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  1. put one in orbit at 72 mph with the 94 W-900 I used to drive. Never saw it come out of the ditch so nothing I could do but hit the stupid thing. Sent it across the road in front of another truck and wrapped it around a sign post. Put a slight dent in the bumper and bent some of the bottom of the grille. Got super lucky on that one.
  2. IF you make the boxes out of tin that is slick and tall it might help. they go up wood like it aint even there!lol!
  3. There was/is millions of them out there for sure and work for some people I guess!
  4. I would be happy with the 225 hp that the tag on the valve cover states!!!
  5. just junked my 706 last month! Wish I would have known you wanted a factory 3-pt. ,-- the only thing I have left is the new 18.4 x 34 rears and the fronts.
  6. SONNY

    97 F-350, 7.3

    I am working on it,---gonna take time to fix it. --- trans is the thing that is really annoying the way it shifts. might have to see if trans shop could set the thing to shift right. It used to shift at 1500 to 2000 all the time. (neighbors new 250 diesel shifts at exactly 1500 in every gear unless you stand hard on it, which there is no need to. I been helping him move stuff and drive his pulling his 34' trailer) On mine at 1750 it is runnin at 55 mph --- 60 usually at 2100. Have no idea of what the axle is,--cant find tags or info. on it. It moves down the road decent when its running and I dont expect it to pull my trailers at any 55 or 60 mph,--no need to. Its what I have and I just have to dump parts in it as I can raise the money to pay for them, then have them put on. I cant get up on the motor to work on it myself. I can do the oil check/add/change and trans fill/check. Uses trans fluid by the quarts and no leaks that anybody can find, so that is a " live with it deal" which I have for 8 years.( another reason for a manual trans)!! LOL!
  7. SONNY

    97 F-350, 7.3

    Everybody has the right to their own opinions!---Ya-- even ME! I know what I have to work with and I dont have your deep pockets so I gotta squeeze buy on a lot less and make the most of what I have. Anyway I found the pix of the old truck took these last summer, so it was dead at that point. Hope the injectors run til I can raise enough money to get different ones. --- never liked re-built ones but looks like that would be the only way to go. For now it has been getting me back home every night,---- slow but we get here and thats all I ask of it. I dont like the thought of walking when it does die!
  8. SONNY

    97 F-350, 7.3

    This is a 1997 Ford F-350 one ton 2-wd, dual wheel flatbed dump truck with a 6 ton hoist under the bed, and has some morph metric automatic trans. in it that never has shifted right. I grew up on manual trans. trucks and cars, plus all of our tractors had clutches in them, in fact ALL of our equipment had clutches. As for finding a 1-ton dual wheel chevy,--- thats out! none to be had around here and I cant afford a late model one, gotta be around 97 or so. Got a 460 somebody stuck in my bucket truck and its a pos! carb not right on it. That is another thing I gotta work on, PLUS the broken pinion shaft in the rear end. ( thats another nightmare) Anyway I have put chevy motors in many ford trucks,---- VERY easy to do. Just gut the ford and start mounting the motor, then the manual 4 speed trans., then my 3-speed aux trans and cut/weld up whatever driveshaft that is needed. lol. ----- with the 2 transmissions I will have all the gears I need for runnin the road or around here local pulling my big trailer moving the loaders and once in a while a backhoe. I usually just pull it with a big towbar if not going very far. Not a fan of 454, 366, or any of the chevy orphans. 350 was the best one after the 283, which I ran one of forever! lol! Pic of old blue! I made that truck out of parts from a little of everything. Course the 283 had to have stacks! LOL! Thought I had a pic of the Ford but cant find it right now, gotta take another one of and post. I love the truck itself,--just hate the motor and transmission in it! LOL!
  9. SONNY

