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  1. And my 1947 is gas back on the lever, forward for diesel! I wonder when they changed it.
  2. n9lhm

    #16 mower

    Anyone have an old #16 mower laying around in the junkpile? I need the lift arm stiffening bracket and the heavy spring that puts tension on the pivot bolt that it pivots on if it strikes an obstruction and the latch releases. Thanks, Brian
  3. n9lhm


    You're getting fuel into the pump sump or the engine crankcase? If you're getting it into the pump sump that is a bad seal on the transfer pump. If it is getting into the engine crankcase you may have a bad injector dribbling into one of the cylinders. If it is an A series pump there is another half of the transfer pump that is the scavenging pump and will still have fuel running through it even if you substitute an electric pump for the charge pump side of it.The seals and remanned transfer pumps should still be available from Central Fuel Injection in Iowa.
  4. Always worn Aqua Velva because that's what my dad had and I always used his. I have found a little of it also takes the diesel fuel smell off my hands too, an added bonus :)
  5. Yeah, then you take your potatoes, wrap them in foil, and throw them in the firebox for a while before you grill your steak!
  6. Got a Harman Oakwood at our remote cabin. Works great, love the internal grill for hamburgers and steaks, boy are they good done over a wood fire.............
  7. I bet if you recheck your spark now it's a lot better..............
  8. Love the low band radio antenna, is the radio still in the truck? Functional?
  9. They run off gravity just fine in a Farmall M. You say the float bowl has gas in it, but at what level? You can put a hose barb in the bowl drain with a clear tube attached to it, hold it up next to the carb and it will show what your actual fuel level in the bowl is.
  10. If it runs good otherwise, it is most likely fuel delivery. Carefully pull the fuel line off the carb and put it in a receptacle, run the engine for a short time and confirm adequate fuel delivery. If the fire pump works, you could pump water and use that to load the engine so you can troubleshoot under load with the truck standing still. Much easier. Remember 'treatment without diagnosis is malpractice'. Brian
  11. Rack is stuck, common problem after they sit for a while. Take the side cover off, you can see the rack and governor linkage.You can put a wrench on the end of the cross linkage in there and gently work it back and forth after spraying it liberally with the penetrant of your choice to free it. The reason it is smoking like a tire fire when it is in gas starting mode is because it is injecting diesel fuel when the pump should be shut off. My MD did exactly the same thing when I got it running. Brian
  12. Restriction in the fuel line or tank somewhere, not surprising in something that old. Take the fuel line loose at the carb and let it run for a while, see if it slows down. How hot was it out? Vapor lock also a possibility. Brian
  13. That's interesting that you have the F-6 magneto, I didn't think they made the 16s till after the switchover to distributor ignition. Why is there an ignition coil up by the carb? Are they using the mag as a distributor? If so where are they running the HV into? Might put some lubricity additive in the fuel to help loosen up the plungers. And change the oil in the injection pump, but you probably have already done that. They are cool engines!
  14. 3-71 if its got handholes like that.
  15. I just picked up a Behlen road gear for my F-20. I have heard that there were two versions made -- one for 38" tires and one for 28". Does anyone know the differences between them? Mine says it is a model 20-100, the small gear is 16 teeth and the large one is 36. Just wondering if anyone knew how to tell them apart. Brian
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