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  1. MOST of the heat risers do not work on these motors and it does make for a PITA til they get hot. I had trouble with one of my 560's even with the heat riser so I ran some copper tubing around the top between the carb and manifold throat and ran the heater hose to it to warm it up. ---might have to change water pump IF you dont have an outlet. I did a 101 combine this way many years ago too. Also IF you have that transistorized ignition stuck in there,--THAT is part of your problem!--they do not work very good on all motors. I had to get rid of them out of 3 motors that I bought last year before I could get them to run! 574 wouldnt work til I put a different dist. with points in it, also 2 VH4D Wisconsins had to be changed back to points, so you might check to see if your timing was affected or not on your motor, that will help if it is spot on.
  2. Well after a 2 year search,--- I found a farmers son, (probably in his mid 30's,) to look at my truck. Took it to him on a monday and wednesday at 10 am he calls an says I can come get the truck as it now starts and runs. ( he said on his test drive 80 mph was no problem!!! It has NEVER ran that fast in the 8 years I have owned it!) Still needs injectors as the ones in it are getting bad but as most 7.3 parts they are NLA, so I will have to run these til they die! He said he would keep his eyes open for some better ones. Never know what he might come across. Trans. still dont shift right but I can live with that for now. The reason it wouldnt start/run was that it burned up the wiring harness in the right glow plug valve cover gasket PLUS part of the main harness AGAIN after only 5,000 miles. Main harness again NLA, so he managed to find a "repair kit" to fix it. They burn up the connectors and being an electronic motor, your dead when this happens. He said that was a MAJOR problem with most 7.3 motors. Only aftermarket harnesses are available for $800. -- totally insane! Anyway I am still on the hunt for a gm 350 motor to replace the diesel 7.3. and I found a 4 speed trans. out of a 1 1/2 ton truck and the complete clutch for a 350. with that and my 3 speed aux. it will have plenty of low end pulling power for my needs. I know this 7.3 is about shot anyway with 123,000 miles on it, so may as well junk it and go gm gas 350 and be done with it. This guy bought 2 of my neighbors junk F-250's with 7.3's in them and had both of them fixed and driveable in 4 days! They are going to use them as their farm beaters. --- He digs right in and seams to know his stuff about 7.3's, (he went thru a 7.3 school ) so guess he will have to keep mine running til I can find a motor. Still have to put new rear spring hangers/brackets on it and take the partial hoist out from under the bed and install the complete one I just got on an auction. catalitic converter is broke off at the front side so might as well get rid of the exhaust system and go with a single stack from the Y-pipe to the passenger side and a foot or so above the cab with a turnout on top. I dont drive it in town anyway and it wont make that much noise to bother anything. Anyway the total bill cost me $600. and a 706 tractor,---but what are you going to do---needed the truck BAD for this year! LOL!!
  3. Messics has a good parts view of all the stuff on the #10. I have a 10 that I use and one for parts but they are rope lift.
  4. I have a ms 250, but so far havent had any oiler trouble, course it only has less than a hundred hours on it according to the guy who gave it to me because it wouldnt run. I have a Mc Cullough EB 356 ( cs35) and it kinda acts like what you are describing is wrong with yours. Probably the same set-up and all plastic too. I think all the drive parts are worn just enough to skip enough to not oil. Just got the cs35 and it has the oiler taken off so I assume thats whats wrong with it. I am going to put it back together and see if it oils or not. --- TOTAL plastic in these newer saws and I dont think it lasts very long.
  5. Stick with your old gas motor!!!! diesel is expensive and NOT as easy to work on. Check for a motor off of a combine and see if the bolt patterns might be like yours.
  6. I have a chart in one of my service books on all the machines they were used in,--- gotta find the book now!
  7. Gas engine in the 500's was the c-146
  8. good lookin dozer. You might try PIVOT EQUIPMENT LLC and see if they can get uc parts,--they had tracks,bolts, rollers,etc. for my Case 310-g which is about as obsolete as you can get. If you contact PIVOT,-- ask for Jordan Troutman,---he knows his stuff!
