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    Matt PM me with your phone #. There's several in a yard near me.
  2. late 715s had a 310 not a 358
  3. late 886, 3088,3288, 782 cotton picker, 1420, and early 1620 combine were a few of the Ag products to also use a 358 along with several on the construction side.
  4. The Sundance was carried over to the S series. My uncle's dealership sold a S-1754 to the late Gaylord Perry. (baseball pitcher) It was a 9 liter 5 spd 2 speed. 2 tone brown.
  5. Eason

    460 std

    That's a 560 or 660. The cover for the steering wheel is a dead giveaway. 460 utility or wheatland still had the steering wheel on the dash.
  6. The only wat to get a 826 gas was a hydro.
  7. Glenn when you get started I have a 856 and a 664 that need injection pump work.
  8. We put one on for a customer. He liked it so well he had us do his other tractor as well.
  9. Howard would that have been stretched by Stageway?
  10. Tim, I wonder if he was kin to Glen Burkholder. He built the IH powershift tractor using a 1466 front end.
  11. Devon used to sell them, and I believe Mark Mathis used to build them.
  12. The 30 wt CaseIH is marketing now is actually a Pennzoil product, NOT SHELL.
  13. Danny I'm glad they finally got you set up.
  14. 53a-3965 Martin Senoir crossfire
  15. I have a new one in stock. I ordered it by mistake and will make you a great deal on it.
  16. The new International emblems are alumium just like the originals. I have a set waiting to go on my 1026.
  17. IIRC it's the same cap for a IH scout II.
  18. Tim didn't Danny do that on the 5388? Only didn't do MFD.
  19. I grew up on a 140. Cultivated a fertilized 45 acres of tobacco 1 row at a time. Great tractors but one of the hardest riding things I have ever ridden on. Don't care if I ever get on one again. And I still own a 100 Farmall.
  20. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday Tim!
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