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  1. I have debated to ask for prays or not over that last month. So many people need prayers and support that it is always a concern that I add one more. The Friday before Thanksgiving my Daughter, SIL, wife, and I went to Erika’s ultrasound to determine the health and sex of their new little one. We knew something was wrong when my wife and I were asked to leave. Later that day the kids shared with us that they were having a boy, however he has a condition called Sacrococcygeal teratoma. Essentially it is a tumor on his tail bone. After a battery of testing it has been classified as a type 0/1, the best news they could have gotten. Another test today, to monitor the size (yes it is large ~ ½ the size of the baby) and to make sure it doesn’t morph into a worse condition. Today they should find out the results of the spina bifida test as well. Little Hunter Michael, and my daughter Erika have a long way to go, with possible difficulty during delivery, and other complications leading up to that point. Erika and Tim have been told to prepare for the fact that Hunter will have at least 2 surgery’s, with a possibly of more within 1 to 2 day of being delivered, and could be staying in ICU for up to 3 months. Erika and Hunter may have to travel to Philadelphia for the delivery and post-delivery care. To add to our family’s struggle, my wife got a call a week after the kids got their news, that she has cancer. It has been a whirlwind of ultrasounds, MRI’s, biopsies and night after night reading and educating ourselves in the last month. Lisa now has a treatment plan and has surgery scheduled for 12/21, 3 to 4 weeks of recuperation, followed with radiation treatments, and up to a year of Chemotherapy. The bad news, is the type of cancer and it being both ER and HER2 positive. This type of cancer is fast growing and spreads easily, all worst case conditions combined. The good news is they have treatments that are effective for all, and they believe that it is early. Lisa’s condition has significantly changed our ability to help Erika and Tim with Hunter. Lisa had already started the process of taking a family leave so she would be there for Hunter and Erika. That will have to fall to someone else, and they are working on it. Lisa will have enough to deal with, with my support. As one might expect, we all have had the Why me question, being angry, moments of despair and hopeful thinking. I am sure that isn’t going to stop any time soon. Relatives and Church have been and will continue to offer support, and that is appreciated. For a person like myself this is very difficult and frustrating. I have always been the “go to guy” to fix almost anything, “Dad will get it done”, or “my husband can do that”. This is something I can’t fix for either of them, and yes that make me angry and helpless all wrapped together. I guess maybe that is why I finally am reaching out. Sorry for the long winded post.
  2. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Been a while since any updates. Lisa has completed 3 of 6 of the nastiest chemo treatments. She is amazing, managing to always be up and looking as good as possible when I get home. Most of the 2 weeks after a treatment she is extremely sick, you name it and it is happening to her, but still greets me with a smile when I get home. It sure seams like a year has gone by, but it only has been 4 months, 9 more months to go. My daughter will be having the baby in the next week, by Sunday at the latest. The tumor has grown, and the Dr cant really determine the extent it has effected him, still hoping for the best. Lisa and I were able to be with Erika and Tim when they meet with Hunter’s surgeon, reality set in at that moment. Dr explained what he was going to do, and the difficulties it presented, nearly broke my heart hearing that and watching the kids. Dr said a minimum of 5 hours and most likely longer in surgery. Hunter will be in nicu for 4 to 6 weeks after, if nothing goes wrong. It isnt me that is having chemo, or have to have my newborn get surgery, but it sure has beat me up as well. Days have gotten very long, work early, housework when I get home - Lisa just can’t even though she tries, then work from home to get ahead so I can have some time off to be with Erika at hospital because Lisa will not be able to be there for her. Helping Erika and Tim get the room ready for Hunter on the weekends, so he has a nice place to come home to, dealing with insurance companys ( got letters denying Lisa first two treatments, my god the paperwork), and helping Lisa deal with her Mom’s estate ( she passed 2 days before Lisa’s first surgery in December). Had some time this weekend to watch some BB, got to see my team, Syracuse, make it the the sweat 16, so life isnt all bad 😊
  3. prayers desperately needed

    Fantastic. Continuing prayers for continued progress
  4. Proud parent

  5. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Very sorry for the family’s loss. Your in our thoughts and prayers Tim
  6. Letter Series at Work

    Couple more
  7. Letter Series at Work

    Here is the same OS6 that SAM86 posted back in 2005 pushing brush out of the pear block
  8. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Sorry for your loss
  9. How to deal with elderly parents

