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  1. Well i got to the dealer and the 195 didn't look too bad, but it did not follow me home. They had just gotten in a agco (new idea) 3732 that looked almost new. Guess it is was made around 2015 and the feller who had it passed 3 years ago. Its been in the barn ever since. Paid a bit more for it, but i think it should last me a long time. Thanks again for all the help
  2. Thanks to all the replies. Going over to look at it in person tonight. Internet pics look pretty good. Kinda want to bring TP with me just to watch him cuss it out. Kidding. I ask for honest replies and i really appreciate them. Will let you know if it follows me home. It will be an upgrade from our old JD model K (i think)
  3. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about these? Going to look at one this week. Its probably a bit bigger than i need, but its close to my house and the pictures look like it was taken care of. Probably put it on the 1066. Thanks in advance for any opinions.
  4. pressure cooker gauge??????? Just a guess
  5. Thanks sounds like good folks and helpful. Appreciate the contact.
  6. Hello i am in need of a hydraulic lift cylinder for my cyclo 800 4 row planter. Old was was leaking, brought it to shop and they said the snap ring that holds ram into cylinder is broken and they cant get it apart. Said they could do it, but it will cost more than finding another cylinder. So does anyone know of a salvage yard around ohio that might have one? Thanks for your time
  7. gh-in-oh

    pig feed

    Had our county fair and on a NORMAL year our pig show is terminal. Due to covid and all the packing plants being backed up we could not get a packer bid for the hogs.(we got one, but is was only 15 cents per pound) As a result, the fair board made an exception and let us take our hogs home this year. Can somebody give me a feed ration using only soybean meal and corn? If you don't think this is wise and feel i should add something else, please say so. I just need to maintain their current weight until december 5th. I have been around cattle for years so my boys decide to show hogs. Still cant figure that out, but thats ok. I have the corn and grinder (and bean meal) on the farm. thanks in advance for help. The feed they have been eating is purina from local mill. Appreciate the help
  8. any chance you have a picture of it? Thanks
  9. How narrow can i make a cyclo 800? I have an extra 800 4 row planter in the barn and thought i would try to narrow it down to use it for beans only. Is it possible to make a 20 inch row? Anyone ever done it? I have seen guys make splitters for them and split the 30 inch row. Just don't think i am that talented. Thanks for any information.
  10. Also i have HEARD, don't know for a fact, that many places like disney have flags with 51 or 49 stars. Reason being they either have to take them down every night or put a light on them at night for a true American flag. I don't know if true, but thought it was interesting.
  11. cdn400 thanks for the education. I usually do a good job at embarrassing myself.
  12. appreciate the fast feedback. I am located about 40 miles south of Columbus ohio.
  13. Drivers seat in my 05 dodge 3500 is breaking down and getting uncomfortable. I have found several places to get and aftermarket foam seats. However, i would like to replace the tan leather upholstery as well. Mine has become cracked and has a good size hole in it. Does anybody know of a place that sells the leather seat upholstery? Didn't really what to go to dealership but can't find much on the internet. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. I don't think i understood a single word you said.
  15. Thanks for all the great feedback. I really needed it. First of all, yes he MUST take a hunters class before hunting. I am not letting him go until this is completed. Actually both of us need to attend. I also need to be educated on several things as well. I believe the 243 is not an option in the state of ohio. This is why i was asking. If he does take an interest, i need to get something and i don't really feel a shotgun is what he needs. I have a year to research this stuff and as expected you all have offered great advice. He does have deer hunting in mind and due to our location, i don't see a need to shoot much over 75 yards. Again, thanks for taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated.
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