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  1. The chinese didn't buy Visegrips. They just make them.
  2. That Transtar looks like it was mated to an air-ride Ford cabover of the same era.
  3. You guys have to remember 1 thing. Most tractors in the Midwest were driven by the owner, in the south you had a lot of steering wheel holders. With the variety of crops and the longer growing season southern tractors were worked harder than midwest tractors. If the original poster's tractor didn't have a cab he might have a "Taco" tractor.
  4. 1822 CaseIH cotton picker used the D466 engine also.
  5. Viscosity owns the "Hy-tran" formula, CaseIH owns the name. Viscosity's ultraction IS the original "hy-tran". It's $15 to $20 a bucket cheaper than CNH.
  6. You are definitely going to need a dog house. The late Loadstars had a DT466 option. I don't recall ever seeing a late DT466 Loadstar with a butterfly hood.
  7. I do know IH trucks the oil bath was optional on the gas motors. My uncle had a customer have a fertilizer spreader truck backfire through the carb and burn a hole in the paper element. It dusted the engine. He ordered all trucks destined to be spreader trucks with an oil bath from then on.
  8. I don't know what it brought but just found out it's going to Conway NC.
  9. That's an International not a Farmall.
  10. The current CaseIH part # is 134372 1.109' ID x 0.14' thick $1.49 each
  11. CaseIH owns the Hy-Tran name. Viscosity owns the formula.
  12. Northeastern NC, 50 miles east of I95, 40miles south of Va., and 100 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean. Eason
  13. Navistar actually assembled the Ford trucks. Ford supplied the cab and sheet metal. Navistar built the chassis. The Sterlings were the spin off of Ford's heavy truck division. Freightliner bought the Ford heavy division and renamed them Sterling.
  14. Brian what size tires are you running 9.5x 15s and 16.9 x 38s? I've got 7.50 x 16 and 15.5 x 38s on my hydro 86 with a 2350. Yours looks much beefier!
  15. The torsion bar will fit. You will have to change the bushings as the 1456 is a bigger diameter.
  16. The perkins was only 130 hp. Barely adequate for the cab and chassis, much less a load. There was a reason the perkins was dropped.
  17. Eason


    A friend of mine had a 986. It always felt gutless at low RPM. My 856 would walk all over it.
  18. Dang J-Mech I can't believe you got that wrong. Might be a 70 or 71 but definitely NOT a 73.
  19. I believe I've heard some of you talk about using 7.3 IDI glowplugs in a 282. Any truth in this?
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