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  1. Heres my 1974 1066 that Im in the process of putting a new engine, t/a, clutch, tranny, rearend, new wiring harness front to back, new fenders, new guages, new tires, and Im sure alot of things Im forgetting at the moment. A little history on the tractor, I bought it off of a widow on Purplewave.com. her husband had bought it in 1985 when they moved to their farm, He used it until his death in 1990, from 1990 until july of 2011 it bush hogged their CRP land, which equated to about 10 hours a year, the rest of the time is just set. When I got it home I changed the oil and hyd fluid and used it to mow hay, this winter I went to feed my neighbors cows with it and it started haveing an excessive amount of blow by, so I pulled the dip stick and it had dumped all the coolant into the engine oil. Luckly I had purchased a good running DT-466 from BluePower for use in another project, so I scrapped that idea and decided to stick it in here. While I had it down for the engine I went ahead and decided to put a torque and clutch in it. I also decided to add a 3LM-466 too. Here is the tractor when my buddy and I went and picked it up. This tractor came from about 15 miles to the east of PurplePower(Im sorry I mean BluePower) on here. This is the left side fender. It was completely gone... Right after we pulled the loader. The new engine in its new home... This originally came out of a 3x88 series 2+2... T/A clutch and engine in it... The front had 11.00-16's on it, and I opted to trade them out and put 11L-15's on it, I think it looks better... All my parts, steering wheel, wireing harness' etc... The small items with their first coat of red... And finally the old engine... Thats all I have for now. I hope to have it running by mid next week, then the main part will get painted red, along with all the other stuff, then new decals!!
  2. Im keeping track of the 3688's. Want just about the same info as everyone else, and I will not under any circumstance offer up any confidential information!! When it relevant I will list tractors location, owner and any particulars about the tractor; esp if some one brings up a specific serial number, and I have it listed, but will not pass out anyother info. Just to clarify I will give the name of the person that found it, and/or of the owner if available, along with the town, and state in which it was found, but I wont give out a street address, or phone number until Im sure that its not a scam deal, and also have the ok from the owner/finder. Kristen...I may have to hit you up for some help if I have any problems!!
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