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    Praying the Lord will give you comfort in your time of sorrow.
  2. Hy-capacity has a kit that has a new pilot bearing, throwout bearing, pressure plate, and clutch disk. All new, no core required.
  3. I've had 2 856's and both had DT407 blocks.
  4. DT stood for Diesel tractor and should have only 1 squirter per hole. TT stood for Turbo tractor and should have 2 squirters per hole.
  5. I remembered Ken sold it to Richard Lantis.
  6. The article stated that the 806 #1 was restored by Frank Tomac, but I thought Ken Updike restored it and sold it to Richard (his last name escapes me)
  7. Is it me or is the white to bright? I think it should be a little more cream.
  8. This tractor was my 1st cousins and we restored it for him and his grandaughters. I'm a little disapointed in the decals from Dakotah Toy. They are too bright white.
  9. Well my son gave this cool shirt and my wife got me the 1206. I've tought my family well!!!
  10. The first photo is my 2001 F-250 powerstroke with 4.10 gears. Unfortunately it's 2wd but used to pull the gooseneck and camper. 149 K miles. The tail end of my 1983 F-250, 6.9 diesel 4wd 4sp hauling a chevy to scrap! 170k miles, slow but reliable!
  11. Chris IIRC Wilson owns 1 of each a Farmall and Utility
  12. I believe Wilson Gatewood told me they made 500 of each Farmalls and utilities. I personally know of 3 within 50 miles of me.
  13. Eason


    thorsen allied tools= TAT
  14. I don't remember any 544s around here having the short gas cap. I've only seen the tall ones.
  15. Ron I believe it was late 71 when they switched to decals along with the introduction of the 66 series.
  16. Here's my wife's 544 diesel utility row crop hydro.
  17. Does anyone remember the futuristic drawings IH had in the late 60's or early 70's of combines? Seems like this is similar.
  18. Cousin of mine wants to sell me his 5230 powershift with cab. He states the only thing wrong with it is the hydraulics get hot and sometimes he has to allow it to cool down. He states it's a worn hydraulic pump. I'm wondering if the powershift trans is worn. Any idea's?
  19. There was also a nicely detailed 1/16 version of the 5 millionth tractor done for the Winter Convention at Waterloo Ia. in 2008 or 9. Much better model than the Ertl version or the early 90's.
  20. I meant 826 gas geardrive would not be factory.
  21. I own all 3 off the oddballs, 1026, 826, and a 664. The 826 took the place of the 756 diesel. The ONLY way you could get a 826 gas was a Hydro. If you have a 826 gear drive it isn't factory. Also Raleigh at Herr's told me the 826 hydro transmission case is smaller than the 1026s.
  22. I was almost 5 and was playing by the pecan trees in our yard when my grandmother calls out from the back door and tells me to go tell my mom the presidents been shot.
  23. Ford had a divorced transfer in the F-250s until mid 1977. When they changed to the low profile F-250 they went to the married transfer case.
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