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  1. i hosed out my drill in the sun then blew it out with the air compressor .that seemed to dry out the nooks and crannies. spend extra time on the flutes to get them dry
  2. There was a store near Oxford Pa. I cant remember the name. Maybe someone can fill in the blank?
  3. I bought my first tractor a Farmall 300 in 1969 at Harry Pyle and sons in Chadds Ford Pa. Did alot of business with White Bros Supply in Middletown De. CB Hoober purchased the store and it became Hoobers. Great people great service
  4. i converted several systems. Put the converter ends on. Pumped out with a vacumn pump tthen added 134. Every system works well that i did. Easy to do .Get the ends online or Napa. A set of gauges is a must
  5. my daughter knew one of those heroes and his familyy. Gvod Bless them
  6. they look heavy. glad you have a tri axle
  7. Pioneer auto museum? A great place. did you see the hudson hornet with dual carbs?
  8. Try Heavy equipment forum. Lots of guys on there with a wealth of information. Real down to earth not key jockeys
  9. Had a stihl for years . Great machine but you tend to reach a little too high to get that last limb and lo and behold you are standing underneath Dropped a limb on the pole once the parts were almost what a new saw was so i bought a new one. Converted the damaged one to a weed eater head. Still have it 25 years later
  10. Bet your truck was groaning with that big jag behind you.
  11. brought back memories with your pics. I started farming with the same rake. Mowed with #7 sickle bar . 45 IhH baler. Saved my money at 15 years old to start. Sweet!
  12. Great vehicles My ex had 2 of them and a girlfriend had one. Thats a nice one
  13. This aint politically correct but the correct name is Mexican Shine and now poof!
  14. just use Howes and park it out of the wind. Works for me in Wyoming
  15. good luck with Northstar with a Honda motor.2 pulls and running. Had this unit 10 years and use it 3-4 times a year. 8000 watt
  16. use the scearch on their page. should come up or enter what the item is.
  17. Seems that the cows learn about staying off except there is one thats stupid
  18. The older self propelled wagons were underpowered and the brakes werent the greatest. They use a fair amt of pull types around me. Lot of moving parts that have to be adjusted to work in syncronization. Folks seem to go to a grapple system now. Less money and less to maintain. I got a old 1048 in the yard that needs repower and a little TLC.Selling cheap
  19. bought a Lincoln but the batteries were lousey. good gun though so bought a Dewalt 18v with a lock and lube. Had it quite a few years with no problems. Would like to switch to milwaukee but I got a lot of 18 dewalt tools that dont want to give up
  20. Have you priced burger at the grocery 1200 x $4.95/ lb . not a bad return Just saying
  21. keep the trees well watered Try to mimimize the stress. Maybe fertilize them to give them a boost
  22. Do you have the separate Kentucky permit with your apportioned plates. I got an education about that.$$$
  23. sale barn are busy. Price not so good. Pray for all of us to get thru this ordeal
  24. got 3 tenths down here the other day. it is tinder dry. no much dryland hay to be cut. just not there. even the pivot hay aint much. My range is not much either. Glad I sold my cows. Hay will be gold this winter. was smokey here from the fires for a day or so.
  25. you can go online or call explain your situation and they will help. Fines can get pricey and they look at bobtails. Dont ask how I know
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