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    3488 MFD Tires?

    That chart makes no sense. They list the same size front tire matching up with 18.4-34 AND 20.8-38. Without gearing changes that’s not gonna work!! We had a chart from Elwood that listed a bunch of options and each rear tire had a slightly different front match.
  2. My current truck came from Idaho. It has some rock chips with surface rust, but anything that age that spent its life in Wisconsin or anywhere similar is completely rusted through!
  3. brewcrew

    New joke

    Getting us back to some jokes!
  4. brewcrew

    Electronic Log vs Maintenance

    My theory is that e logs were invented by and pushed by the large companies. Knowing that independent truckers cannot bypass the hours of service rules gives the big companies an advantage. Want something trucked across the country in a short time? Big companies can pony express it easily. An independent driver that would have just driven it in a straight shot and let his log book catch up later now requires much more time.
  5. brewcrew

    Electronic Log vs Maintenance

    It needs to read tuck odometer as well to avoid merely being unplugged.
  6. brewcrew

    Electronic Log vs Maintenance

    It doesn’t ever kill the truck. If you drive without the logging device it will flag it the next time you drive. It will notice miles not logged, and you need to put in what they are. Personal conveyance will be a big help.
  7. brewcrew

    MX 120 open station

    Is is power shift or synchro? Seems like Dirtboys advice was that the break something Powershift related above 165 or so, but the synchro is good for several hundred. I have seen a synchro set up to pull bragging about 450.
  8. brewcrew

    One Piece - Two Piece Drawbar Change Over by IH ???

    I’m not really sure how it worked on the 1206. Didn’t they have sort of a cross between fast hitch and 3-point? But on the 706 and 806 the pattern seems to be as I described. Keep in mind though that those tractors are up to 55 years old and may have been modified by now.
  9. brewcrew

    Does anything surprise you anymore?

    And instead of having babies, you are supposed to have a “they-be” where you don’t choose what gender your kid is. You wait until they are around four years old and start to notice that there is a difference “down there “ and let them decide for themselves which gender they identify as.... because letting a four year old make a critical life decision can’t be a bad idea!!
  10. brewcrew

    One Piece - Two Piece Drawbar Change Over by IH ???

    In the 06 series the drawbar choice was based on hitch. A 3-point equipped tractor used a one piece that would slide ahead for using mounted equipment like a plow. But a fast hitch blocked the area needed to slide it ahead, so it got a two piece drawbar. I think you could flip the tail piece around, or of course just remove it to get clearance. We have broken a couple two piece units, so they get replaced with a one piece.
  11. brewcrew

    Does anything surprise you anymore?

    So I guess they are both straight, but just want their life to be more complicated than necessary!
  12. brewcrew

    Differences in 2+2s?

    Every ih I have driven has gear overlap except my 3588. I cannot speak for the rest of the 2+2 line or the 15 series. It was nice to know that the gears were gonna be faster as you went up like any normal person would do, and even nicer to not have the big gap between 2 and 3!
  13. brewcrew

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    I would certainly drop in a diesel over spending that much to rebuild a gas engine. You could look for a 400 series, or find a dt 360. You will still need clutch, flywheel, front and rear engine mounts, radiator, fan and shroud, and fuel tank. But all that should be easy to find and still come in well below the cost of rebuilding your gas engine.
  14. brewcrew

    I guess they didn't know ?? Or forgot.

    Could have been avoided if they had just taken the top off the Jeep!!
  15. brewcrew

    New joke

    But you get to keep your teeth!!
  16. brewcrew


    Any idea of how to find a market for it? I’d give a few acres a shot if I knew where to sell it!
  17. brewcrew

    new retro combine decals

    Actually the international name remained with Navistar so they cannot use it. That’s why after a couple years they went to Case IH