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    1971 1210 pickup

    Thanks Eason, Ill take a look!
  2. ENMIM

    1971 1210 pickup

    Fellas, My sister-in-law bought a 71 1210 pickup. I'm not sure what motor is in it. I have two questions; 1. Where the heck is the oil pressure sender? 2. Where can i source a "dash pad" for the thing? Dash-pad is probably not what its actually called; looking for the semi-soft dash part, this one is cracked to all get out. Regards, Eldon
  3. I vote go for it! Cool crawler, great story, neighbor who is willing to drag it for$ 100.00, you cant lose man! Of course if you dont end up moving it you could always sell the BE dozer assembly off it to a sucker in California who needs it in the worst way (me).
  4. Fellas, As Tony stated, I stopped in there the other day for the nickle tour. It was not disappointing. Ya' know how some guys always claim, "looks better in pictures than it does in real life'? Let me tell you, Tony's stuff looks better in real life than it does in pictures and his stuff looks pretty darn good in pictures to begin with. To say the work it thorough, correct and clean is the understatement of 2016. All those that are thinking Tony is probably a heck of a nice guy will be glad to know that such is indeed the case. Ethel the wonder dog is a sweet heart, she make a much better dog than she does wheel-chock though. That being said, I never saw the thing laying int he driveway, but I figured that since she layed back down on the driveway after we backed up on her she is probably fine and good to hear she indeed was. Thanks for the tour Tony. Do the rest of Redpower a favor and post pics of your other tractors (including the non-red ). Also, the almonds looks to be in tip top shape as well. Regards, Eldon
  5. Td-18, Did someone have some trouble with engine stand legs being a bit to light? That's what I'am looking at right? The aftermarket engine stand leg strengthening kit?
  6. Stageone, Hello Cobber. If that is an in-correct greeting please disregard it. Would you give a little more explanation as to what is going wrong with the pump and why. I'm new to TD6s, and am not following. Is pump itself leaking? thanks, eldon
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