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  1. MNredfarmer

    Lonesome Dove

    Here's a did you know moment. Did you know that the real life Gus, "the guy that Duvall played", died in the same building that Pat Garrett shot and killed Billy The Kid in?
  2. MNredfarmer

    Fenders for the old 884

    you have to look carefully. they might not be the full, flat top fenders from A&I
  3. MNredfarmer

    New toy followed me home

    Yes he is๐Ÿ˜€. He's wondering "where do I sit?" He rides on the Ranger with me all the time.
  4. MNredfarmer

    New toy followed me home

    Yeah, I've been running utv's for about 10 years now. Like you, I miss having a smaller atv.
  5. MNredfarmer

    New toy followed me home

    2004 Cat 400 with the manual trans. It needs a little rear brake work and one cv boot replaced. It has about 3800 miles. I think I got a heck of deal at $1,000. Plastics just need a good cleaning, but are good otherwise.
  6. MNredfarmer

    2250 VS 2255 what's the difference

    My uncles 885 on the left. My 685 with Westendorf TA26 on the right. Not bad when the loader is in the air but put the loader on the ground and try to work in the engine compartment. As for putting in on a 06-56 series, I always thought they'd look good on them. Just got to have the tools and the will to get it done. Sorry I can't get the picture any bigger.
  7. MNredfarmer

    2250 VS 2255 what's the difference

    2255 is made for front wheel assist tractors. My uncle has one on his 885 and it is a big bulky loader. Much bigger than a 2250 like my cousin has on his 884. It's a pain just to check the oil with the 2255 because the subframe is so bulky.
  8. MNredfarmer

    7488 #14 of 16 on sale today

    Heard that after it was sold, the auctioneer said that the tractor is going to New York, New York.
  9. MNredfarmer

    7488 #14 of 16 on sale today

    go to . You can see the sale bill and maybe what everything brought. I think he pulled a 26' JD 726 and a 5 shank 512 with the tractor. I'd just heard tales of a guy 30 miles west of me that had a 7488 and that it was his main tillage tractor. I've never seen the tractor until a couple of months ago. It was sitting at the local CIH dealer having something done to it. Last month I heard he was having an auction. There was something like 67 "collector" tractors on the sale.
  10. MNredfarmer

    7488 #14 of 16 on sale today

    It has 5000+ hours on it and was on an auction near me today. Sold for an even $100,000. Anyone here end up with it?
  11. MNredfarmer

    1666 hydro acting up maybe starting to go out

    I had to build up the one on my uncle's 1680 a couple of years ago. Must be a common thing.
  12. MNredfarmer

    German Diesel fuel pump

    I'm talking about the pump drive gear. I can't adjust the hub anymore in the gear slots to get the timing mark to line up with the bottom of the pointer in the FIP. If that makes sense.
  13. MNredfarmer

    German Diesel fuel pump

    Well, it rained this morning so I checked things out a little closer. The other day, when I tore into it, I took a paint marker and marked out 14 on the crankshaft pulley, flywheel and put a mark on the timing gear. I guess I didn't look very hard for the dots on the gears. Today I looked closer and found them, and they're one tooth off. When you said to put the key slot at 10 o'clock, mine was at about 11 or even 11:30, but thought "close enough, right"? My Dad had this tractor overhauled sometime around 1980. Do you suppose they put it together wrong at that time? I tried to slip it over a tooth, but I think I'm in trouble and have to take the whole front plate off to do it. Am I right?
  14. MNredfarmer

    German Diesel fuel pump

    when set at 14, the timing mark is behind the pointer, about 1/16-1/8" or so above the bottom edge. How do you adjust that?