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  1. Love the low band radio antenna, is the radio still in the truck? Functional?
  2. If it runs good otherwise, it is most likely fuel delivery. Carefully pull the fuel line off the carb and put it in a receptacle, run the engine for a short time and confirm adequate fuel delivery. If the fire pump works, you could pump water and use that to load the engine so you can troubleshoot under load with the truck standing still. Much easier. Remember 'treatment without diagnosis is malpractice'. Brian
  3. Restriction in the fuel line or tank somewhere, not surprising in something that old. Take the fuel line loose at the carb and let it run for a while, see if it slows down. How hot was it out? Vapor lock also a possibility. Brian
  4. That's interesting that you have the F-6 magneto, I didn't think they made the 16s till after the switchover to distributor ignition. Why is there an ignition coil up by the carb? Are they using the mag as a distributor? If so where are they running the HV into? Might put some lubricity additive in the fuel to help loosen up the plungers. And change the oil in the injection pump, but you probably have already done that. They are cool engines!
  5. Hi,

    This is Sallie from Red Power magazine.  I just was glancing at the forum and saw you were looking for an article.  The article you are looking for is in the Nov/Dec09 issue. Perhaps you already found it or gave up looking for it. If you still want it you can phone the office 712-364-2131 and pay with a credit card or send in a check and let us know which issue you are looking for.

    1. n9lhm


      Thanks, Sallie, I'll look it up when I get home tonight. I have them all the way back to the mid-90s. I always enjoy your magazine when it comes, I stay up way too late that night reading it :)


    2. n9lhm


      Sallie, I found the magazine and the article, but that isn't the one I was looking for. There was one about the retrofit that IH provided to put the M belly pump on an F-20. It may have been about I-H helping out the war effort and the farm wives that were trying to keep things going at home while the men were at war. ??????

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