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  1. gh-in-oh

    Mto and anyone that works on cars/trucks

    Ok thanks to all. Casey, yes it is a mega cab. I will look it over and look for obvious stuff but more than likely it will go to a garage. That way i can torture those mechanics that are gettin to old to work on this stuff. (LOL yes that was a dig on MTO). Thanks guys.
  2. gh-in-oh

    Mto and anyone that works on cars/trucks

    Thanks. Kinda expecting to hear that from ya. And yes.... I think it is under the dash. Take it that is a costly fix? Might just hafta drive faster with Windows down. Thanks for your advice.
  3. 2005 dodge is not working charged it up but didn't last long. What is your opinion on the ac stop leak stuff. Worth a try or should I just take it to someone who knows what they are doing? Thanks just wanted opinions on the stop leak stuff.... Good/bad/ugly.
  4. gh-in-oh

    1066 3 point arms

    I have a disc mower that i would like to use behind a 1066 or 1086. Problems is the arms swing back and forth causing the mower to move. When the mower is directly behind the tractor, i am only able to mow with 3/5 ths of the mower. When i am on a bit of a hill leaning to the left, i can only mow about a foot at a time. I would like to push it to the right a little but not sure how to hold it in place. My new holland has pins that i can lock the 3 point in any position. Thanks you in advanced for any replies.
  5. gh-in-oh

    gmc 2002 heater fan

    dads706, Does not blow air at all. Position 5 is just like the off position. Thanks for the responses so far..
  6. gh-in-oh

    gmc 2002 heater fan

    Just needed some advice on my gmc 2002 blower motor. It works in all positions except hi (5th speed position). Is this a blower motor resistor that needs replaced? Everywhere i have looked shows the exact opposite. Fan does not work on positions 1, 2, 3 or 4. but does work in 5. Mine does not work in 5. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  7. gh-in-oh

    ground/chopped hay in feed

    Bobby, that was my thought as well. Without a tmr i don't see any other way to do it. I am kinda under the assumption, he is using a self feeder for the grain and unrolls a bale everyday. Doing it with buckets and a feed bunk would save on the salt. I kinda figured if i give a cow a choice between corn and hay, they are going to go to the corn every time. I really dont know much, but i will be interested to hear of a solution to his problem Good luck.
  8. Ok i have a 05 dodge 3500 with a 5.9. Bought used in 07. I was never given a FOB key when i bought the truck. Anyhow, i have had this truck for 10 years and have replace the batteries twice. I NEVER knew i had a security system on this truck. Well, i replaced the batteries last sunday and when i hooked them up, the security system went off. At first i thought it was funny cause i never knew i had one. Now i can't turn the darn thing off. I have done everything i can think of from disconnecting the batteries to flipping switch in the key lock and the ignition. with the alarm going off, the truck will not even start. What i have found to kinda work is to disconnect the batteries then touch the positive terminal to the neg for about 10 seconds, then go to the other side and do it to that side. (note: not the battery terminals but the cables going to the batteries) hook batteries back up, put key in the door and unlock the door then the truck will start. I turn it off, get out of the truck, the alarm then arms itself. I try to get in the truck and everything goes off again. Local dealer wants me to bring it in, but i would love to figure this out myself if possible. I hope i have explained this well enough. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am going crazy on this one.
  9. gh-in-oh

    shelled corn in agbag

    thanks for all the responses. I would love to do earlage, but i dont have that option, unless ny1468 can drive to ohio. Ha. In addition, i am not on 30 inch rows so even if i did find someone to do it, the equipment is probably not compatible. cliff, when you did bag corn, what was the moisture level going in the bag and did it change at all when you took it out of the bag? Also thanks for suggesting grain bags. I have been using silage bags for a long time. Didn't know there was a difference. Custom chopper always supplied the bags.
  10. gh-in-oh

    shelled corn in agbag

    has anybody put shelled corn in agbag to store on the farm? We have a few extra cows on the farm this year and i dont have enough storage yet to feed them. if you have done this, can you please share your experience. the good and not so good. I have heard they store about 9,000 bushels. I cant afford to make a mistake with this so any information you can offer will be greatly appreciated. We are located in central ohio so the weather can vary from year to year. I plan to keep this on the farm and feed out of it all year long. Summer and winter. Thanks to all.
  11. gh-in-oh


    Oh and if I can get a pic posted on here, would you guys mind giving me a fair price to offer?
  12. gh-in-oh


    Akwelder. Going this weekend to talk to the guy so I will TRY to post a pic. In worst case, maybe someone can do it for me. I think you all convinced me to leave it as a gas. Engine rebuild is doable however, I have never messed with a TA before so that will be a bit of a learning curve. In addition to other questions, yes it is a row crop with a narrow front end. That will be new for me. None of our tractors have a narrow front. Like most have said, it will be use for hay work. It probably won't see much dirt. Never thought about using it to drag silage wagons around. Didn't know if it would be big enough. Anyhow, thank you to all have given advice. If this project does work out, I will probably be buggin you all during the project for more advice.
  13. gh-in-oh


    That you all for input regarding salvage prices. He is a very good guy and I have no interest in taking advantage or offending him....or anyone else for that matter.
  14. gh-in-oh


    Ok my neighbor (75+years old) has his dad's 460 setting in the yard behind his house. I asked him several years go if I could buy it and he was not willing to part with the tractor. I understand not wanting to let it go, he and his dad were very close. However, he called last night and wondered if I was still interested. I know when the neighbor parked the tractor years ago the motor needed a complete overhaul. Now after sitting for approx 15 years, I wouldn't be surprised if it is locked up. Going to look at it this weekend. My son is 9 years old and I thought it would be a good project for the two of us. Here is my question, is a diesel conversion an option for this tractor? If so, how hard is it to do? I don't want a real difficult project. I wanted a diesel because I would put it to work on the farm. just figured the 221 might like its gas too much to be efficient on the farm. Tractor would not really see much tillage work. if you think I should walk away from the project, that is fine too. I am guessing the tractor is bad enough to only offer salvage metal prices.....maybe a little extra. Thanks for your response.