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  1. I've owned 4 544s, F544 gear drive, F544d hydro demo, I 544D utility row crop and a 2544D industrial. I still have the I 544D utility row crop and a 2544D industrial. I prefer the Farmall to run all day. Big roomy platform and controls easy to reach.
  2. I sell a lot of Hy-Capacity parts at work. I sell more than the mega dealers 4 stores around me. I haven't had any problems or complaints with them.
  3. We had the B-275 and B-414 Here in the southeast. Decent tractors but not as well thought of as a Massey 35 or the small Fords. Most were diesels and noted for their hard starting and hard steering.
  4. Find a "Brownie Box" (3 speed auxiliary) transmission from an old gas 10 wheeler dump truck. That will give you under, direct, and overdrive. That will be your most cost effective route.
  5. I have a hydro 86 with a 310 and a 544 diesel utility row crop. Both are GREAT tractors.
  6. If it was a hydro and they didn't know what they were doing they could have fried the transmission by pulling it.
  7. I'm lucky CaseIH 6 miles, New Holland 7 miles Agco 7 miles Deere 12 miles.
  8. A customer came in and was looking for a moldboard for his fast hitch plow to pull with his 200 Farmall. The plow moldboard part number is 520192R1. It's no longer available from CaseIH. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks Eason
  9. Personally I'd stay with 94 and older IH with the mechanical DT-466. Bulletproof motors and fairly reasonable to rebuild.
  10. I've got one just like that but mine's new enough to have decals instead of emblems. Very maneuverable but rough riding due to the short wheelbase.
  11. I swapped my 544 hydro with a 239 from the glass bowl type filters to the spin on type. I bought a new filter head from CNH.
  12. Bumper pull for farm use doesn't have to be tagged for farm use but only within a 50 mile radius of the base of operation. State of NC
  13. Looks like a Taco Tractor or Mexican 1086 I remember Bone International offering new 1086 with duals for $21,500 in 1981
  14. In NC you can buy a permanent tag for $75. Dealership I work at had been paying $18 a year for over 30 years. I had to go pick up a lawn mower and realized the tags were out. I asked the boss for $75 He asked what for. I told him about the tags. It now has permanent tags on it.
  15. Glen glad you were able to help him out. I've tried to send several customers to you for injection pump problems.
  16. A customer called me about a turbo on a 1969 856. He was surprised to hear that the turbo was added on and not factory. He's looking a new turbo and the numbers on the turbo are 408 896-010 Does this make sense to anyone ?
  17. When I was growing up we had 5 acres of pick your own strawberries. I cultivated them with a cub. That began my large dislike for a Cub (underpowered and slow). Dad bought a 140 and it was so much nicer to use.
  18. Everybody tried to copy IH's cultivision tractors at one time or another. Oliver 44 or 440, Ford 561,2000, or 1710, John Deere 900 HC or the Kubota. Bear in mind there is little aftermarket support for the other brands. IH owned that market hands down. Agri supply has an adapter that allows you to convert 3 point to fast hitch. As for a cub, I've seen them stall with a set of cultivators in hard ground.
  19. Absolutely beautiful!! How did you do the fuel tank? It looks just like the real thing!
  20. UPDATE!!! Wilson had the one kidney with cancer taken out this morning. Everything thing went really good said he might not need any chemo or radiation treatments
  21. I could have the date wrong, but please keep him in your prayers.
  22. Please keep Wilson Gatewood in your prayers as he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and is going for surgery on Monday Jan 22 to have a kidney removed.
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