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    New joke

    But not work out. That is absolutely mandatory to put on Facebook!
  2. brewcrew

    New joke

    Gotta love a properly moldboarded field!
  3. brewcrew

    2+2 thoughts

    I loved my 3588. It would out pull anything else in it’s class. And in a corner it will hold its line better than a mfd tractor. Plus they are cheap for what they are. if I ever have a need for that size tractor without a budget for a fancy newer one, I wouldn’t hesitate to get another.
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    New joke

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    First Run of 2018

  6. With summer vacation starting, our daycare lady is off for a week. Meanwhile my wife took off with her best girlfriend for a week, with one day overlapping. So the boys and I wanted a treat. But when you have a cow and an ice cream maker, you don’t just go buy a treat, you make it!
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    New joke

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    New joke

    Zoom lense!
  9. brewcrew

    Upgrading Trucks

    I think my kelly’s Ran 30-35k. I replaced with a cheaper mud tire that was half done in 12k when I sold it. I’m gonna get a set of nitto exo grapplers next, which will be basically as soon as I get time as my tears are worn out.
  10. brewcrew

    Upgrading Trucks

    FYI: I wore out a set of Kelly TSR mud terrains in less miles than your rotation schedule....
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    New joke

    The first thing a man looks at in a woman is her heart. It’s not our fault their boobs are right in front of their heart!
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    New joke

    The Bible says you will pay for your sins. Well no kidding! Booze, drugs and hookers don’t come free!!!
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    New joke

  14. brewcrew

    Silage wagons

    If you want cheap and rear unload only, several guys have just turned an old box around, replaced the beaters with a swinging door, and run a hydraulic motor to the gearbox. Crude, but simple cheap and effective!
  15. brewcrew

    Live pto on trucks

    I have an international 2574 silage truck with a live pto, driven off the front of the crankshaft. It has an electric switch to turn the box on/off. But sometimes the box will run while shut off, usually at higher rpm. Where should I start looking? The solenoid? The valve? It’s causing my endgate to come unlatched. It doesn’t move under load, only while empty. Thanks for any advice!
  16. brewcrew

    I Wish....

    $20 grand for a gas hydro to use is excessive. But for a gold demo to collect it probably isn’t. Think about it- you have a full line of gold demo tractors but not a gas hydro 826. Where will you find another???
  17. brewcrew

    Chev Silverado RHD Conversion

    There are several right hand drive jeeps in our area delivering mail. I think some other brands offer the “postal” option, but Jeep is the only one you will find on the lot ready to go.
  18. brewcrew

    Live pto on trucks

    Here is a pic of my hydraulic setup if that will help
  19. brewcrew

    McFarlane vert tillage

    I ran one for a neighbor this spring. I was on bean stalks behind a combine without a straw chopper and it really sliced and diced and mixed it in. They also ran it through corn stalks on 20 inch rows and it left it ready to be planted with a no till planter. But it pulled hard- a 30 foot machine was all an 8320R wanted.
  20. brewcrew

    Frame size

    The 666 is a bit longer. The width is identical except at the bell housing but most loaders are the wider width and using spacers on a 656
  21. brewcrew

    New joke

  22. brewcrew

    Hydro 100 for hauling

    You won’t hurt a hydro by hauling on the road. But it is the quickest way to find out if it is a bit weak!