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    Recent auction finds

    Get yourself some good 70’s shag and that disc will make a dualed up 1586 bark!
  2. brewcrew

    Freeattle, More Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    The happiest people have nothing and want nothing.
  3. brewcrew

    Making homemade butter

    My wife and I are struggling with making butter. We made a few batches successfully but now we have had three batches in a row not work. We skim the cream from fresh raw milk that has sat, usually overnight or longer. Then we whip it until it fluffs like whip cream. Then it is supposed to turn to butter, and it has, just not with the last few batches. Any tips on troubleshooting?
  4. brewcrew

    Ecco boost engine

    If it eases your mind this eco boost is creeping towards 300k miles!!!!
  5. brewcrew

    Making homemade butter

    we kept just one old cow when we sold the herd. She’s a registered Brown Swiss and was giving 42 pounds on test day before selling. While that isn’t a lot to put in the tank, it’s an awful lot for a family of four to drink!! We make our own yogurt, some mozzarella cheese, butter, ice cream, and have tried cottage cheese. I’ve got a neighbor that is taking some as well, but we’re still dumping probably 3 out of 4 milkings. Mom thinking that the main difference between our successful butter and our failures has been who skimmed the cream. I wonder if my wife is just trying to take too much and thins it out.
  6. brewcrew

    Making homemade butter

    Well I got it to work this time!
  7. brewcrew

    Front Weight - Weight Bracket Question

    I’ve never had a weight bounce off a factory bracket. But I have had them bounce to the next hole sideways at a tractor pull.
  8. brewcrew

    Subsidizing farmers? Hows it work?

    The program in the initial post was a loan program that would free up cash to the farmer without having to sell the crop immediately. But if the price was below the price you were loaned they only made you pay back the lower price. But if you already had the crop contracted for a higher price you could come out ahead. Those of us who fed our corn could still collect the loan deficiency payment for doing nothing. I don’t remember the last time we collected an ldp payment but it has been over a decade.
  9. brewcrew

    New joke

  10. brewcrew

    Front Weight - Weight Bracket Question

    I have never had trouble putting 100 pound weights on an 806 with a similar bracket. But I don’t think I’ve ever tried a 26/56 series. I’m pretty sure it is only the 66/86 series that have trouble without spacers.
  11. brewcrew

    Front Weight - Weight Bracket Question

    Any ih suitcase weight will work just fine on that bracket.
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    Love power??? Must have been a big hit with the hippies!! Lol just teasing.
  13. brewcrew

    Gluten free diet?

  14. brewcrew

    Help Finding Good DT466 Box Truck

    I have heard of several people buying a truck for a short term job and selling it when they get done and actually saving money in the process. But the key seems to be buying cheap. I’m talking a $3000 truck. It only works if you don’t have a major problem along the way.
  15. brewcrew

    Tractor related thoughts.

    Just a few miles away is an old farmer with I think 160 acres. While everyone else is out there with 2-300 hp and 20-30 foot finishers, he’s running an open station 7400 pulling a 12 foot disk and drag harrow. He hires it planted and harvested, but he has plenty of time to fit the ground himself with that small setup!
  16. brewcrew

    Gluten free diet?

    Average life expectancy was so low mostly due to infant mortality and childhood deaths. Those who made adulthood could expect to live another couple decades.
  17. brewcrew

    Gluten free diet?

    Some people go gluten free strictly as a fad. Others, like my wife, get tested and find food allergies and or sensitivity that they never knew. My wife is wheat, yeast, vanilla, green beans, and a few more. Now that she typically avoids them, she can tell quickly when she ate them, even if she didn’t know they were in her food. The average person has no idea how bad they feel on a daily basis, because they have never truly felt “well”.
  18. brewcrew

    Draining coolant on 656

    I need to replace the head on my 656 gas... again. Last time I drained the radiator but when I pulled the head there was enough antifreeze to make a big mess. How can I drain the block to save myself some mess and clean up? Thanks!
  19. brewcrew

    2+2 wheel weights?

    The manual calls for a thousand pounds on the rear of a 3588, I don’t recall off hand if that was per tire or total. They recommend fluid of course, but I would stack the iron on as heavy as you need to get the job done. I would also recommend duals on the rear.
  20. brewcrew

    Info on smaller tractors

    I think most discussion goes toward tractors still being used. Not many cubs and A’s earning a living even as a lawn mower anymore. When you aren’t using them they are less prone to break! That being said, there is no other forum where you will find more knowledgeable people than here regarding your 300u or any other small tractor. You just gotta ask!
  21. brewcrew

    Needing newer tires 18.4 38 on 656

    16.9-38 is the ideal tire size for a 656, but they are costly. I’ve got 18.4’s on my 686. You will raise your center of gravity, but common sense will keep you safe. Wheel weights or a 3-pt ballast is nicer than fluid by far.