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  1. Things we always had in writing when we rented dairy bulls were- length of rental, price, an agreed price if bull died (or needed put down) and an exchange clause- if he wasn’t breeding or got mean just bring him back and get another one. Something that should also be in there is injury, particularly to the business parts. Getting caught trying to jump a gate can ruin a bull, as well as std issues. But honestly if the bull is fed right the owner makes out on anything but a dead bull because someone else is paying to put pounds on him!

  2. 50 minutes ago, exSW said:

    I wonder who is snatching all these kids? Could it be predominantly a gang with a certain ethnicity or religious connection.

    Human traffickers don’t subscribe to any religion other than money. That’s part of why it’s so hard to stop- there is enough money in it to justify the risk.

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  3. My local Navistar dealer could get one for 240 bucks, in a couple days!! But he also gave me the parts number, which my oreillys guy was able to match up with a $50 part on his shelf. I never did ask what it fit. But I got my problem solved. Thanks!!!

  4. The windshield wipers on my 2574 silage truck quit working on me. First they would hesitate maybe a third of the way up, but then they flat out stalled. Given enough time they have come back down, but trying to run them will only get them stuck again. I'm thinking the motor is likely bad. Any chance IH used common parts with something else? Preferably Chevy trucks, as my brother has a bunch of Chevy parts! LOL. Otherwise, where can I find a number to get a new motor? Thanks!