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  1. I love having an 8’ box. My wife hates trying to park a cclb on the rare occasions she has to use it. She took it to work at the clinic one day, and the doctor came in whining about someone parking like a fool taking two spots. She held up the key and said he’s welcome to try himself! He didn’t lol
  2. If you are buying Firestone tires for 1/3 to 1/2 price of Michelin, I wanna know who your Firestone dealer is! The last time I priced tires was a few years ago, bu Michelin were on par with Firestone. Firestone loves to advertise how efficient they are compared to a 45 degree lug, and they are. In ideal field work conditions…. If you want the best tire for a tractor that only does tillage, the data says use Firestone. But many of us do things other than tillage. A 23 degree lug will get pushed sideways on a steep slope, so for mowing hay on steeper contour strips I like my 45 degree lugs. The guy who used to mow roadsides for our township swore my Goodyear DT-710 because they held so well on really steep banks. Even Firestone offers tires with 45 degree lugs because they know that certain applications will need something other than the 23 degree lug.
  3. I’m pretty sure the double bevel uses 16 wedges on a magnum
  4. I’ve seen a couple ways of doing 46” tires. There is a rim that is essentially a double step-up. Then there is a kind that is more like pressed steel that still bolts to a cast hub like you are describing. That is probably the only factory option until the 89 series with 10-bolt wheels. I don’t know them well enough to know if that style rim bolts to the standard 38” hub or a special hub.
  5. brewcrew


    There is one on Facebook marketplace in Cambridge mn for what looks like a decent price for a project.
  6. Power Savers are the only tire that can keep up with a Firestone in a farm class with uncut tires. Many people, myself included, would call them better than Firestone. But the antique crowd tends to be dismissive to these new fangled radials! Lol
  7. A couple people have brought up the lack of lights in the grill. But I have seen more than a couple 26/56 series that I believe to be original I models with no lights in the grill. They had a factory cab that had lights.
  8. That’s a good question. I don’t know if a gas and diesel throttle linkage are similar enough to interchange. But mine is a 282, so at least it’s on the same side
  9. In all fairness, had you included this picture and the rest of the story from the start, you would have received a warmer reaction.
  10. That’s actually the reason they are available at all- someone took an obscure part that was cool and got it mass produced for a reasonable price.
  11. The difference is the height of the steering column is shorter on a 706/56. I tried to send you a pm farmer fixem up. I’ve got one. Give me a call or text: 563-6 oh 8-12 three three
  12. I’ve been seeing a couple New Holland tractors lately with an odd paint scheme, and haven’t seen or heard an explanation. It seems to be the big tractors that have a darker metallic blue with gray rims. Is this a special edition? I think it looks good.
  13. There are many ways to lighten up a tractor, depending on how much you are willing to spend or sacrifice in usability. The first thing that comes to mind for removing weight up front would be a fiberglass nose piece. I don’t know how sturdy they are for farming purposes though.
  14. No precleaner rules out a turbo. Looks like an 856. Proportions don’t look like a 756 or 826.
  15. We were getting rain every day or two when I wanted to cut, but it probably didn’t total more than a half inch. I got a good stretch to bale, but didn’t have squat for yield. Meanwhile my corn appeared to be a pineapple variety!! Thankfully this last week we’ve had enough the corn is looking like corn again.
  16. That must be a Golden Retriever thing- our old girl LOVED to bring corn into the yard and eat it!!
  17. But if we can’t establish a value, how can one know how many feet is safe to take?! 💁
  18. They would more appropriately be called the W series. The diesel models started with WD. As best as I can figure, the farmall, and subsequent renditions (f20, M, etc) were purpose built for a new market- row crop multi purpose tractors. The W series was basically the same style tractor they had always built. Building separate row crop and standard tractors continued through the 56 series, though real functional differences became less and less. By the 66 series the only remnant of a standard tractor was the optional big round fenders. Why? Probably because some customers were just stubborn and wanted what they always had.
  19. I have a parts tractor with a power beyond hydraulic valve. The joystick is coming off; should I cap the hoses or loop them back? First priority is keeping dirt out, but if I get it to run I don’t want to ruin anything by closing it wrong! Thanks!
  20. I think a hydro would have no advantage on a big square baler, and plenty of disadvantages. They are heavy, putting quite a drawbar load on the tractor both pulling and pushing (downhill). That said, a good operator can make a small tractor do bigger jobs. My cousin has used a 1466 on his hesston 3x3 for probably over 20 years by now. I talked to a guy who ran an early 3x3 baler with an 806.
  21. It says 17k stuck in the motor, over 30k total investment. Is there a conversion factor, or did this guy get hosed by his mechanic?
  22. First thought- the heat from the barrel is gonna melt the pop bottle.
  23. There are no official records detailing such options as mfd. that’s because it could have been added at the dealer, or even years later on the farm. A hydro was less likely to have it added, as it requires the reverse idler gear that wasn’t in a typical hydro tractor.
  24. Yes, though what a true “wheatland” is can be interpreted. Most are merely standard tread internationals.
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