    97 F-350, 7.3

    well,-- it was 35 degrees today,---no way in **** it ever started for the last 8 years, so give it a try just for the **** of it,---3 runs on the wait to start light, hit starter and it ripped over twice and was runnin! NEVER in the 8 years would it ever start below 55 degrees, so this guy does know his stuff and no he dont do Dorman parts. He tries to get as close to original as possible. Still hate 7.3's BUT its runnin and thats what I need for now! --- not trying to be hateful here, but everyone has their opinions and I do respect that fact! Thanks guys!
  10. MOST of the heat risers do not work on these motors and it does make for a PITA til they get hot. I had trouble with one of my 560's even with the heat riser so I ran some copper tubing around the top between the carb and manifold throat and ran the heater hose to it to warm it up. ---might have to change water pump IF you dont have an outlet. I did a 101 combine this way many years ago too. Also IF you have that transistorized ignition stuck in there,--THAT is part of your problem!--they do not work very good on all motors. I had to get rid of them out of 3 motors that I bought last year before I could get them to run! 574 wouldnt work til I put a different dist. with points in it, also 2 VH4D Wisconsins had to be changed back to points, so you might check to see if your timing was affected or not on your motor, that will help if it is spot on.
  11. Well after a 2 year search,--- I found a farmers son, (probably in his mid 30's,) to look at my truck. Took it to him on a monday and wednesday at 10 am he calls an says I can come get the truck as it now starts and runs. ( he said on his test drive 80 mph was no problem!!! It has NEVER ran that fast in the 8 years I have owned it!) Still needs injectors as the ones in it are getting bad but as most 7.3 parts they are NLA, so I will have to run these til they die! He said he would keep his eyes open for some better ones. Never know what he might come across. Trans. still dont shift right but I can live with that for now. The reason it wouldnt start/run was that it burned up the wiring harness in the right glow plug valve cover gasket PLUS part of the main harness AGAIN after only 5,000 miles. Main harness again NLA, so he managed to find a "repair kit" to fix it. They burn up the connectors and being an electronic motor, your dead when this happens. He said that was a MAJOR problem with most 7.3 motors. Only aftermarket harnesses are available for $800. -- totally insane! Anyway I am still on the hunt for a gm 350 motor to replace the diesel 7.3. and I found a 4 speed trans. out of a 1 1/2 ton truck and the complete clutch for a 350. with that and my 3 speed aux. it will have plenty of low end pulling power for my needs. I know this 7.3 is about shot anyway with 123,000 miles on it, so may as well junk it and go gm gas 350 and be done with it. This guy bought 2 of my neighbors junk F-250's with 7.3's in them and had both of them fixed and driveable in 4 days! They are going to use them as their farm beaters. --- He digs right in and seams to know his stuff about 7.3's, (he went thru a 7.3 school ) so guess he will have to keep mine running til I can find a motor. Still have to put new rear spring hangers/brackets on it and take the partial hoist out from under the bed and install the complete one I just got on an auction. catalitic converter is broke off at the front side so might as well get rid of the exhaust system and go with a single stack from the Y-pipe to the passenger side and a foot or so above the cab with a turnout on top. I dont drive it in town anyway and it wont make that much noise to bother anything. Anyway the total bill cost me $600. and a 706 tractor,---but what are you going to do---needed the truck BAD for this year! LOL!!
  12. Messics has a good parts view of all the stuff on the #10. I have a 10 that I use and one for parts but they are rope lift.
  13. I have a ms 250, but so far havent had any oiler trouble, course it only has less than a hundred hours on it according to the guy who gave it to me because it wouldnt run. I have a Mc Cullough EB 356 ( cs35) and it kinda acts like what you are describing is wrong with yours. Probably the same set-up and all plastic too. I think all the drive parts are worn just enough to skip enough to not oil. Just got the cs35 and it has the oiler taken off so I assume thats whats wrong with it. I am going to put it back together and see if it oils or not. --- TOTAL plastic in these newer saws and I dont think it lasts very long.
  14. Stick with your old gas motor!!!! diesel is expensive and NOT as easy to work on. Check for a motor off of a combine and see if the bolt patterns might be like yours.
  15. there is no money to pony up,-- so its starting year 2 with no 1 ton truck. right now I have to concentrate on these health problems so the truck is the last thing to get fixed. As for "FREE FIX" , the truck was at a CERTIFIED shop and they looked at it and said junk the motor,---WHY I dont know,-- they said it has so much wrong that it needs a new motor. That dont surprise me either! Any way IF I ever start taking out bolts,--I wont quit till all I have left is the driveshaft! LOL! And YES my 350 did pull the big trailer with no problems.
