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    Antique pull rant.

    He probably had the pto set to slip. I think some of those moline four bangers can run hd800 jugs. I know case has a four banger that will do 640. I never understood why why someone would spend big bucks to get power- whether 150 on an antique or 500 on a 1066- and then run it in a slow class against stock tractors. You paid for the hp, enjoy the speed!
  2. brewcrew

    dairy herd sales ?

    I’m not surprised. I’ve heard of two larger dairies looking to sell. One is around 300 and is not chopping corn this year. The other is closer to 5 or 600 and is having conflicts within the family that owns/runs it.
  3. brewcrew

    Rollover Angle???

    There isn’t a set angle. It will vary based on wheel width, weight and location of weight, terrain and speed. If you could find the center of balance, you could hang a pendulum on it. As you tilt to the side and hit bumps the pendulum will swing to the side. Just keep it between the tires and you are good. Your best bet is to run your tires wide. Second best is add weight. Slow, smooth and steady is always going to help as well.
  4. brewcrew

    666 engine transplant

    100% true. 686 was a popular model around here and it was probably 50/50 American vs German
  5. brewcrew

    460 gasser transplant

    It can be done, but it’s not simple. You would probably need a bunch of parts from a 666/686 with the 312. You also would have to redo the steering- I highly doubt the steering rod would clear the engine. Another issue would be with the clutch of you have any intention of using the power. With a 560 you can build a simpler heavy clutch, but the small diameter of a 460 would require a double or triple disc clutch.
  6. brewcrew

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    My wife has struggled with depression-particularly post partum. While trying to get her weight under control she got her hormones tested and they were way out of whack! It wouldn’t surprise me if that is a factor in much of the current depression going on. Since working on her hormones she has gotten completely off meds, her mood is very stable, and we see other benefits.
  7. brewcrew

    666 engine transplant

    Your stock 312 front and rear plates would work on the big engine. Stretch it or not, you won’t have it looking “right” with the big engine. I’d suggest a dt360 to get big power and look right. Or turbo your 312.
  8. brewcrew


    Polaris is number one in utvs, by a long shot. Nearly every other brand is cheaper, except Honda. Honda uses an automotive style auto transmission, while the rest use a variable speed belt . Except the new mahindra roxor with a five speed manual. I don’t know anything about the reliability of any of them.
  9. brewcrew

    666 engine transplant

    Yes. I’m not sure exactly how much, but I measured it once. I’m thinking 3-3/4 inch but don’t trust that without measuring yourself.
  10. brewcrew

    TA Factory Delete Question

    With a mechanical ta such as MTA -560 and the 656-686 they can be pull started in direct, but it is hard on the ta. Hydraulic ta equipped tractors such as 706 and up will not pull start.
  11. I don’t think his issue is with science, but the media reporting a theory as hard facts, and often embellishing them besides just to sell the story.
  12. brewcrew

    Life insurance advertisments have sure changed

    It may be direct and not pc, but it’s also not wrong- even in today’s world! I originally planned to have a smaller policy on my wife, but then I realized that without her my own earning power would diminish.
  13. Nobody can say how much of climate change is truly because of man, and they also cannot tell us what we can do that will actually change anything. I’m all for not polluting- throwing garbage into rivers and oceans is never a good idea. But we could put the entire world back in the Stone Age and we still might not change anything.
  14. brewcrew

    What Is Meant By "Basis"?

    As I see it, basis is about supply and demand. Meanwhile, CBOT price is about speculation.
  15. brewcrew

    Removing crank on 686

    I’m finally tearing down my 686 for a major overhaul. I’ve never done more than swapping a head by myself before, so this is a major undertaking! It was knocking, so I’m going to have the crank checked out, and I’m in the process of trying to remove it. The service manual just says to remove the engine, and I cannot find further directions. Can I do it with just the tractor split? Or do I need to have the engine completely out? All advice is welcome! Thanks
  16. brewcrew

    Removing crank on 686

    Not a German. I know some people really love those engines but I’m not sure if I would overhaul one of them, I think I’d replace it with a dt360 or something.
  17. brewcrew

    Removing crank on 686

    I got it handled guys. The crank is good, so I’m just waiting on the overhaul kit to arrive to put it all back together.
  18. brewcrew

    Brings back bad memories of the 80s

    I would guess that quarter to a third of cows from dispersed herds will be slaughtered. But the big dairies are flush with heifers, whether from sexed semen or successfully keeping cows in the herd or whatever. I sure don’t regret getting out.
  19. brewcrew

    Hay tonage per cow

    But when you figure in the cost of buying a mixer it may be cheaper to buy expensive hay....
  20. brewcrew

    Hay tonage per cow

    If you know what your current and previous bales each weigh you can easily calculate how many bales you need to get your old 5-7 bale supply.
  21. brewcrew

    Rim width for a 16.9/38 tire

    I’m gonna guess that a 686 never got a 16.9x38 from you, as every 15 inch rim I’ve seen was for the 12 lug hubs on the large frame tractors. I know ours was shipped to the dealer in 15.5s and switched to 16.9 by a local tire shop. They kept the 14 inch rims, which I still have on my 656 with 16.9s.
  22. brewcrew

    Family reunions?

    My grandma’s side used to do a multi generation gathering every few years, but it was mostly the older generations that went. My more immediate family always gathered for the Fourth of July but that fizzled as the grandkids got married and scattered. For grandpa’s funeral we couldn’t even get. Full attendance, with a couple at war and some others scattered across the country and even globe. For grandma’s 105th birthday I bet we had less than 60% show up. But when you have a big family, it can still be fun without everyone.
  23. brewcrew


    I had been planning to go solo this year, but I went on wheat harvest instead. I’ve been to Sturgis six times on the bike. I rode out once with my wife- that won’t happen again! Last year she went with friends in their pickup/ toy hauler and I rode out. Two times we hauled the bike in the back of the pickup, once we took both her bike and mine on the gooseneck and brought a Willy’s pickup home, and once I sent the bike in friends toy hauler, drove the wife’s pos Jeep out and traded it on a crew cab pickup! I’ll go back again, mostly for the scenery rather than the rally crowd.
  24. brewcrew

    Farmall 560 factory tire sizes?

    I think the 16.9-38 came about at the same time ih had 18.4-38 tires built heavy enough for the 1206.