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  1. Tough deal for you for sure, Ace. That’s the biggest reason I’ve never planted the XTend trait. Too much chance for damages to neighbors crops. Hope things work out for you this year. I remember your pictures last year of the sailboat in your cornfield, couple years here been tough on you.
  2. It’s OK, Mark. Atila is getting his panties wound up a bit lately because Uncle Joe STILL hasn’t called him to ask him to be VP.
  3. Wow, even Atila is jealous of SD’s smart governor!
  4. Pete’s booth is right by Gate #7 I believe.
  5. I guess I could have done that too. But it was late, I was tired, and I had to dismount Sandhiller’s tires yet so it was easier to ask here. Thanks again.
  6. If Bill Gates wants to lower the earth’s population, why doesn’t he lead by example? Hari-Kari? Oh, that’s right, he’s too important, we need to get rid of the lower class.
  7. Thank you, guys. Easy job if you know what to do.
  8. I’m replacing the mirror on my Excursion and need to get the inside door panel off to be able to get the wire harness through. Can someone clue me in as to how the passenger side front door inside panel comes off? Thanks
  9. The one time when I’d be in favor of cruel and unusual punishment.
  10. Does anyone know what time the gates open Saturday morning?
  11. Go home on I80 and stop in at Colfax Tractor Parts, wander around their yard a little and stop in the office to pester NEPoweshiekFarmalls.
  12. Searcy, I can’t disagree with anything you said. In fact, I think I agree with every word. But the fact remains that I don’t see Jewish, Hispanic, German, Asian, Polish, or any other group or nationality marching because their lives matter. And I think all lives matter — and I think you do too. No, you are right, you and I haven’t been in their shoes. But there are many who have, and yet we don’t see these actions from those groups. It’s very telling when someone who says all lives matter loses their job over that statement. That tells me that it is an agenda rather than a simple statement. Respectfully, Ron
  13. I’m your Huckleberry, Searcy.
  14. Decent chance that my boys loaded that one.
  15. Going up for the day Saturday, might have a couple of my kids along.
  16. I’ll send you a picture when I get home, Jeff. I’ve got a set you’ll like. If I’m not too far away.
  17. I did frame rails on an F350 two years ago, I like it pretty well. Wear clothes you’re willing to part with because it doesn’t come off. It also needs to be top coated. Which means sanding to scuff the surface first—or spray the topcoat while the POR-15 is still tacky.
  18. Brian & Kameron Gradert (CropDusters LLC). Across the airport from R&M. We do some spraying for Countryside Ag, Randy is Kameron’s FIL.
  19. This has absolutely nothing to do with either IH tractors or Montana farms but I thought some of you gents might find it interesting. My sons are working for a local crop duster loading planes, and I end up filling in occasionally.
  20. Delta, So glad I could help you out! I’m getting along pretty well, thanks for asking. A little sore this week because I helped my boys tending spray planes for a couple days, quite a few more steps in a day than I’m accustomed to. Getting older sure ain’t for wimps!
  21. Anson, Sorry to hear of your bodily pains. Perhaps some of this wine will help you recover? Or (God forbid) you maybe have enjoyed too much of it already, and it’s actually the cause of your condition? I’ll not judge you either way.
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