  16. 2 NEW fuel filters were tried---STILL no go. Fuel pump working, so ruled that out. Could be the main brainbox itself! No way for me to test that. as for the chevy motor setup----all I need right now is a good motor! -- and yes I have put chevy motors in fords and internationals, so cuttin/welding is no problem. I never run any more than 1750 on the tach. on this one. My 94 chevy with the 350 only had to run 1500 and yes it pulled the tri-axle trailer at 50 with no problem. My 300 in the 150 will out pull this 7.3 but the truck wont hold up the big trailer. neighbor says its still worth $5,000 the way it sits. the cab is good since it was never ran much in the winter.
  17. My neighbor has owned 6 of them over the years and had from 250 to 450,000 miles on them but he bought them new! Cam sensor is good on this one since the tach hand starts moving with the starter running. 6,000 miles ago a guy that SAID he could fix it put all new Ford parts on it. Turbo turbo pedistal glow plugs and harness high pressure oil pump and drive gear several sensors At that time he found the high pressure oil pump drive gear broke and laying in the bottom somewhere. ---- well it acts the same way now so who knows what is wrong! Oh and after all of this it cost $5,000! and only ran 6,000 miles! Another guy says that 1 injector miss fires on the idle but picks up under load. That is the knocking that I heard when it idled. I checked the simple wire unplug tests that was suggested and no go on them. I dont have testers/scanners that will work on diesel motors.---mine are only for gas motors. as for power,---nothing to write home about but I got along with it. On my general tri-axle trailer it would run about 30 mph tops with my skidloader on it.-- 14,000 pound dump trailer we could sneak 35 to 45 depending on the road. Truck by itself would run anywhere from 40 to 70 depending on how it felt. Foot to the floor made no difference. I love the truck but its doing me no good sitting here in the way. What I need is a 350 Chevy motor, 5 speed dump truck transmission and my 3 speed aux transmission to put in this truck, THEN I would have a real truck. BUT since the money is not available to put in the truck anymore sadly its junk. Still looking for somebody to at least look at it with testers and see if it shows anything so I would know where to start. Last problem is that I cant get up on the motor to do much. Old health problems getting to the point that I have to be able to stand to work on stuff, cant lay over fenders anymore! Sorry for the long post and if any of you have suggestions of how to test anything else on it,--please let me know and thanks for bearing with me!!
  18. My junk 7.3 has been sitting for a year now----cant get anybody to work on 7.3's around here! I need the truck and right now cant find a gas truck to replace it. 97 F-350, great truck, just dont have decent motor or transmission in it. Found a couple more 350's,--- same deal they dont run. Mine has 118,000 miles on it and the last 6 years has cost me several thousand dollars because it was always broke down. Its been towed more miles than its been driven. Neighbor says the 7'3 is a 60,000 mile throw away motor and I am about believing him now! I am not able to work on this thing since I dont have all that special testing crap needed to work on them. Glad you are able to work on your own!
  19. Thats why I keep my CDL up to date and can drive anything with air brakes, doubles, triples, or rocky mountain doubles, tankers, etc. Once then get your name on their hit list you will always be a target to get stopped just because they can! Better to be safe than take chances,-- unless you have DEEP pockets and great lawyers to help you! ( which I dont have either!)
  20. Best to have your CDL and not worry about because the law can twist thing around to suit themselves and hand you a ticket! ---SAD but true!-- the country has gone to the commies!
  21. I saw that one on marketplace!---an orphan for sure, never saw such thing before!
  22. I had a 616 with all 3 heads back in the 60's. We chopped dry hay with the pickup head then switched to the direct cut head and custom chopped green hay for others. The corn head want on in the fall and dad and I chopped our sorghum that grew 16 to 18 feet tall. GREAT old machine too! Here are a few pix of our sorghum job, and yes it did grow 16 to 18 feet with a few stalks reaching 22 feet. It was Pioneer brand 999 forage sorghum and was only in production for a few years then dis-continued so we had to switch to sorghum-sudan cross which grows MUCH shorter! Enjoy the pix and thanks!
  23. Its area specific! ---around here you have to have CDL for most anything operated for pay. In this area you have to have to have CDL to drive for the township, county, and state, even if its just their pickup or small skidloader. -- check your LOCAL laws first and see what they recommend to be safe!
  24. I have put everything know to man on mine and they are still stuck.--and I was told after I bought the 250 that it had new tracks and new right final put on it and sat by a shed for 6 years and never ran after all that work. --- also it got roof runoff on the right track every time the roof dripped!
  25. AMEN on the bad back,--then crawl up on MOOSE and go! ---a real killer for sure!
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