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  1. Tubacase47, I didn’t realize that you live in Great Falls, my apologies for not giving a shout out to you as I went by.
  2. Delta Dirt, The cattle will be going back to a feedlot by Paulina, IA. About 45 minutes east of my house. Or about a 17 hour drive, just over 1100 miles. As they say, it’s a “fur piece.” Gary, just east of Great Falls this afternoon I went past a farm with a sign that said “Mehmke Steam Tractor Museum”. Would that have been your friend Carl’s place?
  3. Gary, Its good to see Eddie’s Corner is still in business 60 years later. Location, location, location! I’ll be going to the northwest, to Valier.
  4. I’m driving through the Professor’s old stomping grounds tonight. The picture isn’t the best (took it through the truck window) but if you blow it up you should be able to make out the name on the building. This picture of my truck I took earlier at a rest area outside of Billings.
  5. Ouch! Best wishes for successful surgery and speedy recovery. Never had that, but I say speedy recovery a little tongue-in-cheek, I’m sure it’s anything but speedy when youre the one recovering.
  6. Glad to hear you got it going again. Except, (sigh) now you have to go back to work! Sometimes just a different pair of eyes looking at a problem is all it takes.
  7. #15394 for sale on BigIron tomorrow
  8. I had that problem..........then I got snipped?
  9. Cattle love cornstalk bedding. FIL would set 3-4 stacks in the yard at a time and let cattle tear them apart for a day or two before going in with a Skidloader to tear them apart and spread the stalks out. In my ares corn stalks is the primary bedding source for anyone with cattle. I wouldn’t dare guess how many bales are made each fall in our county, but it’s got to be several hundred thousand.
  10. I was in western NE last fall picking up feeder cattle in Crawford, I went past a field with a bunch of fresh stacks in it like you would make with that Hesston. My FIL used to use one to put up cornstalks for bedding.
  11. Always heard you could string piano wire between the pipes on those and break glass windows driving through town. Gotta love the pedal tractor on that 15!
  12. RE: National selfie day I don’t know if I’ve ever put my picture on RPF before but I suppose this is the day to do it. I’m grilling tonight( I know, last month was Beef Month). My second son (freshman) has a couple friends over tonight. My wife, wanting to be a good host, got some special meat out. A whole beef loin, sliced 1/4” thick. Excellent when grilled, slap some on a bun and put some A-1 sauce on it. Of course, the guy grilling also has the task of eating the little pieces that fall off and aren’t really worth putting on the plate with the rest of the meat. ? The 5488 is an “IH tractor on an Iowa farm”! But the Peterbilts have been to Montana a few times!
  13. Is that image reversed or was that actually a left hand pickup baler?
  14. Maybe the angled wheels on the second drill were to help it run straight? Interesting to see for a guy from row-crop country.
  15. Wow, looks like there might be a little side draft with that Massey double disker setup?
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