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    New joke

    Disclaimer: not my opinion, just funny!
  2. Either rebuild what you have, or take it with you to get a new one. I tried one from a 706, and it was identical except rotated a little. The solenoid wouldn’t clear my sediment bowl.
  3. brewcrew

    Drive systems for tractors.

    It has been talked about for at least a decade now. I think it would eliminate much of the parasitic loss of a powershift or cvt transmission while giving all the benefits of full range full power transfer. At the same time if they could replace hydraulics with electric actuators they could lessen the power drag associated with pumping fluid, as well as the challenge of cooling the fluid. I personally think the first uses should be self contained units like combines, choppers and skid steer loaders.
  4. brewcrew

    4156 PTO stub shaft

    A 4156 should use the same parts as a 4166 and 4186. That should give you more tractors to pick from as they more commonly came with a pto.
  5. brewcrew

    Truck navigation ap?

    Does anyone know of an app I can put on my phone to get directions that are truck route friendly? I found myself following google directions right through Winona Minnesota on a route marked no trucks but couldn’t do anything about it. I’d like to not make that mistake again!
  6. brewcrew

    1998 K2500, Can I Run E15?

    It wasn’t designed for E-15, but E-15 wasn’t around then. I’d give it a try. I put E-85 in my carbureted motorcycle once and it ran, but not very well. Got it down to half tank and blended it, then it ran pretty decent. I didn’t try it again!
  7. brewcrew

    New joke

    And they expect to be taken seriously...
  8. brewcrew

    New joke

    In Noah’s ark, on day 3 the animals could no longer hold their sexual desire, so they started having sex with one another. But Noah got really angry cause the Ark started shaking dangerously and he decided that it was time to put things in order. So he ordered that every male should get a card stating the name of his wife and the days they were allowed to mate. So they did… After a couple of days, during breakfast in the Ark’s cafeteria the monkey said to his wife: “You’d better get ready ‘cause next Tuesday you’ll suffer cruelly!” The female monkey felt really ashamed because all of the animals heard her husband… The day after, the male monkey said to his wife again: “You’d better get ready ‘cause next Tuesday you’ll suffer cruelly!” The female monkey feeling really confused told Noah what had happened, so Noah called the male monkey in his office and asked for an explanation. “You kinky monkey! Why do you insist on disgracing your wife in front of all the other animals?” said Noah. “I am not kinky sir”, said the monkey “I’m just warning her because I lost my card at a poker game and now the elephant has it…”
  9. brewcrew

    I like these retro paint look

    I highly doubt that. Fleet customers alone will be enough to justify making regular cabs.
  10. brewcrew

    Pickup Glider Kit

    Big fleets have not been able to get glider kits for a year or two already, and the entire glider kit market goes away in another year. Someone told me to get a fully finished glider right now is $186,000. I don’t know how that compares to a 2019 factory engine truck, but it sure seems like a lot of money to me.
  11. brewcrew

    New joke

    I had to think about that one for a while!!! Lol