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  1. jimb2 I don't think they showed up in the US till the 584. Wasn't there an English version of the 454 that had a 4 cylinder perkins
  2. The factory levers on those tractors had to be one of the worst designs to come out of IH. You had to lean over and almost touch the floorboard to reach them.
  3. Jeff Foreman has the new air filters for the 274 and 284 diesel tractors.
  4. They made a few of them. IH started the utility hi-clears, with the 350 then 460, 606, 504 and 656's. Late 67 with the international 56 series introduction the 544 and 656 were called International row crops.
  5. IIRC the long tapered piece is a top of a west coast mirror.
  6. If your tractor is stronger in reverse than forward, it sounds like your F-N-R lever needs adjustment.
  7. Do yourself a big favor. Look on ebay or some of the literature vendors that advertise in Red Power Magazine. Get a copy of the 544/656 hydro troubleshooting guide. It will tell you how to diagnose and troubleshoot your transmission and how to adjust the F/R lever.
  8. 2350 is WAY to big for a 784. I bought a Hydro86 with a 2350. It's actually to big for it.
  9. IIRC the 504 should have a large IH with power steering written under it. The one with just power steering written on it is for a 544.
  10. I was going to fix her dad's 4100 Ford for her. She remembered a friend getting caught on a hill and trying to work the brake and clutch pedal. She said if I'm getting a tractor I want a Hydro, so here it is after I restored it for our show.
  11. Here are the numbers I came up with 806, 826, 856, and 966 through 1972 100723 706, 756, and 766 through 1972 66044 1206,1256, 1026, and 1066 through 1972 to compete with the 4320 37920 Total 289,000 to IH's 204687. NOTE this doesn't count British, Australian, and Mexican, production numbers but does include both standard and Farmall versions
  12. I've owned 4 544s, F544 gear drive, F544d hydro demo, I 544D utility row crop and a 2544D industrial. I still have the I 544D utility row crop and a 2544D industrial. I prefer the Farmall to run all day. Big roomy platform and controls easy to reach.
  13. I sell a lot of Hy-Capacity parts at work. I sell more than the mega dealers 4 stores around me. I haven't had any problems or complaints with them.
  14. We had the B-275 and B-414 Here in the southeast. Decent tractors but not as well thought of as a Massey 35 or the small Fords. Most were diesels and noted for their hard starting and hard steering.
  15. Find a "Brownie Box" (3 speed auxiliary) transmission from an old gas 10 wheeler dump truck. That will give you under, direct, and overdrive. That will be your most cost effective route.
  16. I have a hydro 86 with a 310 and a 544 diesel utility row crop. Both are GREAT tractors.
  17. If it was a hydro and they didn't know what they were doing they could have fried the transmission by pulling it.
  18. I'm lucky CaseIH 6 miles, New Holland 7 miles Agco 7 miles Deere 12 miles.
  19. A customer came in and was looking for a moldboard for his fast hitch plow to pull with his 200 Farmall. The plow moldboard part number is 520192R1. It's no longer available from CaseIH. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks Eason
  20. Personally I'd stay with 94 and older IH with the mechanical DT-466. Bulletproof motors and fairly reasonable to rebuild.
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