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  1. self propelled cost?

    One of ours hit a newly formed washout on opening pass with cab high corn. $25,000 repair estimate.
  2. self propelled cost?

    Just bought a new 970 for less than $500,000. 10 row corn head is around $100,000. Hay head 25,000 roughly. I won't say exact numbers. A new 980 was about $25,000 more. Priced a new Deere last year, was a bit less than claas. But Deere really wants a green one on our team. Run 3 choppers trade one every year.
  3. Black stripe got new sneakers

    New seat also. Are those same size tires? What a difference that made.
  4. Got a couple out today

    That's only part of the rock. The rest fell back in the hole when we were trying to dig it out. So we just covered it up. Did not have an excavator back then, only a backhoe. I think it had some dynamite damage and it broke up while pulling on it.
  5. 782 Diesel IH mower

    Need exhaust system parts. Any good places to look. What I need seems to be no longer available.
  6. New Lease On Life For My 5088

    door kit.......Yeah ,,,,!!!
  7. 3688 tx184 auction

    Interesting ....thanks for sharing that.
  8. horses are pricey also

    Sold !,,,,,
  9. Car trivia

    First car to be Indy 500 pace car?
  10. Car trivia

    First car to have 8-track player?
  11. Thank You Patriots !!!

    I made several bets with family when they were down 21-3...... It ain't over till it's over. Never bet against Brady and the Patriots. All to easy for me to clean up. Great day in the household........for me.
  12. Remarkable Condition Oldie

    That is one big fuel tank mounted on the back of that baler.
  13. Low hour iron by Schrader Auctions

    $ 24,500 for the 3088. Was there and should of bid, it looked good.
  14. 1026 on craigslist

    Hydro delivered to repair shop and then picked up, I had one they said only thing good on it was the casing, I had a tad over $ 7,000 into it. Add whatever you would get into removing and installing onto that. We did that part ourselves. This was on a 1066.