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    I like restoring tractors and equipment.
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  1. Things to see on way to red power

    Budweiser Clydesdale are east of Boonville Mo. also, I think they might raise them there.
  2. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    196? Dodge 318 4 + 2 speed axle. I drove chevys 366 4 + 2 speed axle and yes I was still in school, got out of woodworking class to get my bus out and lined up. I could get out of study hall and help work on buses mostly flat tires and bs with head bus driver.
  3. Getting old

    Bolts, I know I put on years ago now I'm wondering why I put them on so tight.
  4. Super MD on Dino

    Yep to much fuel just puts the fire out. Watch a brush fire, when it's the hottest you will not see much smoke. Same with a tractor. My 400 Diesel puts out 60 hp with very little smoke. My Super MD is loaded pulling the grinder and you have to really look for smoke 54 hp.
  5. who all grinds feed still?

    Grind through the winter for cows and calves.
  6. oliver green

    Pump shop guy was telling me about a guy that bougbt a 350 farmall that had been sitting for long time and he told him to get the pump cleaned before starting it, two used pumps later he had a pump rebuilt. I think old crap scared the pump head. Someone on will know.
  7. MD not starting

    Could be the coil or just need new points and plugs maybe plug wires
  8. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    Very nice picture thanks for posting I hope you have more. I like the parking lot almost 100% cars. Then one picture looked like I could see a round nose JI Case maybe a 400?
  9. Forum rules

    The old Mack I decided to get out of the shed and run a little this year. Been in the corner for a few years, fun to run the old coe a little.
  10. Nice original tractor pictures

    Ok, my sons 4520 has 20.8x38 so you might have something there.
  11. Nice original tractor pictures

    Yes 20.8-34 on the rear. Dale I've heard before that John Deere had the 20.8x34 built for the 4320. Any thoughts on the 20.8x38. I ran the neighbors new 4620 and it came with 20.8x38 man that was a big tire on a tractor in 1971. Didn't know if JD had that one built for the 4620? Just thinking out loud.
  12. IH 1456

    Rims look great. I would like to powder coat the rims on my 856 if they would come out like that. What color did you/they use? paint number?
  13. Nice original tractor pictures

    What you calling me a liar? Get your ass ten foot from this one and then call me a liar.
  14. Nice original tractor pictures

    I might be wrong but it looks like roosa master but the decal and tag on there pump and John Deere put tape on them before painting. I don't see any over spray.
  15. Nice original tractor pictures

    Tell me what your looking at that you think was repainted? and I take a better picture for you, because I haven't found anything and no one else has found nothing but factory paint anywhere.