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  1. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    My bus in Indiana was a mid 40s chevy 28 passenger. 4spd The school had 5 buses driver owned. the school was small my senior class had 5 boys 5 girls junior class 1 boy 4 girls bus body I am sure was a Hicks made in Lebanon In
  2. Dec 7th

    My parents and brother and I were getting ready for church that Sunday morning. I was 4yrs and a week old then near Romney, Indiana.
  3. 12/38 on axle mount duals match good with 18.4/34s Dad and I used them on our 806s for years.
  4. Newer Cub, aftermarket muffler?

    Gater blades will cut the blade noise a lot. after a local muffler shop put a 90 on a pipe exhaust run straight up it sounds better. I have a l60 with 700 hrs going great mowing about 10 acres.
  5. More vintage pictures of IH

    Had a pair of 200 gal bought around 1968 or 70 for a 806, then a ,1256 wore them ,to a MF 1155, later on a 1705. Never a problem carrying that much weight. The first ones out were not high polished life the later models.They left the farm on a leased 1705 to Fowler In when the 20% interest days got me down. 59 good yrs in Ind. though now 20 yrs in Tenn, fishin and Millern!!!
  6. Farmall cotton picker

    I live about 20 mi from this location. I think it is an H.It`s location is 35` 37' 38.17" N 84` 45'03.76 W It`s been sitting there for a while . Could go check it out for you. Near Ten Mile Tennessee.
  7. tire black ???

    Purple Power will clean the tires. It is the cheapest and best cleaner for aluminum wheels, engines, and anything greasy. 2 1/2 gal at wall mart is priced good.
  8. Bought a TANK!

    I have a L60 that has been back to dealer twice for pto problems within first 50 hrs.A factory modify. I mow about 10 acres and some of it is steep and I have replaced the belt that drives the wheel pumps. It has 486hrs on it and satisfied I have a 1863 with 54" that will average 200 hrs a year, that has 2700 hrs on it. Also the first day on the Tank it while mowing past my neighbors mail box and the roll bar reached out and grabbed it so it takes up space along the barn wall!