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  1. What a year... But we're going on.

  2. Celebrating being done with corn... Trying to chop first crop hay!!

  3. Yes, this post changed my life. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  4. That combine shot is cool, but all these pictures... we never run across these pictures anymore!!! This is the time of my grandfather and great grandfathers, of whom I have very few pictures of their older farm operations. Superior pictures, very unique.
  5. Super, super pictures. Most enjoyable ones in a long time!!! Love them ice cream boxes and most particularly that 1256!!! What a beauty!!!! THANK YOU!!! And keep on bringin' any ones you want!!!!
  6. Yeh, thanks Rick. It is more than worth it. I was just curious. Hey, whatever has to be done has to be done, bottom line. Definately makes it a personable website now. Its like the "Boys club, no girls allowed" clubhouse but we allow girls in. LOL. Its all good. Thanks for everything you do Rick.
  7. Yeh, I noticed there is no guest things whatsoever. I wanted a friend to check something out but she couldn't get into the site. Part of me likes it, it really adds to the personality of the site, and if that is what it takes to stop that porn stuff I'm all for it, but the guest thing had its advantages too.
  8. Held at Norskedalen Nature and Heriatage Center, County Highway PI 3 miles outside of Coon Valley, Wisconsin, which is about 12 miles south of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, or 3 miles south of Highway 33 on County Highway PI. Equipment running from 10 am to 4 pm. Threshing Dinner is served by reservation only. Call (608) 452-3424 for information or reservations. Also visit http://www.norskedalen.org/ or PM me, TimsIHtractors, for info. My tractor is always the featured power unit for the thresher, as we have threshing, corn shredding (powered by a John Deere , and saw milling (powered by one or two SMTA's). My "club," the Dale Nelson Threshing Crew, (consisting of about 5 individuals) donates our time and all equipment except for the sawmill and any volunteer tractors to the show. It is a great time, and there is a big festivity on the entire farmstead, with butter churning, rope making, an original blacksmith shop, corn shelling, and sometimes corn running through a silo filler powered by a John Deere A. I plan on having my 46 baler operating by then, and baling the straw and stalks. All are welcome!!!!
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