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  1. He dropped off the bank and got hung up on something under the belly from the looks of it!---Ya them slick tracks are kinda useless BUT ya gotta have them on loaders!
  2. My neighbor has a 560 that does that same thing, but ALL 560's are that way! lol! You just have a cold blooded 504! I still think the passages in these carbs are too small and get plugged with dirt/rust and then you can never get them open again. I have messed with one of my 560's ---- same deal acts like low speed channel is partly blocked. carb cleaner dont seam to work on them either and the passages are so you cant get a wire thru to poke out the dirt.
  3. SONNY

    Td-9 help

    Now the REAL work starts! Good luck with it!
  4. The filter takes a min. of 1 quart and sometimes more. My 68 580 takes more than book says. I fill to the full line whatever it takes.
  5. Around here every motor drinks from the same bucket. I only get 1 oil and everybody drinks it. ---even the Explorer.
  6. SONNY

    Td-9 help

    In a shed, down in the dirt! ---- Ya you got a major job ahead of you and it will be VERY slow process to ever get the tracks loose. Sheds are a machines worst enemy! --- they always sweat during most of the year and never dry out in there. Clutches will be stuck! --- I had 4 9's over the years and all of them had stuck clutches when I got them. 3 of them were still stuck when I sent them to chimna! As stated, -- soak with diesel fuel and used oil at 50-50 mix and hook a BIG tractor on each end and go back and forth til they give. Your steering clutches will be stuck and can only be gotten loose by taking them out and clean the plates in them and put it all back together. Do not leave them sit for long periods of time without using them or they will stick again. Is the motor stuck? check that before you do anything else---if motor turns with master clutch lever snapped forward then master is not stuck. If motor is stuck then master could also be stuck and then nothing is going to roll. all you can do is drag it. If you gotta do a fast move, get 2 wreckers and lift it up and back your truck under it and go! 9's are notorious for stuck clutches and stuck injection pumps. Also they LOVE front main bearing shells! All4 of mine ate the front shell and broke all the timing gears! Mine had that same blade that yours has. Its a Dakota blade and they are a very nice blade but just need to be mounted on something other than a 9. Dont get me wrong here---a 9 , when it runs will do a lot of work but they are next to impossible to keep running. Good luck on your venture!
  7. Agree with rustred ----- that would give you a better idea of what area its coming from! I did that on a Cummins 555 and found it leaking under the bottom of 1 sleve, so the cardboard trick does work in helping find the point of origian of leaks.
  8. You probably smoked the transmission real good if its stuck in gear. ---- --- Find the oil leak first then go from there. You could get lucky and install new seal and run it to get oil back into the shift parts and they could come loose, doubtful but always a chance. IF that dont work--- I'm afraid it's time for a teardown and manually loosen parts up again, and hope nothing is damaged beyond repair, cause you wont find any new parts for them. Junkyard supply is your only hope and they wont be cheap either.. Neighbor got lucky with his H-50. We loaded over 500 loads of hard millings with it and had no problems, well cept we had to keep the gas truck close by! -- Ya it LOVES the gas but ran like a champ! His got the 806 motor in it. Best of luck with yours!
  9. IF its like the 2444, its a 3/4 shaft. I have one out here but its a solid plate on both ends and bolted direct to crank pulley. I saved a few parts of the tractor when I junked it. Tractor had a 2001 IH loader on it. Never did figure why they put a front mount pump for the loader when the tractor internal pump was good.
  10. The steering unit is bad. I have seen many like that and the best way to fix them is replace it. ----most of them are worn out internally and even if you rebuild them you still have a worn out unit. I have been lucky on my 508ck's so far. one is just starting to go out but still usable. These steering motors are like injection pumps ------ require special tools and training to work on them.
  11. Since it has a junk loader stuck on it, ----- PASS it up! its been wrecked!! NEVER buy a tractor that has/had loaders on them! Clutches and front ends are always trashed on them! ----been down that road before! As for price $500. tops in this area!
  12. What about the D handle on the side of the hitch? There are slots on the bar to adjust something. --- I have the fh on my 340-u and TOTALLY hate them! ---Check all of the levers for full travel. I have seen some of them loose on the shaft and dont give full travel of the hitch. I never saw one on a 806 ----- IH was bad about hanging them on 560's and 340's! My 806 has standard drawbar, no 3-pt. or fh on it.
