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  1. MX 120 Loader,

    After some good advice on here, and from guys on Ag Talk, I finally bought a different tractor, an MX 120.The tractor has a good Bush Hog loader on it, but no joystick. I am planning on adding a joystick as I acquire some parts. I believe it already has a power beyond block, now I need a cable activated valve and a joystick to mount. I can find all kinds of joysticks on Surplus Center and various other places, but I am having trouble finding a less expensive cable type valve. I can get one through CIH or Bush Hog, but am seeing a $1200 price on it, then a joystick on top of that. If I have to pay that, it is going to be a while before I complete this joystick project. Anyone have any ideas on a place to find a less expensive 2 or 3 spool valve, or do I just not know what I am doing when looking for a valve? Pics of tractor to follow after I get a bale or two out for the calves... I think the circled block in the valve stack is power beyond, some guys over at AgTalk agree.
  2. 1460-Need a little help!

    Do a search in here for 1460 settings, you should come up with a topic that has the manual, and a couple of other very useful links. I was able to get the manual, SHOP repair manual, and a couple of other things.