looking for one to
  4. parts book is showing 2 seals for the 300 Replaces International OEM nos 48539DA, 704083R1 Inside Diameter: 1-3/4" Outside Diameter: 2.7860" Width: 1/2" Replaces International OEM nos 48704DA I.D.: 2.063" O.D.: 3.250" Wide: 0.294"
  5. this is the way the 300u i got in is plumbed for fast hitch
  6. the check valve holds the hitch in position engine not running, if the hitch only settles with the engine running the spool valve is out of adjustment or worn and leaking by
  7. but well it hold with the tractor running?
  8. they went from black back to blue in 1959
  9. would have looked like this tag, The letter D for diesel would have been stamped in after the SMTA
  10. clutch and brake pedals are not interchangeable
  11. S = TA with provision for 540 independent PTO
  12. per pertronix instructions when installing the igniter on a 4 or 6 cylinder engine you must use a resister or a 3 ohm coil. there reasoning is to much current flow will damage the electronic unit
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