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  1. IH856 12V Dual Battery Help

    Bloomer I can't help you but I've thought the same thing. I'll be watching this thread waiting for replies. Eason
  2. Well I've got the 26 series covered 826 and 1026.
  3. I loved the look of the 56 series. It took me a LONG time to get used to and like the 66 series.
  4. 1974 loadstar

    You have to realize that Freightliner was a private label for Consolidated Freightways and they didn't built anything smaller than road tractors. Petes and KW's were west coast trucks as were Western star and they didn't build lighter trucks also. That left IH Ford GMC Mack Diamond T and the occasional Chevy for large trucks on the eastern seaboard. For 2 tons it was IH Chevy Ford GMC and a handful of Dodges. Most of the big 3s trucks were powered by warmed over car engines while IH built only trucks. Their engines had more torque over the entire RPM range than anything else on the market and had longevity second to none.
  5. Proud parent

    Great Kids have Great Parents that support them in everything they do!!!
  6. Try Bradsher Brothers (Floyd Bradsher) in Hurdle Mills N.C. just south of Roxboro 336-364-2131
  7. I just noticed you are from Liberty NC. There's a Farmall 504 with 2 remotes in salvage at Knightdale Tractor in Knightdale NC.
  8. That's kind of odd that a 504 row crop doesn't have any remotes. Mine has 2 levers 1 operates the rear remote and the right side remote under the fuel tank. The other operates the left side under the fuel tank. Bear in mind that a 544 utility should use the same remote set up. (the Farmall 544 is a completely different animal)
  9. 1974 loadstar

    My uncles dealership hauled new 66 series on a Loadstar 1600 with a tilt bed. That was common practice back then. You just drove slow and took your time.
  10. 150 years of IHC book

    I got my copy in late 82 or early 83. Mine is wore out. He totally left out the hicycle sprayers and a lot of implements.
  11. 2355 loader brackets interchange

    My wrong I was thinking 2350. 2355 is correct for a 88 series.
  12. 2355 loader brackets interchange

    The brackets will fit but you will have to take your hood side panels off for it to fit.
  13. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Jere thoughts and prayers for your family. Eason
  14. Something You Don't See Very Often

    Bet it sounds great with those glass packs and a 427!
  15. Hydro option models

  16. The D466 in a 3488

    That engine was only used in the 3488 and the 1822 cotton picker. From what I understand new sleeves and pistons are NLA
  17. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Worst thing I ever bought was a used 1981 chevy Silverado 4wd. That truck was ordered for gas mileage by someone that didn't know trucks. 2.73 rear gears. If you floored it, it would run 55 before changing out of 1st. Most gutless pickup I've ever owned. Have been all Fords since that one except one used GMC. Don't ever plan on owning a GM product again.
  18. Brand new 656

    Actually as rare as that tractor is I'd put it up as a keepsake for him and buy a regular off the shelf model for him to play with.
  19. I started working with PCA/FLB on April 1st 1986. (That should have been an omen) If a farmer was worth about what he owned they would foreclose. If a guy was really upside down they would "work with him" to get the most return for the association. If a guy got behind they would raise the interest rates by 1.5%. I've seen all sorts of cons by "Farm Credit" after 2 years of that crap I had had enough. Eason
  20. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Tony I have to call you on this!! You ran Esso (just joking)
  21. International 1026 oil capacity and a pic 😃

    IIRC it's 28 gallons.
  22. 500 hour M on page 33

    Very true and I've dealt with Dennis before and have found him to be an upfront and honest person.
  23. Super A

    For you info that's an A not a Super A
  24. prayers desperately needed

    prayers from eastern NC. I wish I was closer.