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  1. Hi, my name is Todd and I I have a problem. 😎
  2. Good thing you didn’t say ones or we’d have thought something different about you 😄
  3. If you ever get to Storm Lake,IA, Nick, be sure to stop at the Smokin’ Hereford.
  4. Hope he turns out OK! Too bad on the combine. A little humor, hope it’s not out of place here. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRQ3M8fW/
  5. Dang, I just missed you! If you’re in the area again, check out Bob’s Bar in Martinsburg NE.
  6. Add to that the 2 or 3 different thread pitches for the same size bolt.
  7. That brings up another point—thoroughly flushing the system. More than just filling and emptying a couple times.
  8. It looks like the faceplate on that one is a fair amount shorter than mine, I’ll keep looking I guess. Thanks anyway.
  9. Yes a replacement would probably be best. FWIW that’s mostly just dust that you see in there.
  10. Sorry to hear that, OT. Will be praying for you.
  11. Here you go, Seth. See what you can come up with. Thanks. Also, if Seth doesn’t have a match for me and I can find a spring, should I try to braze the piece of faceplate that is cracked off?
  12. The house we live in is 100+ years old and still has some of the original doors. One of the lock assemblies needs some repairs as it won’t latch. It’s similar to the one I have pictured here I screenshotted this picture from an EBay listing. Mine is quite similar with the main difference being that it uses all leaf springs instead of coil springs. Does anyone have an idea where to find someone capable of repairing it? I’m wondering if someone who works on clocks might be a candidate, but I don’t have anyone I know who could do it. Edit: the one pictured looks to have leaf springs but is a little different than mine.
  13. And of course Cat yellow to complement your equipment! Very nice!
  14. I used mine on Saturday to start my H. I think it’s been a year since I plugged it in. It only had 1 of 5 bars on the battery indicator, but I thought it was worth a try, the H doesn’t take that much to crank. Peak (like the antifreeze) brand.
  15. I saw that this morning. Hope he will still converse with us lowly types.
  16. Thankful that she’s OK. Scary stuff, and it can happen fast.
  17. Bag on concrete and like @Gearclash said, front tires on the bag so it can’t slide and bunch up in front of the bucket
  18. BTDT. Or some little car that’s annoying me by hanging out at the rear of the trailer, all of a sudden flips it’s windshield wipers on and miraculously finds the accelerator
  19. Richarz Repair in Larchwood has a 16V-71 that was on a genset, I’m sure a smart guy like you could find a new generator or three to hook up to it. You’ve probably seen it sitting there when you go to Sioux Falls.
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