  13. These tractors are not hard to split---- they are not heavy and dont have that many bolts holding them together. I am currently working on a 504 and thinking about taking the mid section from a 2504 to replace my damaged housing. I took my engine out to rebuild it and its almost ready to go back in. To just split in half it would be a piece of cake. I had to go a bit further on mine. 2504 and 504 are the same basic tractor.
  14. Get the heaviest one you can get! ---- even if you have to wait on one! The light ones were too light to start with----thats why they went out! Got a problem in my Case 310 crawler reverse idler gear -----Bearings WAY too light to start with!
  15. NOW the REAL work begins!!! LOL!! --- glad you got it out! Putting it back in will be even harder! Take your time and work safely on it!
  16. everything comes from chimna these days, so thats what you are stuck with. I just replaced the heat gauge itself on my 504 ---- just took old one out and put new one back in the same hole. Next is to get rid of the oil light and put gauge in the dash somewhere.
  17. Took the motor out of a TD-9 loader tractor one time---- it was a bear! --- I had to slide the clutch throw out bearing shaft clear out to get mine to come over the hump. I drove my shaft out to the right side. ---- Been over 23 years and CRS dont help!
  18. I was told by an IH salesman that the only difference between them is the tin. ---- parts should interchange.
  19. If you do decide to reuse them, --- dressing them as smooth as possible would help. Problem with that is you also remove the hard surface on them making them more prone to melting. Diesels have more heat/pressure than gas. Yes it would be costly now days and new parts are getting scarce for these motors. BEFORE you go any further, please have machine shop magnaflux the head as the SMD's and 400, 450 along that line had a real bad habit of cracked heads due to operator /owners not shutting them down the right way! I used to have 2 SMD's and they were great tractors till the head cracks! I used to haul hay and straw with one of mine pulling a 34 foot Fruehauf flatbed trailer with 300 bales per load and pulled it 34 miles to the barn, unload and come back home and load up for the next day. I was lucky to have gotten 2 tractors that had good heads so never had any problem with them. My uncles farmed 1400 acres with 2 of them till they got a 1206 the first year they came out ----had rear end problems all the time with it. Then they traded up to 1466, 1486 and a 1066 to pull 2 M&W 300 bushel wagons to town. IH tractors have been great in my family and I still have a few utility models that I use here.
  20. It will never have a mower OR loader on it. Only the big tiller and maybe the C-80 bush hog a time or two a year. The original plan was for tiller only, so thats what I am still shooting for. Back half ready for motor. ---- also gotta find a air cleaner that mounts in front of gas tank. 2504 and 2444 mount up front by the radiator. not sure if they will work on the 504 or not----doubt it cause carb hose would be facing the wrong direction! anyway progress is slow,---major garden work got in the way! lol!
  21. got a slight problem now! bell housing has holes in it! When this tractor was new, it was owned by the state of Illinois and more than likely had a side mount sickle mower on it and somebody hit a concrete head wall at high speed and ripped the mower off! Anyway it was filled in with bondo!
  22. Looked at both of mine again today and there has never been any chains on them. I have been around and used the 68 with the cab since it was new and it never had anything on it. ---- hard to say the reason some had them.
  23. Neither of my 580ck's have or ever had any chains or locks----- never saw a need for them, and never had them move going down the road or across hills. IF yours are that loose,--- you need to find out what is causing it and fix it. Sounds like you need to rebuild cylinders, pins/bushings, and possibly new valve banks. Not cheap but a safe way to cure a major problem of worn out/neglected equipment.
  24. I was lookin at the 340's,----too rich for my blood so I ended up with a Case 310-G crawler loader. These smaller units are toys in most guys eyes but I find them quite useful in small places! IF I have a serious job---I get the 250-c out!!
  25. Trying to get the 504 back together so I can use it in the gardens. So far the engine is almost back together with a new Red Power kit from IH. Crank was reground, found a complete dist for it, oil pump ready to go back in and bottom is done. This is NOT a restore project but a "fix it so I can use it" job. No new paint or frills here, just a nice working tractor when I get the motor back in. A few pix so far. Will have a few more as I go.
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