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  1. There is always a choice. Not always an easy choice.
  2. Now I want to see him do that with an A-train!
  3. You could ‘probably’ pull it with an 8N, Seth.
  4. Well, Mike, it sounds like you got your recommended daily cardio in without having to take a step. Good Lord was watching over you. Glad He was, iron is replaceable/repairable, unlike your esteemed self.
  5. “I’ve heard” portables don’t like the brakes applied REALLY hard. Or if they weigh your drivers first and your foot slips off the clutch when you’re rolling off.
  6. Double edged sword. I got pulled over in Iowa on a 2 lane, had a stamped ticket that showed 103500, portables said 101. “No, officer, I’m not sure what I weigh”. I figure if I know they are off I can demand a certified scale IF I know it will benefit me.
  7. Closed from midnight to 5 am usually. Last fall coming out of Sundance WY I was about 106, scale was open, so I pulled in the left lane ‘to pass a car and couldn’t get back to the right lane’ and the lights never came on to tell me to go to the scale so I guess that meant I didn’t have to? 😎
  8. He’s got a lawyer working on it. The best he can hope for is a reduced fine because A. He was overweight; and B. He was overweight for Iowa roads while on I-29 which has a 80K weight limit not the 96K allowed on other roads. Not going to be a cheap deal no matter what.
  9. It’s a SCREW JOB!! What do I win? Had a buddy get stopped last week, IADOT weighed all 7 axles. Buddy went 5 miles down the road to a platform scale, portables were off by 5,000#. Not in his favor.
  10. Wright is excellent quality, I have a bunch of their tools.
  11. I totally agree with your statement on land prices. Makes it impossible for someone like me to ever own land unless I were to inherit it. Yep, trains are in the business to make money. But there are only a couple railroads. WAY more trucks, which means any dingleberry who wants to haul for cheap “to keep the wheels turning” can. Infinitely more competition in trucking than there is on the rail.
  12. Double that on grain farmers that have nothing better to do than drink coffee and haul grain at or below break even rates in the off season. That’s why my hopper has essentially been parked for 4 years. Cattle rates are SLOWLY starting to climb, from a $3.90 base rate two years ago to a $4.10 base rate today.
  13. Hang in there, brother! Many here praying for you, and you know how powerful that is. Add my name to the list of those praying for you.
  14. I think (?) I’ve done that one, if I did I used a sheet metal screw to drill into the old seal and pull it out, then install the new seal. Oil runs out while you are working on it, but not terribly fast.
  15. I’m of the opinion that a brain should be mandated in order to hold public office. But I digress…..
  16. I think lack of use is the most common culprit. They can seize up.
  17. Took mine out last week. Like @Pete1468 said, beans are dry but stems are green and tough. I’ve been hearing yields from low 70’s to low 90’s bpa in my area.
  18. So, any pics of the truck you used to haul it home? 😎
  19. While you are working on the suspension is an excellent time to have the seat refurbished.
  20. What @tractorholic said. Order the right kit, it will come with caps. Well worth the $$$ IMO.
  21. The shaft in Matt’s picture with the spring around it can get bent. I had a 7130 that had no parking brake because the shaft was bent and the pawl wouldn’t engage the gear teeth. A little different system I think, but similar design. If you are having to force it in you may have problems in the future. Since it goes over center, rather than forcing it, pull the lever over center and take a little pressure off the brakes, it might just need to roll slightly to drop between the teeth.
  22. Looking again, the only difference is see is that the ones pictured above have a bolt flag welded to the pin, the one I have from a 9230 has a machined slot in the pin and a separate steel square with a bolt hole, the edge of the square fits the pin slot
  23. Would these be the same one that came on a 9230? They look very similar.
  24. Why do people say “ I’m going to take a crap” when they go to the bathroom? I usually leave something, never take something.
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