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  1. I would try IH parts America (Jeff Ismail) Do not use Scoutparts.com
  2. The spin on filter head is around $300. I just converted my 544 from glass bowl type to spin on. I can get you a list of parts if you need. PM me with your email address.
  3. Down here we have a lot of "Southern Belles" with welded arms on the spindles. Are taper-locs worth the hype or would you stick with regular spindles and arms. Thanks for any reviews.
  4. I looked it over at the Red Power Roundup. His attention to detail is second to none!
  5. Contact Jeff Foreman (The Emblem Guy). He has them custom made at the original factory that produced them for IH.
  6. You will probably have to put some spacers between the frame and your mounts. 2350 was designed for the wider frame of the 66 series. It will work. I have one on a hydro 86. Great loader.
  7. I remember that. It was about 1988. Pete and KW had new trucks on the lot that they couldn't sell because of the recall.
  8. I'm on the second row second from the right, gray shirt no hat.
  9. The very early 574 and 454 had metal emblems. I believe this was the last american IH tractor to have emblems.
  10. Eason

    What is it worth

    That truck on big iron has a 266.
  11. Hope to be there Thursday and Friday.
  12. Any Farmhouse Fraternity brothers on here?
  13. There's a couple of 310's around here in some 782 cotton pickers. I'll be glad to check on some if you wish.
  14. Look up Dufour's Tractor Parts in Nashville NC. He Has/had a 312 in a hydro 70 that had just been rebuilt and then the hydro went out and the farmer got disgusted and sold it to him for salvage.
  15. Same here in eastern NC. About 10 inches below normal rainfall.
  16. I used to work for Harvester, I used to use my hands, used to make the tractors and combines that ploughed and harvested this great land. Don Henly "A month of Sundays" Album, Building the perfect Beast
  17. Make sure the draft linkage arm on the inside of the rear end hasn't slipped past the lever.
  18. I may be wrong but I was told Massey sold their garden tractor line to Snapper.
  19. send us a picture. There are several old NOS seat bottoms at the dealership I work at.
  20. Are you sure you didn't have a 18 or 2096?
  21. I sold one new in 1988 totally a David Brown tractor. 3 engines in less than 100 hours. CaseIH finally gave the customer a 5130 to replace it. THAT experience soured me on any David Brown tractors.
  22. I know 2 guys from Wilson, N.C. called me before the sale and asked what it was worth. I told them the 4 cylinder one that the Scout Connection had with 4,000 miles brought over 100k. I just want to know what the person who ordered the color combo (interior/exterior color) was thinking?
  23. I put a 350 cfm 2 barrel Holley that I got from Summit. Bolted straight one, a little adjusting and she runs like a top. It went on this Scout.
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