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  1. Would anyone know if parts are still available for a 175C through Komatsu?
  2. Son and I are putting new clutch and pressure plate in 560 diesel. I have searched on the forum here but didn't see any posts on the torque of the bolts that hold the pressure plate to the flywheel. Anyone have that spec handy?
  3. SD, thanks for all the information. Do you ever have customers pay you to put a PTO into these 9000 series steigers? Neighbors put a pto in a later model quadtrak.
  4. SD, thanks so much for the information, I really appreciate it. I have found a couple and both are equipped with the powershift transmission. Ideally I would like to be able to run a vac planter down the road so sounds like I need to research that piece.
  5. I have read some posts on internet that CASE IH is not offering transmission parts for these tractors. The 9X50s with PTO and 3 point would be a nice addition to my farm for strip tilling, grain cart and tile plow but am really worried about parts availability and the trend these days by large manufactures to discontinue parts. My understanding is these tractors had a 12 speed powershift and a standard shift option. I would prefer the powershift. Interested in any experiences of folks on here.
  6. Anytime is fine, yet this evening is fine. If too late for you anytime tomorrow is fine.
  7. Yes they are the 530, 540 and 550 were same. My contact is 812 592 2067. Texting is fine
  8. Does anyone know of salvage yards with IH manure spreaders. Have a 530 that is in good shape but lost the big gear in the gearbox. Part number is 820219c1. Worm gear that drives it is still usable. Anyone know whether IH ever made part prints available for obsoleted parts?
  9. Yep still at Cummins, 25 years. Working on the 4000 horse v16 diesel currently, locomotives, ships and generators. My group does the service engineering on it. I still watch the forum here just dont post a lot anymore. Regarding overhead sets you are correct no real preference. All the midrange, heavy duty and High Horsepower products I have been associated with during my time here we say set lash cold(cool enough to touch safely) and let it go at that. Not saying this is how all should do it but its our recommendation. With all the health and safety rules today vs back in the IH days that may be a factor too. Good to hear from you.
  10. Thanks all for your input. Hopefully I didn't spur too big of an argument on what IH considered hot. . i am going to set valves at.027 at room temp and watch how it acts
  11. Putting head back on so fuel tank is off. I did a quick search on setting valve lash on here. Book says set both intake and exhaust at .027 hot. It seems to me to be such a chore to get valve cover back off once back together and engine hot, anyone have experience setting lash a little more loose than .027 cold such that it's close to that when engine it hot? Appreciate any comments
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