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  1. I cannot tell for sure if they are straight or not but the end gate is hard to find in good condition. I would think the rear bumper is a rare option. No one will come a long way for that one. Talk to your local car clubs, tractor clubs and such. If someone wants to know how old it is tell them it is a B series.
  2. To go back to the original photo. Yes John had reversed it. I visited with him once and he showed it to me. I have often wished I had bought it at his auction sale (I suppose I should say "run it up further"). It went pretty cheap even if you wanted to buy it to do all the work to take it back to original. It sold early in the sale and I was saving to buy a higher end tractor later in the day. He also had a home made "tractor starter". It was a drop box of some sort with a bunch of Caterpillar gears inside it. It was made so he mounted it on the drawbar of his "starting tractor" hooked to the pto. The gears reversed the direction so he could attach a pto shaft to the tractor he wanted to start and everything turned the correct direction. I looked for it at the sale but did not see it.
  3. The AC was running but only brought up the temperature a few degrees when I unplugged it. The temperature difference is enough that it is unpleasant to hold the thermometer in the airstream from the dash but not so from the defrost outlet.
  4. I have an 04 Dodge 1500 with a defrost problem. The air coming out of heater on defrost is 120 degrees F. If I direct the air to the floor or dash the temperature is 140. My mechanic says this cannot happen and I agree but the thermometer does not lie. It is not the famous broken door problem because the air goes to the various outlets as directed. Dodge builds them so they have to use outside air for defrost but I have disabled that for the test. Open to ideas. Thanks.
  5. Hi Rustred: I am mostly worried that they increased the size of the injector housing somewhere along the line like they did on the 9 series. This project is taking way too long. I advertised on the Chapter 38 page for : a running engine, a head or buy my tractor. I got a response to all 3 but did find one locally off of an early 6. I sent pictures of my tractor but have not heard back. My tractor is from about the middle of 41. It even has snap ring rims.
  6. I have one off of an 806 but I am in central Saskatchewan Canada so I suspect too far away. My question is how did it come to pass that you need one?
  7. None of those numbers show up in the SPIC catalogue so you probably won't find anything from the ag lines.
  8. I have a chance to buy a head for my WD6. By the casting numbers it came off of a SMD. I don't think changing from a W to an F makes a difference but what about it being a newer engine? I know somewhere in that time the 9 series got larger injectors. My 6 has the Boche diesel pump. The parts books show different numbers for the injectors and they break them down differently but will they fit the head? The SM head is bare so I will have to switch the valves, guides and injectors over from my broken 6 head. Thanks for any direction on this.
  9. When it left the plant there would have been a stamped tag on one of the bolts that holds the cover or the differential in the housing. Assuming it is gone. Jack up one side. Mark the driveshaft and the lifted tire. Turn the driveshaft until both marks are back to the original position counting the revolutions of both. There is your ratio. Someone help me here, you may have to divide by 2 on the tire count because as the other side is not moving the tire is moving twice as fast.
  10. I have heard them called "headbolt heaters". I usually find them in flatheads both Ford and Chryco. I think I even have a NOS one in inventory.
  11. I do not have an H parts book. The tire size for a 300 was 7.50x16 on a 5.50x16 rim.
  12. 7288cdn


    The big difference is the diesel pump. The tractor one has a governor and the truck does not. You will need tractor exhaust manifolds. The tach drive may be different. You will have to block off the place where the air compressor bolted as it drains to the crankcase. You may find a truck engine with that done. The rest I think is small stuff like line fittings, engine mounts.... It has been awhile since I was fooling around in that area, I can't remember if it needs an adapter plate between the block and clutch housing. If they put a 6 in there they probably threw the fan shroud away, it is much longer to reach back to the 8. I assume you still have the V8 frame rails. If you are going to use it make sure the TA is good and use it early, those (all) 8's hate to lug compared to a 6. It will be a lot of work but if you turned 16 about 1968 like I did the first time you jerk the engine speed lever open they won't be able to wipe the smile off your face with a shovel.
  13. 23744DB is not in the A & B, M, SH or C books that I have. I read it as 23 714 DB in your photo but that number is not in there either. There happens to be an M in my shop right now with a single front wheel, that bolster has part number 8298 DD on it. The only book of the above to list that number is my M book. It shows 8298 DB as the bolster for an M with 7.50x18, 9x10 or 7.50x16 tires and also the steel wheel. I find that if an IH number has the same numbers but different letters (DB and DD) the higher letter shows an updated part but it will interchange.
