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    New joke

    Yes it is funny!!!
  2. brewcrew

    New joke

    Yes it is funny!!!
  3. brewcrew


    My uncle has a 8910 2wd with 20.8-42 duals. When he fixed a head gasket he found it to be running right close to 200 hp. He has never had the dif cause problems, and it has over 16,000 hours!!
  4. brewcrew

    2574 turn signal flasher relay

    My silage truck blinkers don’t blink. Flip the lever and the lights come on solid. No lights are burnt out. Same thing for hazard lights. Could this be a fuse? Or more likely a relay? Anyone have a fuse/relay diagram for an 87 2574? Thanks!
  5. brewcrew

    2574 turn signal flasher relay

    I was able to swing through oreilly’s on my way to the next job and pick up a flasher relay. It took a bit to start working but got the problem solved!
  6. brewcrew

    2574 turn signal flasher relay

    All conventional bulbs. Tonight it would occasionally blink, but usually just stay solid on. If I had someone behind me I would have to just turn the signal on and off as I approached my turn.
  7. brewcrew

    Folding Headers for Combines

    I live in dairy country and 25-30 feet is a typical grain head size. Many 12 row 30 inch corn heads, a couple folding. In big farming areas 36-40+ feet is not unusual. Good luck making them fold to fit European transport requirements!!
  8. brewcrew

    New joke

    I’ve seen that multiple times! Lol
  9. brewcrew

    Slow board?

    I haven’t had to do that since the days of dial up! Thanks for the memory! Lol
  10. brewcrew

    Chopping corn in the mud

    We had rain from Saturday in the wee hours of the morning through Wednesday mid day. By Friday we were rolling again and it was decent. Saturday trucks with a good operator were fine. Sunday we got on a farm with springs everywhere! You have mud? I’ll see your mud and raise you some slop!!! Even the chopper was having trouble so we switched fields and got a dump cart in. Not as quick as loading on the go, but quicker than pulling every truck every load!!
  11. brewcrew

    I wonder how far they made it.

    A guy gets respect pretty quickly when you pull around back to load and they see you brought not just an adequate vehicle, but adequate straps as well for the load you intend to take home!!
  12. brewcrew

    686 article in RP Mag??

    4th gear in my 686 is actually faster than high 2 in an 806- same tire sizes. About the only time I use high 3 in the 8 is cutting a thin crop of hay at high speeds, but that really isn’t necessary anyhow. For high power pto work like chopping the 16 gears are certainly better, but so is the extra power!
  13. brewcrew

    So you don't think you need CaCl in your tires? LOL

    Actually I run 7 sets on tractors for weight, and at 150 ish pounds per circle it works out to over 1000 pounds per tire. It really helps on the loader tractor, as well as for tillage, and I have the option to strip the weight off when not needed.
  14. brewcrew

    686 article in RP Mag??

    I’ve never seen a 1000 shaft in a 6 either, but it is in every manual as an option.