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  1. 14 hours ago, John cub owner said:

    This is not new, just a different way of doing it.  50 years ago my mother used to take care of the financial affairs for an elderly uncle.  He was always getting bills from some company that no one had ever heard of claiming he owed them a payment for something.  They went into the trash

    My grandma kept getting magazine subscription renewal notices, so she sent them in with a check. One time she told my mom that she just couldn’t afford to renew it again. Mom looked at the label and she was paid ten years in advance!!!

  2. For my Harley Riding Friend's

    Looks like Harley is going to have some North American competition: 
    At a press conference late Monday, the CEO of Johnson Marine, makers of Johnson outboard marine engines and other recreational equipment, unveiled a new line of heavyweight cruiser style motorcycles designed to compete head to head with industry leader Harley-Davidson.
    Peter Long, Johnson brands marketing manager said, "We have studied the market and determined that Harley, while highly successful, has narrowly missed the mark when targeting motorcycle buyers". Long added, "We, at Johnson, are convinced our product hits the target dead center and promises to draw sales away from Harley-Davidson in a way no other motorcycle has been able to accomplish".
    The new line of bikes, marketed under the name 'Big Johnson Motorcycles', will, according to Long, deliver what Harley has only promised. "Our research show that this, "Big Johnson" is what Harley buyers are really after". 
    At the unveiling of the new line Monday, several current Harley owners agreed. "When I bought my Harley, what I really needed was a Big Johnson", said one Harley owner." But I see now that riding a Harley is no replacement for having a Big Johnson."
    Manager Long also said that his company would follow the lead of Harley-Davidson and cash in on a huge market for non motorcycle related products. "We realize that not every guy can have a Big Johnson", said Long, "But image is very important to people. If they don't have a Big Johnson, they at least want to project the image of having one."
    Asked if he anticipated Big Johnsons showing up in the hands of Harley owners, Long said it was unlikely. "I just don't see the need to have a Harley if you have a Big Johnson", he said. "And I can't imagine someone who spends all their resources to acquire a Harley having a Big Johnson. I think it boils down to this - You either have a Harley, or you have a Big Johnson, but you are not likely to have both. "Given the choice", said Long. " I think most guys will opt for the Big Johnson". Another force driving sales for the company will come from women. A survey of the wives and girlfriends of nearly 1,000 potential motorcycle buyers indicates less than 5% would approve of their partner spending $15,000 on a Harley Davidson. But, when asked if they would be willing to pay the same amount of money to get their partner a Big Johnson, nearly 4 out 5 thought that would be money well spent.
    One female present at the product unveiling was quoted as saying, "There is no way I will let Lonnie drop 15 grand on another one of those Harleys, but 15 grand to get him a Big Johnson? Well, now that's something we could both enjoy and it's something he really needs."🤣🤣🇺🇲🇺🇲

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  3. 1 hour ago, sandhiller said:

    I think they call that "pinging" a card and if that small charge goes through, they will then hit it with a big one.

    Sometimes they just take a tiny bit from a lot of cards. The small charge goes mostly unnoticed, and the few that do notice don’t pursue it because it’s so little.

  4. 49 minutes ago, DOCTOR EVIL said:

    I used to see those weine-mobiles here around Madison, Wis. frequently before they closed the plant here in town.  They just have a Chevy/GMC  1-ton dually chassis under them.  But the insides are really fancy.  Kinda like the interior of a private jet, swiveling leather chairs, etc.

    I saw one around Madison in September. Pretty neat to see in person!

  5. Are you sure the door panel can’t be removed while shut? I’ve had a similar problem on my super duty and it all came down to lubricating the latch. If it comes down to it, busting through the panel would be simpler than breaking a metal part 

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