  14. I have been on the road all week and only got time to read the board tonight, I see it took 15 minutes to get an answer. Thanks.
  15. do you have a part number for it? Or at least a number of the main body, #11 I think but the print is small and my eyes are old.
  16. I was in a discussion today that reminded me of a song but I can't remember the artist or name of the song. The singer is moaning about his woman that has moved out taking everything. All he has left in the house is a bottle of booze in bottle shaped like Elvis Presley. Fred Flintsone also enters into it somehow, perhaps as a mug. If you listen to Serius "Outlaw Country". You heard it almost every day a few years ago. Thanks for any help.
  17. The V800 is still there in the 4568. I didn't look if the engine is opened up but the rad is gone. Location SE of Kindersly Sk.
  18. I mentioned on another thread a week or so ago that Richard Pope has died. Last night I attended a "celebration of life" potluck supper in his memory. Here are a few pictures of his collection. I didn't have a lifetime of memories like most there last night so mostly I just listened. Most of the stories also involved his brother Dave who passed a few years ago. The tiller is an IH product, it is hard to believe that only two generations ago someone bought that as means to farm. In this area now 60 to 80 foot air seeders are the norm. Not all of the tractors are runners but these ones that friends lined up for the evening are mostly complete. The rarest one in this area is at the far end of the line. A 560 Farmall diesel, lots of IH 560's here but very few Farmalls. Richard and Dave also had a lot of interest in automobiles and there are a few derelict 2 door hard tops around, also an open top touring T with a flathead in it. They started a lot of very interesting projects but usually got distracted into another one before completion. Richard and Dave always attended our club tractor shows and the car club show. I sold him a few parts and help arrange the sale of an International 806 that went to Ontario. He always had good stories about the days of prairie hot rods. RIP Richard and I hope they have room for lots of projects up there.
  19. Thanks to both of you for the help. Trust me to try and out idiot the idiot proof design.
  20. I got to work on the rewiring project this evening. All is well but on my relay the numbers 86 and 87 trade places compared to your drawing. Going by the description I am tempted to hook it up going by the numbers not the location. It seems to be a funny way to make my relay as the circuits cross inside the relay instead of one at each end in the drawing. Thanks for the help. The drawing and description are very informative.
  21. Yes a 315 Dodge version of the hemi. Also yes a 1928 Model A. During WW2 western Canadian farmers got extra gas ration cards if they had a truck instead of a car so lots of cars got converted. The fellow that did this one did a fairly nice job of it lining up the box line with the body reveal line. He also did a lot of welding so it would have been a lot of work to take it back to a 5 window coupe.
  22. This was my summer project I drove the car to Tuktoyaktuk NWT in late June early July. Previous years I have driven it to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans so felt I should complete the set. The last 500 miles is on gravel so I left my rear mags with bigger tires at home. I mounted 6 tires on 6 wheels with matching setbacks so any wheel would fit any position. I usually don't have a hood but for long trips I put this on and remove it at shows. There is one jump of 230 miles with no services so I carried 3 jerry cans but only ever used one. I like the look of cycle fenders but they are a pain to keep on even on pavement. At one point I was down to 1 left but was able to return with the two rear ones on. Beautiful rolling country without many people which spins my wheels. If you google Tuktoyaktuk and Rosetown Sk Canada and Houston Texas you will find that living in Rosetown I am closer to Houston than Tuktoyaktuk. I put almost 6000 miles on the car.
  23. Perfect. Thanks so much. I should have asked the question before I bought OEM. While the guy at the jobber store was showing what his computer showed for that car I think I saw $45 Cdn. GM was $63. They sure were helpful though.
  24. A few years ago when I built my hot rod I made up an "owner's manual" listing all the cars that I took parts from with their serial numbers so someday when I needed parts I would know what to ask for. Someday has arrived and I wrote down that the electric fan and relay came from a 93 Sunbird. The relay arrived but is different than mine. Mine has an inline 4 pin plug in. The new one has 5 pins, 3 in a row on the bottom and 2 inline with the outside pins at the top. It is part #13789373. The pins are labeled, top left 30, top right 86 (maybe 88), bottom left 85, bottom middle 87a and bottom right 87. Obviously I was in error when I said the original came from a 93 Sunbird. I am looking for a bored Chev mechanic that can tell me what each of these pins should be connected to. I have no Chevy manuals but am guessing that this relay and fan were used in other GM products. Thank you if you can lend a hand.
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