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  1. i run a Gehl ctl 85 on my ranch I would never consider a wheeled machine Excellent to clean corrals though its a good idea to wash the manure off after. . move snow pound posts load trucks and spreaders. mow rough areas. Had to replace tracks at 1400 hrs. Not too expensive with aftermarket tracks. it is a pain to work on as everything is in a compact space. I can load and unload semis of hay quickly. Couldnt imagine life without it.
  2. studied agriculture for a 2 yr degree. Farmed about 200 acres .Split alot of firewood cleaned garages hauled junk anything to make a buck after school. I squeeze in alot of fun too.
  3. had a hairline crack in housing. would lose prime on a 94 7.3 diesel. replaced housing then good to go
  4. i have replaced coils in my 5.4s and sometimes they are bad out of the box napas ebays and oem. had them quit after a couple hours. its maddening. sh*tty import crap
  5. That is one pretty woman and smart too. Lot of common sense in that package
  6. bought a 500 series dozer off a farm the silage was packed tight around the oil pan. Guy said it didnt leak oil at a idle but leaked driving. Found a rusted hole in pan you could stick your pinky through. When i dropped the skid plate off the bottom of the dozer 2 heaping wheel barrows of dirt and silage fell out. Make sure you clean your machine and nice pile of silage you got
  7. From my experence a CTL would be a much handier machine. I have a 500 series dozer with a 6 way blade. It is excellent for finishing a grade . I have dug ponds roads leveled barn sites. It sits in the barn since I bought a Gehl Ctl. I use the loader everyday loading leveling pounding post drilling post mowing . It is a very versatile machine. Yes it cost 10 times what the dozer was but it can do so much more. Spend the extra $$ you wont be dissapointed. On the ranch i replaced the rubber tracks at 1400 hrs . Not too awful buying them. . Years ago i did extensive undercarriage repairs to the
  8. this is what i woke up to. winds blowing 40 mph got no clue how many inches. it was96 on Saturday
  9. 4 to 8 tomorrow afternoon and evening here. Then back to the 80s so it wont be around long 96 here yesterday in the wilds of Wyo.
  10. got a Herd bumper on my semi. very heavy well built. aluminum with steel channel behind. Hit an antelope with it not a scratch but a bison might damage it a bit.
  11. i have an early 18 spd auto shift .In the mountains i always put it in manuel mode I upshift going up then pick a gear to go down the pass. The jake keeps me from rolling too fast usually 8 gear up and 9 or 10 going down. Loaded or unloaded. 10000 ft passes with about 4000 ft change in elevation. I am sure some of you have gone in the east entrance to yellowstone park Hauled alot of loads of 26 ton or more of stone up that pass. Curvy narrow road with tourist traffic. Intense ride. No mistakes
  12. When i moved to Wyo. I bought a semi and hauled containers and equipment 18 loads across the country plus a car carrier and moving van. A huge task. You might want to look into a gooseneck flat trailer for your pickup and haul it yourself. Moving on the eastern seaboard will be expensive and if done yourself you will have a trailer paid by the move. I paid for my semi with the move I did. It will be worth it leaving for brighter pastures. Hang in there
  13. i buried a 6 ft frost free 5 ft. Froze and i had to run a hose every day till spring .i should dug it out that extra foot but i was tired. well i sure was tired digging it up and replacing it with a new one.. Lesson learned Think you better get a new one while the weather is decent
  14. i think its the early version. Not very good. i have used some later pipe and the stuff i use now uses a fitting hit with a mallet then tight it up.. I never liked the ring crimp version Good Luck with your project
  15. Thanks for postimg her pic. Got to love a common sense gal. and pretty too
  16. last winter the crow rez outside Billings Mt was stopping people on the road early in the scamdemic. I hauled hay with the semi and they waved me through. Just trying to protect themselves . I tip my hat to them
  17. be very careful of your rags spontaneous combustion
  18. x2 government takes away hope
  19. maybe she is over at the recoil thread blasting away
  20. Hey What about the pretty governor of S D. just trying to change the subject
  21. Lets get back to the good looking governor with her head on straight LOL!
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