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  1. Pretty sure it is oil, no history of wet stacking with this tractor.
  2. Can seals etc.. be put in the Holstet turbo in an MX150. I noticed mine smoking quite a bit this morning, looked around the engine and it is dumping a bit of oil. Looks like it is coming out of the exhaust hose, as well as a little bit out of the rubber hose going to the air filter. It does not look like a terrible job to get off, if the exhaust bolts come out.
  3. Hey guys, I have an issue to report, hopefully for some help. I have an MX150 (European version) that is having PTO issues. This is the tractor I was talking about buying last fall. It has been a good machine so far. Anyway, trying to get some hay done yesterday, and an occasional PTO issue is becoming pretty aggravating. My PTO will typically not engage. I have the auto switch set to off. I have engine RPM's up around 1000. PTO speed select in 1000. Currently hooked to baler. PTO does not come on, and the green PTO light flashes. This does not appear to be a code, just continuous flash. I have looked in my operators manual, and it talks of a pause between flashes, and I do not see that. I have sat and looked at it, and counted over 30 flashes with no pause. I am wondering if I have an alternator problem, or maybe a sensor issue? If I keep trying to run it, after several (10-20) activations, with maybe a tractor shutoff in there somewhere to clear codes, it will finally take off, and give no issues until I have to shut off PTO for some reason. Thanks
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