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  1. Sioux steel. Very robust and well thought out. Many doors , square tubes, easy to operate. The auto head gate makes it easy to work cattle
  2. Try dowsing the lines. Bent coat hanger will work right angle bend hold one in each hand . They will move when you get on top of the line. No magic to do it. Metal or plastic lines doesn't matter how deep
  3. How about the rolls of asbestos that you can repair exhaust systems. Stuff worked to repair an exhaust manifold on an old truck
  4. Had a few 190s . That's a real nice truck. Price a new one.
  5. Hook to arm line hook to bleeder pull trigger socks fluid and air.. start at far wheels then far front. Make sure your reservoir is full. 49 kb5 sat for 2 yes so brake fluid evaporated
  6. How about the cows laying in the road feeling the warmth of the blacktop at night in open range country. An EV or a semi won't save your arse
  7. Backpack blower cheap big blue tarp. Blow them onto it drag to woods or flip tarp into a cat loader bucket. Use the 3 pt blower on big areas. Had to handle a 1/4mile lane lined with big oaks and a 10 a yard with lots of shade trees for many years
  8. Just work the lever it sometimes takes a bit to get them working properly
  9. Waiting for a Mac to show up in the thread.10s are a real handy saw. Power and balance . Got several on my shelf.
  10. Ben Moore paint or cabots stain. The sting of a cheap price will infect you for a long time
  11. An amazing woman. Will there ever be another. Rest in Peace
  12. Spell check. A new invention since I matriculated
  13. I garuated in 1972. The counselor called me in May of that year informed me I didn't have enough credits to graduate. I grabbed the paper off his desk and pointed out his arithmetic was wrong. DUMB sob couldn't add the numbers correctly. So much for his guidance. He couldn't find his way out of a paper bag. I went on to ag college and was a successful farmer till Jimmy Carter destroyed the farm economy along with everything else
  14. I just dump a box in the radiator .make sure it gets good and hot. Run it for 1/2hrs. Then drain rinse. It will eat crud and deposits out. May have to do it several times
  15. Neighbor has a 1000 or so bison. They handle them carefully. Corrals made of drill pipe . Heavy heavy duty. Open gate and let them enter on their own. Their idea. Always their idea. Very intelligent creatures. Just don't p*ss them off or there is h*ll to pay
  16. Cascade dumped into radiator does a good job cleaning. Better than store bought rad flushes
  17. edwardporter1


    I got a Rand and it locks up as the battery is weak after many years. I get it to work using a fast charger. The run of the mill chargers can't keep up as it takes a lot to ping the GPS. I use it like you do not for navigation but for time distance etc.
  18. X2 it takes time the poly wire is handy but lousy
  19. Too many grounds. All it takes is one.
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