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  1. Sorry to hear that. I will be praying for him too.
  2. Wow, I missed this by a few days! Happy birthday, @iowaboy1965!
  3. Does she have big, aaah, fish, too? 😂
  4. There’s a nice Minnie-Mo collection by Elrosa, MN too. I’ll try to stop and take some pics in a couple weeks when I head north to take calves off the pasture two months early because it’s so dry up there.
  5. My boys work for a local crop duster loading planes. I got to ride along last year when he sprayed my corn. What a ride! Not for the weak of stomach—his one caveat was that “You WILL have a garbage bag along to hurl into!” Thankfully I didn’t need it!
  6. The 9000 series CIH Steigers are actually really easy to pull a transmission out of, IF you have the equipment to do it. The cab has threaded holes in the top, lifting it off is easy. The tranny comes straight up out that hole. Although the smaller frame tractors are a lot tighter, the design is the same, not a bad job at all.
  7. I know where there is an 856 with M&W turbo that hasn’t moved in 20+ years, I’d like to have that one. The same shed houses a nice 400 with picker brackets and the 2MH picker is in another shed, I’d like that setup too.
  8. There is a Farmall B for sale not far from you
  9. You can buy tannerite at a lot of farm supply stores. Or maybe put in a call to @IHRunner and tell him you have some target practice for him, he like things that go Boom!
  10. We’ve been hauling pairs (cows with calves at side) all summer. Had a truck out in Gillette WY last week taking yearlings off grass, that’s about 2 1/2 months early.
  11. Buuut, they wouldn’t feel nearly as important then!!
  12. Sooooo, physics? The load in the bucket of a front end loader is roughly 6-7 feet (varies by loader model, professor) in front of the front axle, and the weight bracket is probably 3 feet in front of the axle (I measured a 5488, I think on a 656 the weight bracket is closer to the axle, but that’s beside the point). Yeah, physics is involved, alright!! Admit you were off base and stop digging, Buck! At this point, Biden is looking more and more credible!
  13. Might work as long as you don’t use front end weights……
  14. Hold on, there, Seth!! I thought those were thongs and they are in a drawer in the kitchen?!
  15. I ran a 1086 with 1200 lbs on the front pulling a round baler for several years. I run all my weight brackets fully loaded-always. Do I need the weight to hold the front end down? No. I need it for turning on the ends at 8-10 mph. I should be looking for new front ends for all my tractors I guess, I’m sure they will all break on me this fall. BTW, did you know if you use the Magnum style weight you can get 16 of them on a 12 hole bracket? Did that for a couple years on one of my 5488’s. The crack is the problem not the weights. I bet you could have done that just as easily without the weights up there. ROFLMFAO!
  16. Eating, wada U think?
  17. Save second base!!
  18. Praying for her. My wife’s cousin has a daughter in ICU in Salt Lake City for the same thing right now.
  19. Unless my eyes are way off, that Ranger has side by side seating
  20. Devil’s advocate—if the moon has no atmosphere why is the flag waving? The moon does have gravity, weaker than earth’s gravity, shouldn’t the flag hang straight down?
  21. If we didn’t go to the moon, how did we get moon pies?
  22. I’m hard at work trying not to be a moron, but my level of success or failure may depend on who you ask
  23. A few manufacturers still make cabovers primarily for use in vocational trucks. There are quite a few in our area on garbage trucks and concrete pumps.
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