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  1. Been off the internet for a while cause stupid microsoft tried to put w-11 on my 6 year old computer that wont handle it and destroyed the motherboard! 

    Anyway I did cobble up another unit so I am back til they destroy this one! Lost all my passwords and the ones I had written down didnt work anymore so I been guessing at them! Just figured the one out for this forum today.

    also lost several thousand pix. but I have copies of the important ones and they are safe. 

    Any of you guys had this happen to you yet?

    And I did even get me a different desk while I had everything tore up! lol!


  2. Just got this one yesterday, --- Really rough but has possibilities. I think I have enough parts to fix it so the challenge is on!! LOL!! My plan is to take the 3-pt. off the broken frame 154 and the creeper gear, steering box, steering bell crank, and complete pto unit off of parts 185.

    Motor in this one was stuck a bit  but I got it loose fairly easy. motor oil is black and almost empty so motor is probably toast. Could put the 185 motor in it if I had to,--at least the block. I like the starter and alternator  setup on these,---NO belt drive starter! anyway a couple pix of the project as it sits in the trailer. Mower is fixable IF you wanted one --which I dont so it went on the junk pile for now. it has good blades, bearings, pulleys, etc. The shell needs some patches welded on it and it would be good to use. I mow with the Z-Force 48 so I dont need mowers on the 154, 185, or the 184.

    The parts on the 154 and 185 look like they are the same so thats the plan. If you know for sure , let me know. The 184 is a bit different in some areas than the others but look to be minor.




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  3. Here are pics of the Abbot Bros. hitch. They are built like a tank!

    Pic 1 cylinder mounts,--one on each side. I used 4' bore jobbers on mine.

    Pic 2 rear view,---I had to cut and widen it 8 inches to fit 560. They are wider than the SMD was.

    Pic 3 is the under lead brace and bolts up on the front where the cornpicker cylinder goes,--also front of main drawbar mounts here

    Pic 4 is the cross bar the used and on the front is a ball that the round rod slides in. I never got mine welded back on after I widened the hitch.

    Anyway this is kinda an idea of how this one is made. It has all kinds of adjustments on it too.






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  4. Matt!! HI! Ya, the cylinders go over the axles! --- Hey,--I will get pix of it and post them here for you, ---Mine is still on the older 560 ----still need to take it off and put it on the other 560. ( another "to do" that is not done yet!)

    The hitch has 2 main parts,--1 lower and one upper that all clamp to the axle where the picker,cultivator, etc mount to. Then the cylinders lay down next to your platform.

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  5. Alki gas is this gas we are forced to use now that has corn wiskey in it! Damn crap destroys the motors!

    Hardtail!-- ole buddy! --- I am still kickin, still fightin the prostate cancer and still wearin diapers! lol! Been doin my 4.5 acre garden and donating most of the produce to the Midwest Food Bank in Bloomington, Il.

    We process what we need and donate the rest.

    Got the 420 to log with. Was lookin for a 340 IH but none to be had so I ran into the 310 Case and found out the reverse idler shaft was junk in it,---well there aint no more to be had since these 310's all ate them like candy!!! Guess it was a design flaw by Case when they started them. Anyway I ran into this 420 and its S'POSED to run. I figure it should be o.k. cause somebody spent a LOT of money on the new undercarriage on it. I was told by a friend of the former owner that they last ran it 10 years ago then parked it in a shed where it sat til I got it. It was on a concrete floor and in a dry shed so I figure it might be worth trying so I brought it home,--got the motor loose and thats as far as I got so far.

    Got busy trying to get ready for winter,--course you are NEVER actually ready! LOL!

    Did some loggin with the 1835-b skidloader this summer. Sis and I cut a bunch of trees down and saved the logs, tossed the brush into the Vermeer 1600 chipper ( slant power!!)  and the midsized stuff was cut into firewood lengths and stacked on the street with a free sign on the pile. Nothing is going to waste,--the chips are being used for a path across her property and works well. She already had a chip path that lasted nearly 10 years and we are putting another layer on it.

    I need the small crawler to go down the hills to get more logs and the skidloader has its limits so gotta watch what I grab with it. The NH L-781 is here at home with the forks on it to move logs and stuff around with.

    A few pix of the saw and the log peeler, oh, and the 1835.  I try to knock off some of the bark to get rid of the sand that the wind imbeds in it. I keep the logs clean to start with which helps.

    This is by no means a commercial OR professional operation!! LOL!







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  6. The tracks on my 310 are junk so I ordered new chains and bolts from Pivot Equipment Parts in Indynapolis ,In. --- they had them in stock last year. If you call them ask for Jordan Troutman,--if he is still there he knows all about these and will make suggestions and answer your questions about the tracks.

    I also have a 420-w utility tractor that has the Davis 100 loader and backhoe. It has long axles so it can be set for row crops. A village 17 miles from here bought it new in 1956 or 57 and later sold it. The hoe got taken off and sold but I later stumbled upon it 10 miles of its original home and its now back with the tractor,---I dont have it put back on yet.

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  7. JD 420-c loader I just got. I needed one and since I still cant find a reverse idler shaft for the Case 310 I found this little guy. New undercarriage and pads on it years ago then never used much,--ended up sitting in a shed for eons and motor was slightly stuck which I got loose fairly easy. When they last ran it,--probably had alki gas and that will stick a motor in a flash if not started often

    I will need a grille for it too,--they really messed this one up. I got the hood and front guard for it,--have no idea why they took the guard off in the first place.




