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  1. Eason

    Looking at 856

    change the fuel filters. I bought a Hydro 86 with the same symptoms. Got it VERY reasonable because of how it ran.
  2. Check with a Nissan forklift dealer in your area. They were used in forklifts.
  3. Eason

    1300b Question

    Somewhere I have some IH factory literature on the "campermobiles" as they were called.
  4. 966 has the Mickey Mouse decals. If you are going to spend the money for a nice paint job don't skimp and put ebay decals on the tractor. The International decal was NEVER rectangular, it was trapezoid.
  5. Eason

    auto and farm insurance

    Also don't forget to get underinsured/uninsured coverage. There's a lot of folks riding these days without insurance.
  6. Eason

    Compact tractor

    The first Cub Cadet compacts were Mitsibushi based off the discontinued CaseIH compacts then Cub Cadet went with Yanmar.
  7. Eason


    mmi is correct, also those tanks have a history of sediment and crap settling in the bottom of the tanks. The tank needs to be drained and both sides cleaned out.
  8. Eason

    Help to identify year and engine

    It definitely came from the factory with a 304.
  9. Eason

    Is global warming for real?

    In the bible it states before the end of time man will not know the seasons.
  10. Eason

    IH, July 4th and 1976

    No that's not mine. Mine looked exactly like that. Mine's in pieces right ready to be restored. I borrowed the picture. Eason
  11. GT & T has restored one.
  12. Eason

    IH, July 4th and 1976

    Yep I remember 1976 and on July 17 this came home with me. $6400 out the door.
  13. Eason

    Field ready 3588!!!

    I'd love to have that cab!!!
  14. Yep and I'm pretty sure that tells I'm getting old!!!
  15. Eason

    Dot approved?????????

    Here in NC if a tractor is under 10,000 lbs 2 chains, 1 on front and 1 on the rear of sufficient weight rating for the load is all they require.
  16. Eason

    Thanks Eason

    You are more than welcome. Hope the youngest is feeling better!
  17. Eason

    What she don't know won't hurt her.

    About 25 years ago at Christmas my mom cooked country style steak with venison. My grandmother ate 2 pieces and had put a 3rd piece on her plate when someone remarked how good the deer steaks were. She pushed her plate away and got up from the table.
  18. Eason

    High Crop 1066

    The 1066 hydro was offered as a hi-crop as well as the Hydro 100, 186, 1026, 966, etc. I believe the 1086 was the largest hi-crop. I know the 3688 was available as a hi-crop but don't know it a 5088 was available.
  19. Eason


    My eyes started hurting when you showed the photos of the dusters. I remember putting copper sulfate dust on peanuts and you eyes burning for days!
  20. Eason

    1961 International R-200 Fire Engine

    Beautiful Truck. I always thought the R-series and the Fleetstar 2000s were THE IH trucks of the 60s Eason
  21. Eason

    686 Followed Me Home Today

    Todd I hope you enjoy that one as much as I enjoy my Hydro 86. They are a handy size tractor. BTW if you want to get rid of that step let me know. Eason
  22. Eason

    In need of advice with a B-120 axle swap.

    3.73 or 4.10 should be fine.
  23. Eason

    Just sayin...

    great news Mark
  24. Eason

    In need of advice with a B-120 axle swap.

    I would try and find a set of axles from a mid 70s Chevy. You will probably have to relocate the spring perches to fit your springs. I'd recommend a chevy instead of an IH axle because brake parts are easier to get.
  25. Eason

    I'm out of a job

    No truer words have been spoken!!!