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  1. 53a-3965 Martin Senoir crossfire
  2. I have a new one in stock. I ordered it by mistake and will make you a great deal on it.
  3. The new International emblems are alumium just like the originals. I have a set waiting to go on my 1026.
  4. IIRC it's the same cap for a IH scout II.
  5. Tim didn't Danny do that on the 5388? Only didn't do MFD.
  6. I grew up on a 140. Cultivated a fertilized 45 acres of tobacco 1 row at a time. Great tractors but one of the hardest riding things I have ever ridden on. Don't care if I ever get on one again. And I still own a 100 Farmall.
  7. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday Tim!
  8. IH came out with the 1844 in limited quantities in 1984. All of the early literature was airbrushed IH literature with CaseIH added.
  9. I got a "Outback" 1066 blackstripe and a Bulova 86 series watch. I must have been good!
  10. 284 had a 3 cylinder Nissan diesel and a 4 cylinder Mazda gas motor.
  11. Eason


    Welcome back Mark!!
  12. Do any of you remember a 52 or 5488 a town bought for disking in waste at the wastewater treatment plant? Right after they bought it they changed their minds and the tractor sat. It had less than 100 hours and IIRC sold for $97,000
  13. My hydro 86 fenders are wobbly also. It's how they are mounted to reduce noise and vibration. I'm seriously considering installing a ROPS to mount them solid.
  14. I have those adapters in stock. I also have the conversion kits also. PM me for a phone number.
  15. Thank guys, it's been great so far!!
  16. There were some Sundance models in the early S series also.
  17. 544 and 656 had to be a Hydro. 756 was never offered as a gold demo. 826 was the only one offered with a choice of transmissions. 1026 was built only as a hydro. 1456 was built only as a gear drive. As for those with money to flaunt it comment; I bought my first 656 utility row crow from a dealer for $1500. They had put the rear hood on incorrectly and messed up the forward reverse lever adjustment. The deals are out there you just have to look.
  18. The oil pans might be different. I think the front cover is different as the 63 oil fill is in the front of the engine. I think on the 69 it's on the valve covers.
  19. Eason


    IIRC in 89 the highest hp on a DT-466 was 210, DTA-466 was 215 to 245 hp.
  20. I will say this. I have a 544 diesel. Same engine as a 674. Previous owner used Rotella 15w 40 and it used oil and smoked. I ran it for several days and then changed oil. I put Viscosity 30 wt oil in it and it doesn't smoke nearly as much and has quit using oil. Just my personal experience.
  21. I bought a XT-2 60 in zero turn with a Kawasaki motor and couldn't be happier. I had a Hustler 50 in with a Kawasaki and it was an ok mower. Now supply chain issues from Cub Cadet are another issue altogether!!!
  22. You know the Texans are ok with a Scout in the yard!
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