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  1. Big Leonard

    215 magnum and 527 B

    Just curious if anyone pulls a 527 B with a 215 magnum. I know its a little small but there is a good deal on one in the area. I'm sure it would be better than my 5288 2 wd. Thanks
  2. Big Leonard

    527 B

    I guess that answers my question, I need a bigger tractor !!!!! I was just wondering at 12 inches deep, in the same soil conditions, which one pulls harder. Has anyone ever had them both ? I know there is no way I would move a 530 but the 527 B is not as large. I plan on upgrading to a bigger tractor in the next year or two, most likely a MX 240 or 245. but for now the checkbook ( and wife ) tell me no ! Thank you for your responses, and if somebody had them both at one time, let my know which one pulled harder.
  3. Big Leonard

    527 B

    Looking at purchasing a nice 527 B disc ripper. I now have a 10 shank 6500 consertill with the 4 inch twist shovels. Before I buy it can anyone tell me which one pulls harder? I know I am a little short on HP and traction with my 5288 2 wheel drive which is putting out 185 HP. Power is not the biggest problem but traction is. It will handle the consertill pretty good but it is at it's limit. Will the 527 B pull even harder? If anyone has ever made this switch let me know the results. Thank you.
  4. Big Leonard

    2144 feederhouse clunking sound

    I finally got the chance to try out my ( new to me ) 2144 in some soybeans yesterday and it was like going to heaven compared to the old F2. Ran smooth as silk. I have one question, I have a stone retarder drum but no rock trap, ( wish I did ). I have the drum upper stops set in the lowest position and the lower drum stop set in the middle position. As varying amounts of material are fed in, the drum moves up and down between the stops and makes a vary annoying clunking sound. Is this normal ? Everything else is running so smooth and quiet and then you here clunk clunk clunk sound as your moving down the field. I know I could move the limits but would have less rock protection. Do they make hard rubber or poly stops ? Anyone else run into this ? Thank you
  5. Big Leonard

    Chopping and Baling Corn Stalks

    We use a New Holland 56 roll a bar rake. It works OK. We only bale about 500 small squares for the old barn.
  6. Big Leonard

    Chopping and Baling Corn Stalks

    Have not had any trouble with the knotter on the 276 new holland, works great. That is a 1976 966 that we bought from a farmer in Thor Iowa with 480 hours on it in 1981. It was his smallest tractor and he had some skinny tires on it and all it did was cultivate. For years that was our biggest tractor. The paint is all original, It now has 3800 hours on it and all it does is plant and stalk chop. It has been a great tractor. Just got home from the county fair tractor pull, And as usual IH kicked some ass.
  7. Big Leonard

    Chopping and Baling Corn Stalks

    Here is a cool video of my 8 year old son and 85 year old dad chopping and baling corn stalks a couple years ago. Nice to see the new and old generation working together. Thanks
  8. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    I will be calling them at 7:00 AM, It should fit, 1644 to 2366 should be the same. Thanks for the Tip, If I get it I owe you a beer or two. ( I'm sure there is a tavern or two in LaCrosse )
  9. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    Yes I did and they found nothing. Salem SD is part of the Allstates Ag parts group. Wish money was no object so a person could just buy new and hell with trying to save a nickel.
  10. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    I checked with them, They have nothing. Yes, for some reason my machine has the 1660 set up with the old spreaders that leaves a trail. I found some parts at a place in Missouri and they are looking for the rest. I hope they can find them. Thank you for the reply.
  11. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    Just checked out there web site and they show nothing for the 2100 series combines. What i would like to do is go from just the straw spreaders which it has on there now, to the straw/chaff spreader set up which the spinners are extended lower, closer together with longer side curtains. They will then spread not only the material from the chopper but also the material from the chaffer. The kit is available ( part number 143179A5E ) I would like to find a used one sitting on the back of a combine somewhere instead of paying $ 3600.00. I figured somebody out there might know of where I could find one. Thanks
  12. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    That's good to know, I can't wait to get this finished and try it out this fall. Going from a Gleaner F2 which worked great for 14 years It should be a real treat to combine this fall. I just want to get it right from the start. I sure appreciate the red power site for a little advice, lot's of knowledge out there. Thanks
  13. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    I tried to find some info on the internet on the right combination between drive tires and steer tires but couldn't find anything. Mud hog will have the answers. I know the unit will fit but I don't want to go through all the work and then find out there is not enough adjustment on the axle itself to level the combine. I have the option to get a unit off of a 2366 with 8 bolt hubs and smaller tires. I took this unit based on what the guy at the salvage yard told me but now after measuring it all up I am second guessing him. I am sure someone at the factory can help me out on Monday. This is my first IH combine and I want to get it perfect the first time. Who knows it might be years before we have a wet fall like last year and I won't even need it but I just want to be prepared after last fall !!!
  14. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    Thanks smoker, I found the number, will call them Monday.
  15. Big Leonard

    Mud hog and chaff spreader

    I know I should separate this into two posts but here goes : Question number 1, Next week I want to install the used mudhog I purchased for my 2144, It came off of a 2188 and has 10 bolt hubs. The tires are like new and the tire size is 18.4-26. They seem like they are going to be to tall compared to the 14.9-24 that were on there. The drive tires are 30.5-32 and are 108 inches on center. ( will move to 120 inches someday ) Will this combination work or should I have chosen the mudhog with the 8 bolt hubs and smaller tires ? This axle was just in much better shape. Also will this axle take more hydraulic power to run vs. the smaller axle. And lastly will I be able to keep the same height of the combine with the bigger tires on the rear with the adjustments on the axle and where it slides into the combine ? My work shop door has a clearance of 13' 1" and the 2144 barely clears now ! Anyone running this combination on there machine ? There is still time to exchange axles. Question number 2, I want to update my straw spreader to a straw/chaff spreader. I priced out the kit from IH ( part number 143179A5E Punch it in to google) almost fell over, they want almost $ 3600.00 for some rubber flaps some tin and two spinners !!!! I cannot seem to find a used one anywhere and I have tried everyone. Anyone know of a good used kit out there ? Thanks in advance for any help.