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  1. On them oil pump plates ya GOTTA rework them and make them flat again. Did some here to have extras.  The other 504 got warped , blew the gasket and the kid driving it for the park district kept runnin it after the red oil light came on and spun #4 rod, bent 2 rods and messed up the crankshaft in it. 

    I have  the motor mostly ready to set back on the other 504 now,----just lacking the time to do it!

  2. HEY!---- no fair,--- you got purple coneflowers!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!  I am still trying to get a bunch of them started in the crp acres with the other stuff. They would be great in there.

    Gonna dig a couple tater plants today and see if anything under them.

  3. Gogle the great lies!!! Wish I had a milling machine like that!!! looks good! ----- anyway I am still trying to get the carb off the Intek 22 on the junk z-force 48 mower! --- I have about had it with this POS! everytime I want to mow with it something is wrong! New switches, new electric clutch,---the list goes on and on!

  4. I used tape, ---- o.k. on water cans, earthboxes and stuff thats not outside. Got it on a 1,600 gallon water tank and it didnt hold. Pushed that patch right off when the water got up 2" above the crack.

    I think it has its place but too expensive to mess with unless your positive it will do your job.---only a temp fix and not worth the price cause you will still have to fix the leak!

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  5. We have the double flower tiger lilies here and 1 road ditch has a half mile strip growing in there.

    Finally got a bit of rain but a LOT of wind, ( 80+ mph they said) kinda messed up stuff.

    Not sure the rain will do any good now. The squash, pumpkin, melon, and cucumber vines are mostly dead. 

    Harvested most of the onions ( short day ones were small, -- long days were nice big ones but wont keep),  and some of the cabbage. Caned 7 quarts of cabbage yesterday. It looks o.k. --- The kraut is still fermenting in the cabinet. It takes 2 or 3 weeks for it to get done.

    cabbage worms took out the broc. and cauliflower this year and spray didnt slow them down a bit for some reason.

    Looks like the 1,500 donated tomato, pepper, and basil plants are starting to grow with this rain now so might make it.

    The potatoes are starting to die as  well and not much under them that I can find by scratchin around the plants. Guess I will dig up a couple plants and see whats there.

    Sweetcorn was a bust totally this year. 2 plantings never came up and the first one only got 4 feet tall when its S'POSED to be 7 or 8 feet tall. Found a few ears yesterday and they were tasteless! Dont even taste or smell like corn! I mowed most of it down.

    Greenbeans didnt do anything early, so planted some late ones and they are just starting to bloom so we see what they do.

    Not going to freeze dry anything this year cause the quality is so low and the weather too hot to run either one of the freeze driers right now.








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  6. got soaked before I got back to the truck last night mowing waterways at the farm. It came up fast and hard! 

    Looks like the big bluestem is starting to grow now. Its 7 feet tall in places. Little bluestem and switchgrass are about 3 feet now.

    Got the chisel plow out and ready for the byer to drag home.




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  7. Finally got the tire back on the 2444 and so far its holding. It only takes 8 pounds of air to hold the tractor and mower up so I am ready to mow as soon as the grass dries off. Got a light all day  drizzle here yesterday.

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  8. Patched up the tube and tire for the 2444 and put it all back together,--- well flat again! Small leak around one patch. Had to use 3 to cover the hole. anyway after taking it off again I put 2 more patches on it and a new valve core so hope this holds! GOTTA mow the waterways again at the farm. Dont care for the batwing jobber cause it does a TERRIBLE job cutting! Cant beat my little C-80 3 point jobber for doing a good job.

    sold the chisel plow and 2 orange tractors this past week too, plus the 184.

    one 13 x 13 boot patch, an 8 inch one and a 6 inch one in the tire.

    Finally got most of the gator scales  off the rim and splashed some green paint on it to keep it from rusting and make tire slide easier going back on.




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  9. I use a kraut board that has 3 sharp blades in it to cut cabbage for kraut. Makes nice thin pieces.

    I dont use the box on mine cause its just in the way! lol!




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  10. Harvested the early onions and some of the early cabbage and took part of it to the mission . Gave some to a few friends on Facebook and kept a few onions for us.

    Cut up 2 heads of cabbage for kraut. 2 jars is enough for us and its in the fermenting stage now. Had good luck with these lids in the past so we try again. Wanted to do a jar of dill pickles but cuc's quality not up there this year so wont be doing any this year unless there are some later plants producing. I did plant some later seed to see if they would make anything or not. Maybe the weather will get better by that time.

    Dug a couple potato plants and got 2 decent spuds and 6 golf ball sized or smaller  ones. Wont be many this year.






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  11. IF the pump sat for 6 years before you ever decided to use it, WHY??? pump could be stuck inside now again! Seen this before! Not sayin its your problem but something to keep in mind. More than likely you have the timing on the diesel side WAY off. You have to time them on the gas side then on the diesel side. Same as t-d9's  which I had 6 of at one time and went thru 2 of them with similar problems.

    Check the diesel timing carefully as they are VERY picky about the run spot needed!

  12. Planted 1,500 tomato and pepper plants that the local nursery donated to us. Bout have the rim ready to put back on the 2444 so I cant go mow the waterways again, found a bee guy to put a dozen or so bee hives in the farm flowers, got the z-force 48 starter fixed and mowed the yard and orchard.

    Still trying to get the bubcat 500 to start. Mag looks new inside but no spark. Cant get mag off without taking motor out and THAT aint gonna happen on my watch so I guess another thing to push off in the hole and bury!

    Did get part of the driveshaft out of the f-350 ,--- now to get the seal out of the diff. and put in a new one.

    Got spark on the 240, now to clean carb and hook up a small temporary gas tank and see if it runs or not. Neat little tractor if I can get it runnin! lol!!

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  13. Unless your name is on the deed with moms you are SOL!  GET LAWYERS ON THE JOB!  Costly yes BUT that is the only way to save the farm and even then its sketchy in todays world!!!!

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  14. Last summer I BRAZED my 97  f-350 diesel truck tank. It looked like swiss cheese riddled with holes in the bottom. I cleaned the whole bottom and had the tank upside down with an air hose blowing inside the tank but really didnt need it. didnt have a shop vac which would probably work too.

    I went over every small dark spot and put a dab of bronze rod on them. Took 4 hours to do it.

    Anyway the tank dont leak anymore

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