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  1. Looking for a source to purchace a window for the 1086. Dad got a bit close to tree limb. It is the left hand window that pushes out (open). Between door and rear glass. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks all. clutch did not go out. When in low range it works fine, but when i go into high range, i have to put my foot on the handle to hold it forward. Thanks for info on allis page. I have been there before and yes, they are pretty smart. Just dont ever misspell allis or chalmers over there. Auto correct made it chalmbers. Took a pretty good beating over there for that one. LOL.
  3. I have an allis chalmers d17. Need to have power director rebuilt (hand clutch). Has anyone ever removed on of these before? If so, do i split tractor at transmission? It looks like it, but not sure. Any tips you can offer are much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys. Kinda what i figured. Red Flyer, bit confused on where you got $10.00 a pound? Maybe i did my math wrong. Just figured 25 pound per quarter times 4 quarters would be 100 pounds worth of water loss. 100 pounds times about 2 dollars per pound is where i got the $200.00 loss from. Anyhow, appreciate the information
  5. When do you weigh a beef by hanging weight. The day it is killed or the day it is cut up? I would guess a quarter of beef that hangs for two weeks would lose 20-25 pounds of water per quarter. As a result, would cost the farmer $200 dollars per head. Anyone have any info on this? I am totally guessing on my numbers. Thanks for any info.
  6. Ask grandpa one time about the depression. Only thing he ever said to me about it was "we were so poor, i never knew there was a depression." However, they did raise and process all there own food. One of the greatest skills he has handed down to the next 2 generations after him. More of a family tradition today than a necessity, but its fun to get everyone together. We just did a few pigs this past weekend. Still do the lard and smoke the meat. Eat pretty much everything. However, i can honestly say i have never been hungry enough to save the blood or testicles. And i agree, those men and women were tough. I feel like i work my tail off butchering a hog........They did it without electricity. Dad said they carried one quarter of beef on the kitchen table each night and cut it up. I can not imagine doing that. Do what you have to do i guess.
  7. Uncle has an 880 and a 990. I always kinda liked them. Had a wide range of gears compared to what i was use to with other older tractors. the one thing i didn't like was getting on and off of the tractors. Just thought it was really tight down around the peddles.
  8. Hagan, That is what i have always heard as well. Just a good worming. Cant figure out what else it could have been. Thanks for the replies
  9. uncle lost 2 cows and 2 calves last two days. Only thing i can find is a bag of treated corn seed that the cows go into. Would this be enough to kill the cows? two of them were still alive when i got there and had a lot of slobber around the month. Not foam but looked like mucus. Thanks for any info.
  10. Uncle has a BN. What is the difference between the B and the BN?
  11. Ok thanks to all. Casey, yes it is a mega cab. I will look it over and look for obvious stuff but more than likely it will go to a garage. That way i can torture those mechanics that are gettin to old to work on this stuff. (LOL yes that was a dig on MTO). Thanks guys.
  12. Thanks. Kinda expecting to hear that from ya. And yes.... I think it is under the dash. Take it that is a costly fix? Might just hafta drive faster with Windows down. Thanks for your advice.
  13. 2005 dodge 3500......ac is not working charged it up but didn't last long. What is your opinion on the ac stop leak stuff. Worth a try or should I just take it to someone who knows what they are doing? Thanks just wanted opinions on the stop leak stuff.... Good/bad/ugly.
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