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  1. DD, this will be our 19th annual show. We usually have 15 - 25 vendors, from the surrounding states. Small, but lots of fun. Mitch
  2. LOL!!! Nope. Grew up around green. Didn't see the light 'til around "94. Been RED ever since.
  3. Yep,...better check and make sure i can still use the wedge tool.
  4. Thanks guys! Been meaning ask that for a while. On a similar note,...we slid the wedge lock centers in on my 1466 to allow us to mount duals in tight enough to fit through some 12' gates we encounter. The way we have it all set up doesn't allow enough room behind the dual hub to get a socket and pull handle on the wedge bolt to re-tighten the wedges. Could I flip the wedges so the head of the wedge bolt is on the inside (fender side) of the wheel?....provided I would have enough room between the bolt head and the axle housing...and the three sets of wheel weights mounted inside the wheel - I'll have to look - can't remember just how much room is in there... This won't be an issue after we finally get them tight. We thought had them tight enough - but after we dropped the duals off recently, I noticed the wedges had worked loose. I just slid the hub out a little so I could get on the wedge bolt - but if the duals had still been mounted, it would not have been so easy. OR...do I need to get me a "correct" box end wrench to tighten this bolt? Mitch
  5. I knew I needed them, but didn't realize just how bad. This week we've been up and down the road with a blade on the 3pt. First time we've hooked to the 3pt in about two years. You could hardly keep it in the road on pavement. I replaced the tie rods and tightened the steering arms. Now you can run wide open down a paved road - carrying the rear blade - and she sails straight and true. A little love goes a long way! Mitch
  6. The place in this pic has some spots that spike my pucker factor. I've cut most of it with singles - once. Worked it this year with duals and won't go back without them.
  7. Well, I put the 10' grader bladed on and moved the Fawteen down the road and started a little grading job. Ran it two or three hours this evening without any issues. I guess we are good to go. This is the first time I've used the three point in quite some time. We've had the rockshaft assembly re-sealed since then too. The hitch raises slow to me now. Any way to speed that function up? Mitch
  8. LOL!!! Ain't that the truth? I actually should be working on toys. I keep telling myself that the tractor driving is gonna slow down, and I can get back in the toy shop....but it just keeps coming. I am getting close to finishing this one up.
  9. Well, the 1466 is back together again. We could not find anything that made us think we needed to tear into any further, so we re-sealed the brake piston on that side and put it all back together. Pulled the PTO and fixed the suction tube. Replaced three bolts that hold the rops in place. I've just driven it up and down the road so far today, but it seems to be working just like it should. I appreciate all the comments and wisdom y'all gave on this issue. I'll keep you updated on the long term results. Ive got a little grading to do with it so I dropped the other dual wheel. I'll run it around here close a few days and then tighten up any loose bolts. Duals will go back on to clip about 40 acres of slopes, then we'll dropped them to mow some forest land roads. Thanks again for the help! Mitch
  10. We have removed the wheels on the right-hand side and have the tractor sitting on blocks now. In all that process we have not noticed any axle movement that would make us think a bearing would be bad. But, we may be overlooking something. We pulled the PTO to check the suction tube. With the brakes off the right side, we can spin the pinion shaft by hand and the differential and rear axle turn smooth without any binding or noise. None of the bolts that hold the brake housing in place were broken - just back all the way out. The dirt / oil buildup in the gap between the brake housing and the tractor makes me think that it's been loose for a while.
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