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  1. I believe it's in the 1969 or 1970 full line buyer's guide, but shows a IH implement pulled by a Massey tractor.
  2. Darius Harms had one. I think his family still owns it.
  3. Eason

    CO 1700

    Late 1964 or later by the cab marker lights. 304 engine.
  4. John Deere engines have a very narrow torque curve. A DT-466 would be a much better swap. It would be easier to buy a older S-series IH and mount the R-190 body to the S-series frame.
  5. There's a 826 hydro gold demo near me. If the farmer gave it to me it would be tough to restore. $5000 for the hydro, $4000 for the engine, $2500 for the tires and no telling what the missing parts would cost you. 826s are the most common of the demos. Hines repair had a decent 826 on the IH auction page and it had only 1 bid at $10k. In my opinion $4k would be a plenty.
  6. I live about 275 mi east of Charlotte and that's as close as I want to get. I have a good friend that moved to Denver NC (30 miles north of Charlotte) and he loves it. He was from Green Bay Wi. Say the car culture is great and the people as so much nicer. He wished he had done it years earlier. As for hurricanes Charlotte was hit with one of the worst hurricanes to hit the east coast, remember Hugo.
  7. Eason


    Matt PM me with your phone #. There's several in a yard near me.
  8. late 715s had a 310 not a 358
  9. late 886, 3088,3288, 782 cotton picker, 1420, and early 1620 combine were a few of the Ag products to also use a 358 along with several on the construction side.
  10. The Sundance was carried over to the S series. My uncle's dealership sold a S-1754 to the late Gaylord Perry. (baseball pitcher) It was a 9 liter 5 spd 2 speed. 2 tone brown.
  11. Eason

    460 std

    That's a 560 or 660. The cover for the steering wheel is a dead giveaway. 460 utility or wheatland still had the steering wheel on the dash.
  12. The only wat to get a 826 gas was a hydro.
  13. Glenn when you get started I have a 856 and a 664 that need injection pump work.
  14. We put one on for a customer. He liked it so well he had us do his other tractor as well.
  15. Howard would that have been stretched by Stageway?
  16. Tim, I wonder if he was kin to Glen Burkholder. He built the IH powershift tractor using a 1466 front end.
  17. Devon used to sell them, and I believe Mark Mathis used to build them.
  18. The 30 wt CaseIH is marketing now is actually a Pennzoil product, NOT SHELL.
  19. Danny I'm glad they finally got you set up.
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