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  1. $500 seems generous on a project of that level.
  2. I’ve seen a simple buster bar like a moldboard plow uses, and I’ve seen a bar with a few cultivator shanks to knock the ridges off. If you are fall tilling I would think either of these would combine with winter mellowing to make a spring one pass easy. I would only use a harrow if spring tilling.
  3. I am well familiar with that area. Beautiful when the weather is friendly!!
  4. Elwood mfd used two options to disengage: the gear would slide away from the reverse idler, or some were equipped with a clutch pack.
  5. I think I remember reading that the 7/806 were originally planned to have a separate pump for the hydraulics and three point.
  6. It’s hard to find a one man dairy farm anymore. It’s getting harder to find even the 2-300 cow farms. I’ve got a few family members still milking, and just a couple neighbors still going, but twenty five years ago you couldn’t drive five miles without passing a couple dairy farms.
  7. Around here the butcher will happily give you your steer back as burger. But he’s also likely to have a nice selection of T-bones on his shelf for sale….
  8. The problem has less to do with stupid people breeding, and more to do with the ratio of stupid people to smart people reaching breeding age. If we take away the warning labels it would help. And if the smarter people would have more children it could make the world a better place!
  9. The 1456 named heart therapy belongs to my cousin. One spring he found himself in the hospital with his heart functioning in the single digit percent range. He spent a couple years carrying around battery packs for his artificial heart before getting a transplant a couple years ago.
  10. I don’t doubt that for a second. They have to bone out chunks that otherwise would just be run through the saw and wrapped, then make sure the whole thing is fairly even fat wise.
  11. With the low sidewalls I’d be curious how much they do hold!
  12. Paying for it is the small problem for me… finding a field big enough to turn it around in would be the big problem!!! Lol
  13. Is there a hp number above which the emissions rules don’t apply? Because I think having no DEF could be a big selling point. Also they brag about no computers, is that even an option with a current production engine?
  14. I’ve had raw dog. I don’t know the recipe, but I’m led to believe it’s like raw meatloaf. My cousin makes it and only gets the eggs FRESH from us, I typically try to get them straight from the nest for him.
  15. This one is perfect for my boys
  16. My wife has a ‘15 with 3.5. She loves the power. Typically get 17-18 on local short runs. Took it to Sturgis with the bike hanging out the back (not as nice as my 8’ box, but rides smoother than an f350!) got 21-22 until we hit the four lanes. Dropped significantly afterwards, averaged I think 15 overall. But we used every bit of South Dakota’s 80 mph limit! and it has better low end power than my v-10!!
  17. I see really nice ones listed 30k+. You’ll have 10-15 or more fixing this one up, from the hydro to usual leaks and wiring, cab kit, tires, paint and more. So it’s probably worth 10, but is it worth it to you?
  18. Our trailer has the entire beaver tail raise up, and slide in ramps. The mechanism to hold it up is weak, and been fixed a couple times. I have gone away from even using it. That said, I wouldn’t want flip over ramps because you lose deck space for machinery. With our slide ins, I’ve actually had a tractor with the tires hanging over the rear just a bit without trouble.
  19. When a guy does the math, you need a lot more room than most people would think! When I put office space in the shop my boy suggested the area above it for a “kid cave.” I measured it out and despite looking like a thousand acre farm, it would have been around 40…. (In 1/64)
  20. Maybe that’s why corn prices are up today?! Lol
  21. Do I understand correctly that if a landlord gets a renter, they cannot take it away? Even if the renter does a poor job?
  22. CJ beeps deals in quality equipment. They have probably $10 million + in equipment on the lot. I have hauled in and out of there several times. Last time they did have a pretty sorry looking 806 standard in the back, but I don’t know what the plan was for it. I would offer to look at it, but I rarely have time when I go by.
  23. It seems more of a mechanical restoration thus far. unfortunately your efforts are making a more usable tractor, but not really a more valuable one. A 706 standard is probably the least valuable “rare” tractor out there, and most of the typical value is with the big fenders that yours doesn’t have. The cab, while having some value in function, is aftermarket and really doesn’t add anything in collector value or originality. I would suggest you keep fixing it to work well with your needs, but don’t ever expect to get your money back selling it.
  24. Let us know what they look like when they show up. Not everything on the internet looks like it’s advertised. Just ask my wife, I met her on the net!!
  25. I’ve seen a couple loose weights with the bolt in them, but never seen any in action. I know it’s possible to have a weight jump off the bracket, but it’s not common.
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