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  1. Hi,

    This is Sallie from Red Power magazine.  I just was glancing at the forum and saw you were looking for an article.  The article you are looking for is in the Nov/Dec09 issue. Perhaps you already found it or gave up looking for it. If you still want it you can phone the office 712-364-2131 and pay with a credit card or send in a check and let us know which issue you are looking for.

    1. n9lhm


      Thanks, Sallie, I'll look it up when I get home tonight. I have them all the way back to the mid-90s. I always enjoy your magazine when it comes, I stay up way too late that night reading it :)


    2. n9lhm


      Sallie, I found the magazine and the article, but that isn't the one I was looking for. There was one about the retrofit that IH provided to put the M belly pump on an F-20. It may have been about I-H helping out the war effort and the farm wives that were trying to keep things going at home while the men were at war. ??????

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