  9. NOW the REAL work begins!!! LOL!! --- glad you got it out! Putting it back in will be even harder! Take your time and work safely on it!
  10. JUNK in the worst way!! --- Most useless tractor ever made! Geared too fast to do any decent work, under powered to farm with, and the list goes on!!!! LOL!!!
  11. Took the motor out of a TD-9 loader tractor one time---- it was a bear! --- I had to slide the clutch throw out bearing shaft clear out to get mine to come over the hump. I drove my shaft out to the right side. ---- Been over 23 years and CRS dont help!
  12. It will never have a mower OR loader on it. Only the big tiller and maybe the C-80 bush hog a time or two a year. The original plan was for tiller only, so thats what I am still shooting for. Back half ready for motor. ---- also gotta find a air cleaner that mounts in front of gas tank. 2504 and 2444 mount up front by the radiator. not sure if they will work on the 504 or not----doubt it cause carb hose would be facing the wrong direction! anyway progress is slow,---major garden work got in the way! lol!
  13. got a slight problem now! bell housing has holes in it! When this tractor was new, it was owned by the state of Illinois and more than likely had a side mount sickle mower on it and somebody hit a concrete head wall at high speed and ripped the mower off! Anyway it was filled in with bondo!
  14. Trying to get the 504 back together so I can use it in the gardens. So far the engine is almost back together with a new Red Power kit from IH. Crank was reground, found a complete dist for it, oil pump ready to go back in and bottom is done. This is NOT a restore project but a "fix it so I can use it" job. No new paint or frills here, just a nice working tractor when I get the motor back in. A few pix so far. Will have a few more as I go.
  15. My neighbor just bought this H-50 , gas engine too. Some of the cylinder stuff is still available from CIH. IF you can come up with the actual part #'s sometimes they can be crossed over to "will fit" parts. A pic of neighbors H-50.
  16. I think that for these---it's like Matt said ----gotta make or modify something to fit.
  17. Yup, crush fit and tabs shear off and out into the gears they go! lol! --- probably end play in the crankshaft--dont know exactly! ---- sorry no pix. of the damage, first 3 went to the junkyard a long time ago and---well I think thats where the 4'th one finally ended up at! He was NOT a happy camper about that deal! As far as the 9 itself they are a great little dozer, nice to drive and easy to haul. I would still love to have one only with a gas engine in it. ---- none of them left around here anymore ---- all went to the junkyard and I have no way to go 5 states over to get one!
  18. Sorry guys!--I hadda laugh!-- WOW! lol! gotta be a brute for punishment to mess with a junk 9!--I had 4 of them and of the 4 ,--3 of them ate the front main shells and destroyed all the timing gears--- sold the 4'th one and a month after he ran it ,--YUP ate the timing gears in it! ----front shells run too close to the crank gear that drives the rest of the timing gears and when they slide out a tad---its all over but the shoutin! I wasnt the only one that had that same problem either, so good luck on your venture!
  19. Bottom pic. is what the 9 had on it.---Top pic. is not original. --- Wish I still had my parts machine as it had good adjusters on it. I don't knoe if they were the same size as the 6 but anything is possible.
  20. When they were new, they had what they called "track grease". It was a soft gun grease that was fairly sticky so it followed the bearings around in the rollers. My uncle had a 50 D-7 Cat and we used buckets of this back in the 60's when I ran his 7 for him. The book for my 250-c, says to remove plug,( no button in these) and fill with 90 weight.---Times have changed. When I had my TD-9's I used regular gun grease in them because track grease was no longer made! ---ALL of the newer track rollers are sealed.
  21. I am still around, ole back getting worse, Now, I just had prostate cancer surgery. They removed prostate, but cancer had already spread, so time will tell what happens. Looks like my pic went away! Pbucket sposed to keep them posted, thats what I pay them to do! ---- Ya I see now it actually is a 175! ---- My bad! lol!! Ya the 250 had the 573 V-8 in it. Power shift, power steering and the whole 9 yards.
  22. Looks more like a 150 to me! I have a 250-C model, I was told its a 1976. Meet MOOSE
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