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  1. I think the biggest load of cattle I’ve ever hauled was 72,500#, or about 110K gross. I hauled a Komatsu haul truck on a RGN a couple years ago, I think I grossed 125K with that load.
  2. Got the cattle unloaded, dropped the trailer at the local washout, and went home for supper, fuel, and a shower. About two hours after I dropped it off, I picked up my now clean trailer and hit the road again. Headed for Gonvick MN to load feeders at another dried out pasture in the morning.
  3. Had a nice load out of the pasture
  4. Nope, I’ve got the standard sliding ramp. What do they think is better about a folding ramp?
  5. Straight thru nose on this one. What’s the safe cattle ramp?
  6. The cattle pot is what your asking about I assume? Single deck above the truck’s drive tires, double deck on the rest.
  7. Up early to load fat cattle, then up to a pasture to load yearlings. It’s about 6-8 weeks early for this ranch, it’s been a dry summer up here. And a shot of my helpers today, they never miss a chance to go ranching.
  8. Forget the logo on the train, look at that load of 560’s!! Might be at the Farmall plant with that stack of rims?
  9. I love plant based meat as long as the plants went through the digestive system of what I’m eating.
  10. Happy cattle to be off the truck
  11. Loaded some yearlings in Lemmon, SD tonight. I’ll try to remember to get some pics when I unload. Running through some sprinkles headed south. Lord knows they need some rain up here.
  12. The big squares would be pretty easy to tarp. Yeah, I’d want cash in hand and freight paid when it left the yard if you haven’t dealt with them before.
  13. I was going to ask about that too. I’d think you’d want it tarped pretty tight.
  14. Clearbrook, MN, up between Gonvick and Bagley? I know it’s been very dry up there this summer. And yes, that $4.00/mile rate would be per loaded mile, one way.
  15. If nothing sticks to Teflon, how does Teflon stick to a pan?
  16. Running lights to axle ratio—I’ll have to ask Buford T. Justice next time he interviews me if there is a specific ratio I should be at. All I know is they all need to be working! I like lights, could add more if I was ever bored.
  17. My empty weight is 37,200# washed out and full of fuel. I can gross 104,000# in SD, ND, MT, & WY, so I can load 67K. Usually try to stop it at 65K because I can’t quite get enough weight on my steering axle. And I’m sure you know as well, we don’t always get loads that size, 56-58K is a lot more common. We won’t talk about that last 50 miles going into IA where I can legally gross 96,000# no matter how many axles I have.
  18. Pretty good, thanks. I still take a daily chemo pill but really have never had any side effects from it.
  19. Can fat guys go skinny dipping?
  20. Caught a couple hour nap, then loaded up and hit the road.
  21. You remember correctly, Jeff. I’m still pulling the same wagon, just has a different name on it now. Vande Weerd sold 3 pots to my new boss two years ago this coming December. The O/O’s that pulled them went along as part of the deal, I’m the only one still doing it. Thanks for the good wishes, if I get out your way I’ll holler at ya.
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