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  1. Poultry poo is highly valuable. I’ve heard about guys auctioning it every year.
  2. My contour strips say no. Them fellers down in Illinois might think it is though!! Lol
  3. My current strategy includes a Walmart bag and duck tape. I don’t want to leave tape residue on the stack, so this works decent. I cover most of the open part with tape rather than rely on the structural integrity of the Walmart bag.
  4. Sheet rock mud is heavy. Use foam board insulation.
  5. Most 3d printers are small. It would take some big bucks to get a printer to make wheel weights!!
  6. I’ve been over the road for two years, and I am no longer amazed at some of the stupid things I see other drivers do. Just the other week near my home a truck with a 53’ van trailer tried to do a U-turn on a two lane road that was probably less than 35’ grass to grass. As any of us can logically figure, that didn’t go well. Four weeks of classes can teach you how to do a proper pre trip, and the laws concerning trucking. But it can’t teach you common sense, spatial awareness, nor many other things that we simply learn from a lifetime of growing up on the farm or around equipment in general.
  7. A lottery ticket would be a waste of time, that driver already used up all of their luck!!!
  8. Downside to those is the seem to either stay on with a bungee, or be a snug fit to a specific pipe size. I’d like a more universal option that could cinch on, as many machines don’t have a handy place for a bungee.
  9. So I’m still wondering what type of material to use. I’m thinking vinyl like the seats of a work truck? And would six inches diameter be adequate for the exhaust on everything?
  10. Exactly. If a turbo goes, but I hauled it with the stack covered, then it’s between buyer and seller. I’ve had a few things that were damaged and the customer tried to blame me. One was a brand new Wilson hopper. It was a dealer transfer and receiving dealer wanted to blame my plastic fenders for some damage to the bottom of the chrome corner. Luckily I had a picture of the damage before I hooked to it!!
  11. Honestly I don’t even care if they makes difference or are snake oil, if a customer requires it covered, I cover it.
  12. I haul machinery very regularly and what I was thinking I needed something a little better than duct tape and a plastic bag to cover exhaust stacks. I was thinking of having my mother-in-law sew me some but I’m curious about what kind of material would be appropriate. Realistically I will never be putting it on while the tractor is fresh out of the field with a really hot exhaust. Also, what size would basically fit every tractor? I haul everything from utility tractors and front end loader‘s all the way up to moderately size Steigers.
  13. I’ve seen older smaller challengers for some pretty reasonable prices!
  14. I used cfl and led bulbs in the dairy barn and they didn’t last either. The rare bulb that went more than four months would often rust into the socket and required replacing the ceramic fixture. But efficient bulbs saved me about a buck per month with my high usage compared to incandescent, so it took a week to pay for a cheap Menards cfl, and a month for an led. Anything longer than that was a bonus.
  15. I’ve heard good things about the led “three leaf clover” type. My experience is that led technology is good enough it is actually possible to get too much light in many cases.
  16. I know of a couple people who have turned jd 7000 planters into 20” row planters. Move the wheels to the outside and just stack the row units in. One guy later sold his and went to 30” beans, the other upgraded from 7-20 to 11-20 with gps and row shutoffs.
  17. Near Denver water rights are extremely limited. If your irrigation well goes dry you cannot redrill. Under pivot they can grow many crops, but the corners are mostly wheat or not farmed. Some that looks burnt may just be fallow ground- let rest for a year to replenish moisture reserves.
  18. Regarding hp and tq numbers: hp is for bragging, tq is for getting work done. Which do you think is more important to a corvette owner???
  19. I learned something new today!!
  20. It could have come from a 56 series as well. They used international rather than farmall on those plates
  21. by the letter of the law you cannot put an older engine in a newer truck, but it is done all the time, essentially turning it into a glider. Someday I think the enforcement people will catch on, which is why I intend to stick to trucks built on or before ‘99.
  22. Would that be near Monmouth Iowa? I saw one on Franzen’s lot on hwy 64. Most of what they pull runs hard. They have a whole salvage yard’s worth of spare parts!
  23. Save yourself some hassle, and instead of blocking and jacking up the frame rails, put a bottle jack under the forward most part of the clutch housing. I would definitely recommend a skid steer with pallet forks to handle the wide front. I have handled them by hand, but watch for the wheels turning and pinching fingers on the tie rods!
  24. I was able to get my corn dried with just one tank of propane. 70 degrees is cheap to dry corn! I’m sure glad to be going into winter not needing fuel for anything but vehicles and my semi. Geothermal heat isn’t perfect, but I don’t worry about fuel costs or supply!
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