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  1. That was us. 7 kids in 10 1/2 years.
  2. Different trucks for sure. Cat/18 and Cummins/13. As to why you would equip it that way, spend a couple years driving a truck with a C12 or M11 and a 10 spd, Art. You’d want it set up that way too. The fact that it’s a daycab has nothing to do with it, I’ve pulled 100K gross with my daycab many times. And yes, it’s got a 550hp CAT and 18 gears and 3.70 rears and I’m out of rhymes…..
  3. This here is the best advice anyone could give you. Isolate the problem so you know what to fix.
  4. Someone may want it, but if the owner still wants it even if he can’t remember last time it moved, good luck getting it.
  5. Sioux, Lyon, O’Brien, & Plymouth counties in NW Iowa. More hogs than people. At least 5 slaughter plants within an hour drive. Lots of places where you can’t drive 2 miles without passing at least one finishing barn.
  6. Working dry ground in the wind—why?? SMH. Not a weed in sight.
  7. Hay is high in the Midwest. Know a guy that’s been trucking organic hay to a dairy in Texas and loading hay to come back to IA or SD.
  8. Concrete saw. 18” square around the post. When you get it out, drill a bigger hole than you need and pack the post in with 1” rock.
  9. I’m loading a helicopter for the next couple weeks, does that count toward crop progress?
  10. I used the same stuff to stop an exhaust leak on a couple tractors. Time will tell but gotta be better than nothing.
  11. Especially when it’s stuck into an assailant’s neck.
  12. Sorry for your loss, Dale. Glad you have some good memories of him.
  13. I hit a $6500 turkey awhile back, close enough?
  14. And having been there, I doubt that you’d get an “idiot trucker” comment from me. That wasn’t the last notable experience I had behind the wheel, and it ended better and much easier than some others.
  15. It was ultimately my fault for assuming that what the phone was showing me was indeed a sale barn. There very well may have been a legitimate “McLaughlin livestock sales” at that location but it could have been nothing more than an office. But all is well that ends well and it made for a good story.
  16. Well, I think I know where there is a 16V71 for sale……
  17. It doesn’t look dirty to me. Of course I found the starter is buried under the motor.
  18. True story, I may have told it before. I got a call to load cattle on Monday morning in McLaughlin, SD. I left late Sunday afternoon for a leisurely 6 hour drive up there. The dispatcher hadn’t said anything about where we were loading, so I assumed a sale barn (1st mistake). About halfway there, I punched “McLaughlin livestock sales” into the ‘white man’s magic phone’, and it came up with a map and an address, just a block off the main highway (2nd mistake). When I got there, I took a left off the highway (3rd mistake). After going two blocks, it became apparent to me that there was no sale barn there. “Not a big deal, I’ll just find a place to turn around and park at the elevator back there”, I thought (4th mistake). After 4 blocks, the town ended suddenly. Well, go to the next mile road and turn around, right? I found the next mile road OK, but the intersection was on a hill and a curve. “Can’t be that bad, I’ll go a mile west and turn around at the intersection (5th mistake). The road turned from gravel to dirt after a mile, and there was no intersection. “But I see a light up ahead, bet I can turn around there!” (6th mistake). The dirt road angled hard to the left, but the light was closer, no turning back now. The road ended 50 yards from a mobile home, which had all the lights on and was surrounded by pickups. I had slowed almost to a crawl, looking forward a place to turn around, when I spied tracks going around the house on both ends. So, I grabbed a couple gears and did a hot lap around a trailer house In the Middle of Nowhere, SD, at 11:30 on a Sunday night, and put the hammer down and got back to town and parked at the elevator, which I should have done in the first place. That ‘white mans magic phone’ lost a whole lot of luster that night.
  19. I dumped 2 cans of Sea Foam in yesterday before we headed out. It did cure the problem of not wanting to get past 2,000 RPM without dying like it had done on the last couple outings.
  20. Doesn’t like to idle, then starts hard after it dies. It’s a 1990 vintage, carbeurated. I think a new starter is in order, as it always cranks, but rather slowly. I’m curious what it would take to convert it to some form of fuel injection. Or am I better off to just find a really good carb doctor? And yes, I’ve heard the boat jokes, but don’t let me stop you.
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