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  8. look on flea bay or Amazon! Sometimes you can find odd stuff on there. Some is reasonable some not,--just gotta pick thru the crop! I just got another old Craftsman all cast iron jobber and the motor just trips the breaker when you turn it on,---has the original Craftsman tag on the big old motor. The one I use has a motor with a shaft on both ends and it was a replacement at some point before I got that saw. These saws were built to last, cut great, and are not "tinny" sounding when running.

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  9. Mine is a Abbot Bros. made in Blytheville, Ark. Its heavy, has 2 cylinders on top and will lift anything you hook it up to. Dont know how many the guys ever made but I widened this one out 8" to fit on one of my 560's after I got rid of the SMD's. Still have it on one 560.

  10. Maybe he didnt know how to use a clutch OR was too lazy!--todays people are getting scary!!  As for working,---probably would IF pump/motors/oil tank were big enough.

    Not much weight involved. Hydro combines weigh WAY more than this and are hydro powered so ya it is possible to do but WHY????

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  11. There is a field near here that is the 20's and when the wind and hail hit us last month, you can see a rabbit runnin across the field! its that flat,--stalks like your pinkie and wouldnt stand up. Field across the road from him is wide rows and only leaning so it kinda depends on where you are, and what you want to do with the corn, if chopping it,---then broadcast it will give you the tonnage.

  12. Do what you will end up doing from the start-----Tear it down! You will waste more time trying to get it loose.

    I would take the plugs out and dump some diesel in there and give it a couple jerks with a chain and if that dont loosen it, get the wrenches out.

    Even IF you got it loose the rings most likely are stuck and you would never be happy with it!

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  13. put one in orbit at 72 mph with the 94 W-900 I used to drive. Never saw it come out of the ditch so nothing I could do but hit the stupid thing. Sent it across the road in front of another truck and wrapped it around a sign post. Put a slight dent in the bumper and bent some of the bottom of the grille. Got super lucky on that one.

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  14. I am working on it,---gonna take time to fix it. --- trans is the thing that is really annoying the way it shifts. might have to see if trans shop could set the thing to shift right. It used to shift at 1500 to 2000 all the time. (neighbors new 250 diesel shifts at exactly 1500 in every gear unless you stand hard on it, which there is no need to. I been helping him move stuff and drive his pulling his 34' trailer)

    On mine at 1750 it is runnin at 55 mph --- 60 usually at 2100. Have no idea of what the axle is,--cant find tags or info. on it. It moves down the road decent when its running and I dont expect it to pull my trailers at any 55 or 60 mph,--no need to.

    Its what I have and I just have to dump parts in it as I can raise the money to pay for them, then have them put on. I cant get up on the motor to work on it myself. I can do the oil check/add/change and trans fill/check. Uses trans fluid by the quarts and no leaks that anybody can find, so that is a " live with it deal" which I have for 8 years.( another reason for a manual trans)!! LOL!

  15. Everybody has the right to their own opinions!---Ya-- even ME! I know what I have to work with and I dont have your deep pockets so I gotta squeeze buy on a lot less and make the most of what I have.

    Anyway I found the pix of the old truck took these last summer, so it was dead at that point.

    Hope the injectors run til I can raise enough money to get different ones. --- never liked re-built ones but looks like that would be the only way to go.

    For now it has been getting me back home every night,---- slow but we get here and thats all I ask of it. I dont like the thought of walking when it does die!



  16. This is a 1997 Ford F-350 one ton 2-wd, dual wheel flatbed dump truck with a 6 ton hoist under the bed, and has some morph metric automatic trans. in it that never has shifted right.

    I grew up on manual trans. trucks and cars, plus all of our tractors had clutches in them, in fact ALL of our equipment had clutches.

    As for finding a 1-ton dual wheel chevy,--- thats out! none to be had around here and I cant afford a late model one, gotta be around 97 or so.

    Got a 460 somebody stuck in my bucket truck and its a pos! carb not right on it. That is another thing I gotta work on, PLUS the broken pinion shaft in the rear end. ( thats another nightmare)

    Anyway I have put chevy motors in many ford trucks,---- VERY easy to do. Just gut the ford and start mounting the motor, then the manual 4 speed trans., then my 3-speed aux trans and cut/weld up whatever driveshaft that is needed. lol. ----- with the 2 transmissions I will have all the gears I need for runnin the road or around here local pulling my big trailer moving the loaders and once in a while a backhoe. I usually just pull it with a big towbar if not going very far.

    Not a fan of 454, 366, or any of the chevy orphans. 350 was the best one after the 283, which I ran one of forever! lol! Pic of old blue! I made that truck out of parts from a little of everything. Course the 283 had to have stacks! LOL!

    Thought I had a pic of the Ford but cant find it right now, gotta take another one of and post. I love the truck itself,--just hate the motor and transmission in it! LOL!


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  17. well,-- it was 35 degrees today,---no way in **** it ever started for the last 8 years, so give it a try just for the **** of it,---3 runs on the wait to start light, hit starter and it ripped over twice and was runnin! NEVER in the 8 years would it ever start below 55 degrees, so this guy does know his stuff and no he dont do Dorman parts. He tries to get as close to original as possible.

    Still hate 7.3's BUT its runnin and thats what I need for now! --- not trying to be hateful here, but everyone has their opinions and I do respect that fact! Thanks guys!

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