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  1. I don't see how the 56 series was behind the 20 series. I'll take a 856 or the beloved 4020 anyday!!!
  2. I sold my 2011 F-150 to my son and bought a 2018 certified pre owned F-150 similary equipped. The 2011 was more comfortable and drove better. I do like the 10 sp trans vs the 6 speed. Gas mileage is about the same. Both were 5.0s 2011 had 3.55 gears, 2018 has 3.73 gears. Luckly I did this in Nov of 2020 before everything went crazy. Performance wise the 2018 is a lot peppier than the 2011. BTW mine was rusting in the passenger cab corners also.
  3. I don't think you would like the T-34 transmission. The gears are spaced wrong, to much gap between the gears. If you want to be creative put a Brownie box behind your transmission. These can be found in old 10 wheeler trucks. Then you would have under direct and overdrive.
  4. The bad thing about this is the scum from the cities and town will come out to the country and steal from us!!
  5. If you need some low ash oil, I'll be glad to ship you a case. We have cases of it in stock at work. Just shoot me a message with your phone number.
  6. Congratulations, Keep a journal. You will enjoy reading it and looking back as time goes on.
  7. 235 hp would be a 392 engine.
  8. Alan wasn't that where the In the Heat of the Night was filmed?
  9. They are great tractors but hard to get parts for.
  10. Eason


    Praying the Lord will give you comfort in your time of sorrow.
  11. Hy-capacity has a kit that has a new pilot bearing, throwout bearing, pressure plate, and clutch disk. All new, no core required.
  12. I've had 2 856's and both had DT407 blocks.
  13. DT stood for Diesel tractor and should have only 1 squirter per hole. TT stood for Turbo tractor and should have 2 squirters per hole.
  14. I remembered Ken sold it to Richard Lantis.
  15. The article stated that the 806 #1 was restored by Frank Tomac, but I thought Ken Updike restored it and sold it to Richard (his last name escapes me)
  16. Is it me or is the white to bright? I think it should be a little more cream.
  17. My 966 has 18.4 x 38s
  18. This tractor was my 1st cousins and we restored it for him and his grandaughters. I'm a little disapointed in the decals from Dakotah Toy. They are too bright white.
  19. Well my son gave this cool shirt and my wife got me the 1206. I've tought my family well!!!
  20. The first photo is my 2001 F-250 powerstroke with 4.10 gears. Unfortunately it's 2wd but used to pull the gooseneck and camper. 149 K miles. The tail end of my 1983 F-250, 6.9 diesel 4wd 4sp hauling a chevy to scrap! 170k miles, slow but reliable!
  21. Chris IIRC Wilson owns 1 of each a Farmall and Utility
  22. I believe Wilson Gatewood told me they made 500 of each Farmalls and utilities. I personally know of 3 within 50 miles of me.
  23. Eason


    thorsen allied tools= TAT
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