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  1. I think the combine pump parts are still available. Eason
  2. I think you need to pull the fuel pump off and have a shop calibrate it to 826 specs. Combines pumps are set differently than tractors.
  3. mine is 9021 and a gold demo Eason
  4. Do you come down I-95 or I-64? I'm 100 miles west of the Outer Banks 3 miles south of Hwy 64/17 interchange in Williamston, N.C. Eason
  5. Tony you are like me OLD SCHOOL!!! Our generation screamed chrome!!! Painted was for the guys who couldn't afford chrome back in the day!! Eason
  6. That looks like the factory wheel with a homemade steel conversion. I need to pull out Wendells 150 year of IH.
  7. Dennis my cell is 252-661-0264  Eason

  8. No the white you have is similar to 935 which is a brighter white. Eason
  9. The white on 504's should be 901 white which has a slight greenish tint. 2150 red is the correct color red. I prefer CaseIH ironguard enamel for my tractors. The 901 paint code is martin-seyour 53A 3965 or PPG DAR 8665
  10. If you are plowing and hit a hard section, you pull the lever toward you and it reduces speed but increases the pulling power, after the hard section you push the lever forward and resume the faster speed. You don't use the clutch when you use the T/A lever. Kind of like how an automatic transmission downshifts on hills.
  11. An 856 was available in gear drive only. It's a totally different animal. It should have 2 levers on the right; 1 for the high, low, and reverse and 1 for 1234 gears. If equipped with a T/A should have a lever on the left for T/A (back) and Direct Drive (forward) Eason
  12. Wouldn't the IDI 7.3 flywheel be a better choice? It's balanced for the 7.3 8 cyl engine whereas the M is balanced for a 4 cyl engine. Eason
  13. I've used it and when it dries it's hard. It chips very easily. I use paint primer and paint instead now. Eason
  14. What are the bars going from the lift housing arms to the lower part of the tractor? I've never seen that over here. Eason
  15. although there were never any Minnie-Moe's around here I thought they were a well designed tractor. Nice conversion!!! Eason
  16. Some clown in California has been parading around a 544 with a bunch of chrome and chicken lights as a goldie. Eason
  17. I'm just curious; why didn't you use the holes in the frame that IH mounted the reese hitch to. NICE BUMPER!!!! I'm sure that will hold much better than the stock rear bumper mounts!! Eason
  18. That's a dressed up Hydro 186. Note the white letter tires and the chrome stack. Eason
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