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  1. I have a complete 4 post ROPS and platform I'll be taking off of a 1086 {it is the same as a 986). I'm changing to a cab.
  2. I remember it was an option although it was not a popular one.
  3. That's a 1456 axle. They were different from the rest of the 56 series.
  4. I know they show up on the last IH full line poster. They show a 383 and a 483. All of the pictures are artist renderings not actual pictures. I've never seen one.
  5. The 544 Farmall rear end is the same as your 656. The utility version is not and is the same as a 504.
  6. Nice looking 5000 row-crop. I almost bought that cab from the Hine's. I decided to go with the cab off of the 2+2. Here in eastern N.C. A/C is a must.
  7. It's neat they include a set of Jackman wheels. Jackmans were all the rage back in the 70's and actually on a real SSII the interior was painted the same color as the body.
  8. The 100 was a totally different tractor than a Super A. larger engine, fast hitch, available spin out wheels, different gearing. The 130 was a DuPont makeover to look like the rest of the line.
  9. Eason

    The Dog Thread

    This is Max. Kind of a rescue. He was headed to the pound with 4 brothers. The brothers were adopted first. He was the runt. He won me over. I have always had dogs and liked dogs but Max is special. He loves to ride and has been my buddy for 6 years now.
  10. I think they would have been better off to keep the Terrastar and put a 6.7 Cummins in it. I remember Carl Bidwell truck pulled with a IH pickup with a chevy motor called the Chevynational. Bill Faulder has called this truck a chevynational. To me it's the Obama truck.
  11. Beautiful Truck. I always thought the R-series and the Fleetstar 2000s were THE IH trucks of the 60s Eason
  12. Every one I've seen down here were 3 point not fast hitch.
  13. Jeff how lucky can you get to have both 504 LP Gas HiClear emblems!!! There were a bunch of 504 diesel HiClears down in this area.
  14. If I couldn't run red I'd run blue. There's a lot of 5000s around here that have over 12K hrs and the valve cover has never been off of them. Had several clutches though.
  15. Some good looking welds and a great looking finished product. Good work Todd
  16. I think the combine pump parts are still available. Eason
  17. I think you need to pull the fuel pump off and have a shop calibrate it to 826 specs. Combines pumps are set differently than tractors.
  18. mine is 9021 and a gold demo Eason
  19. Do you come down I-95 or I-64? I'm 100 miles west of the Outer Banks 3 miles south of Hwy 64/17 interchange in Williamston, N.C. Eason
  20. Kevin are you painting it aspen green or bahama blue. The body looks bahama blue but the computer makes the hood look aspen green.
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