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  1. What are some of the best names you guys have seen on establishments serving adult beverages? I’ll start with a couple I’ve seen in Sioux Falls, SD. I haven't been to either one. The Lie-brary Bar The Alibi Bar - say you were here
  2. I like your hay feeder, Rusty.
  3. ihrondiesel

    Who did it?

    The thing is, it was no big deal for almost a year. I really don’t think the content changed that much in the last week from what it had been. Now it’s gone? Seems to me like someone got their undies in a wad and complained the right way and .......poof!
  4. ihrondiesel

    Who did it?

    The Other Party member ducked?
  5. Loading in Kimball SD tonight, a load of 6 weight steers for my cousin.
  6. I have a 5488 that had a rebuilt pump put on it a year ago, and now low idle (low position on the slot in the dash) is 1350 rpm. Is this the correct way to adjust this? I haven’t had time to check the throttle cable position yet, but it does shut off correctly. It had a factory inline pump so it has the extra tab in the slot. Low idle was at 850-900 with the old pump. Is it likely that the pump just needs these adjustments tweaked? Also, how about a 5488 that was originally a rotary pump? Can the pump be adjusted to work without the extended dash slot or is that something that I need to extend the slot first?
  7. Possibly a head gasket installed incorrectly covering oil return passages? I agree though on calling the shop that rebuilt it FIRST.
  8. It’s basically alcohol to absorb the water. Air line antifreeze is what it’s usually called. Problems arise when the system is open ( like the trailer being unhooked ) and moisture gets in through the gladhands.
  9. I gotta ask, how many trucks does that beast come on? And how many hours to assemble it after delivery?
  10. Or as the T-shirt from Napoleon Livestock Market says, “Cows, calves, and a whole lot of BULL!”
  11. Pretty good, thanks for asking. My last appointment with the oncologist 10 days ago they were looking for a certain number on my blood test to be at 10 or less, it was 0.62! Oncologist was very happy! I get tired a little quicker than I used to but I’m not getting any younger either, LOL.
  12. When I started this thread someone asked for some winter pictures. Here ya go! We loaded just north of Rogers ND this morning. A balmy 20 degrees and sunshine. And a stiff breeze out of the west that plans on dropping that to 20 below by tomorrow night.
  13. front of the trailer said petting zoo, you know the lighted sign on top that those cattle haulers have. Commonly known in the industry as the “porch light”, Searcyfarms. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one. Seeing a lot of “Trump 2020” on the porch lights the last year. Thanks for thinking of me. I don’t get to southern Iowa very often, mostly north and west of my home base in NW IA. Unless you count Greater Omaha Packing, but that’s just a little ways into Nebraska.
  14. I’ll take it off your hands, Darren
  15. The shiny one came with it but I switched the axle on the plain clothes model. I bought the axle from Worthington Ag Parts, I’m pretty sure they got the bolster off a cotton picker.
  16. I started the winter working on two of my 5488’s. This one had a stuck spool in the transmission control valve. Step in the clutch and it don’t stop! When I bought it the rear hydraulic filter was missing the check valve & screen, I hope nothing else shows up later because of that. Next up was this 5488. It had lost most of the hydraulics while baling. Only had the priority valve working. Thanks to Mike Links and much head scratching I got it figured out. A Teflon O-ring under the three point hitch cylinder had blown out. Im currently working on rebuilding an 1845C skidloader I bought a couple years ago. Notice anything wrong with this chain setup? Yep, that bigger chain is crooked. The bigger sprocket you can see in this picture needs to be flipped. Rebuilt the engine due to a cracked block. Only 4500 hours. My FIL had three of these 1845C’s with over 30,000 total hours and never one engine problem. Some people don’t know how to care for equipment. This loader had been run with a chain case cover off, got a small pail full of crap out of there. This is the radiator support bracket that I had to get from Aaron (NEpoweshiekfarmalls) because it is NLA from Case.
  17. Sure did, Aaron. I took it to a local welding shop and had them make me a partner to it. They aren’t on this skidloader, though. They are on the one I’m fixing. I’ll put some pics on the “Winter Shop Projects” thread.
  18. 1845C and 5488 with Miller loader and 9’ Loftness blower
  19. But if you hadn’t been ready it would have been a winter from he!! Good job!
  20. None who know you will let you go!
  21. I might have that manual too on a PDF. Let me know if you need me to try sending it.
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