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  1. Glenn when you get started I have a 856 and a 664 that need injection pump work.
  2. We put one on for a customer. He liked it so well he had us do his other tractor as well.
  3. Howard would that have been stretched by Stageway?
  4. Tim, I wonder if he was kin to Glen Burkholder. He built the IH powershift tractor using a 1466 front end.
  5. Devon used to sell them, and I believe Mark Mathis used to build them.
  6. The 30 wt CaseIH is marketing now is actually a Pennzoil product, NOT SHELL.
  7. Danny I'm glad they finally got you set up.
  8. 53a-3965 Martin Senoir crossfire
  9. I have a new one in stock. I ordered it by mistake and will make you a great deal on it.
  10. The new International emblems are alumium just like the originals. I have a set waiting to go on my 1026.
  11. IIRC it's the same cap for a IH scout II.
  12. Tim didn't Danny do that on the 5388? Only didn't do MFD.
  13. I grew up on a 140. Cultivated a fertilized 45 acres of tobacco 1 row at a time. Great tractors but one of the hardest riding things I have ever ridden on. Don't care if I ever get on one again. And I still own a 100 Farmall.
  14. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday Tim!
  15. IH came out with the 1844 in limited quantities in 1984. All of the early literature was airbrushed IH literature with CaseIH added.
  16. I got a "Outback" 1066 blackstripe and a Bulova 86 series watch. I must have been good!
  17. 284 had a 3 cylinder Nissan diesel and a 4 cylinder Mazda gas motor.
  18. Eason


    Welcome back Mark!!
  19. Do any of you remember a 52 or 5488 a town bought for disking in waste at the wastewater treatment plant? Right after they bought it they changed their minds and the tractor sat. It had less than 100 hours and IIRC sold for $97,000
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