    This is a very difficult subject. We all had a hand in taking care of my mother for the 9 years after dad died. Even when we all pitched in to help the majority of the work fell on my sister and I. One brother did handle her finances while that was direct care it was a big help in the when she had to go in a nursing home. I was the last hold out and wanted mom to stay in her home. To this day I still have mixxed fealings if she should have gone in the nursing home or not. Mom did get better minute to minute care, but we still had to have many conversations with the staff to get that care. Almost the same amount of work, just different. We were able to keep her home for almost 9 months before it had to sold. I was fortunate that my daughter bought it, so that eased moms mind some. Puenomia took mom from us only 3 months later. Follow your heart, but dont let it cloud your common sense. This was one of the hardest times in my life watching what age did to the people that were my parents / friends.
  10. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Prayers here in upstate NY
  11. Forum problems??

    Same problem. Also could access from iphone. Had to delete link and reestablish a new one
  12. Loadstar reliability/ reputation

    Now that is just plain funny
  13. CAD software?

    I have used Uni graphics, Solid-works, and currently using Co Create. What ever you choose, you will have to invest TIME to learn. None of the tools can be a causal use tool when trying to learn, you will become frustrated very quickly. Uni graphics was first, many years ago, I found it to be difficult to learn as a casual user. The newer version of Uni graphics has the best attributes of both Solid-works and Co Create. Company went to Solid works about the time I got heavy into design work (having the engineers do their own design - prior was to have dedicated designers). I found it intuitive to use (I can visualize the part before putting it on paper) and parametric modeling made sense to me. Most of the designers who switched from Uni graphics had a real hard time making the switch. Our company's integration of Solid works made it very prone to having crashes, that was a real issue. I moved into a different role about 6 years ago, and they were using Co create and had to switch. Non parametric modeling, Had a **** of a time making the switch, but now don't want to go back. I still use Solid works a little bit. Sometimes being able to demonstrate the motion of any assembly is useful, and the mating features in Solid works is very easy to use. (Mates in Solid works have to be used correctly or it can create havoc when making changes. I have picked up designs from other people and spent way to much time fixing stuff just to make a few small changes.) I also like the FEA package in Solid works better than Co Create. That is mostly to do with the version of Co Create I am using (older). Many of the projects I work on are huge, and I have never had a problem with Co Create pulling in the entire design, Solid works had a real issue with very large assemblies. I have never had any issues with getting designs from any other source (a lot of the companies I get design file from use Solid works and other cad systems) Co create is one of the easiest CAD system I have used to integrate files from multiple CAD systems. For the work I am currently doing, it would take me roughly 2x the time for the same designs as it did with Solid works ( I actually did a test after learning Co create - and had a hard time believing it but it was true) As always this is just my 2 cents for what it is worth. I think CAD system is almost like the question which is better John Deere or IH, a lot depends on who you are talking to.
  14. Try it again

    Congrats. Have fun with it!
  15. Need a good line drawing of a Farmall

    No problem with you using one. Pm me with your e mail and i can send.
  16. Need a good line drawing of a Farmall

    I had these drawings done by an intern (at the time) for an industrial design company I was working with. These were done from an original photograph. This was part of a door decal that went on our IH 4700 lpx. The decal shown wasn't the final version, I had the same intern do the drawing of the HOLT Crawler, as the gray image didn't blend well in the decal. I think I paid $100 to get the OS6 and the Holt picture done in line drawings. I did the KW from a picture myself. Here is a walk around video as well of the Truck when we completed it.
  17. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Lisa just completed first chemo treatment. She in for the long haul. 18 weeks of chemo, followed by 7 weeks of radiaton followed by one year of maintence chemo. She has been a trouper, not looking forward to side effects but we will manage. Daughter and unborn baby are still ok. Bady’s tumor has grown, but prognosis’s is still positive. Right now they plan on keeping them here in Rochester. The baby’s surgical team is being headed up by the chief surgen and head of the pediatrics department at strong. Baby’s condition is rare so the hve the best team set aside. Thaking it one day at a time
  18. She is home!

    👍 That is fantastic
  19. Forbidden

    Yup same thing
  20. Some People Don't Deserve Children!

    That is too good for them
  21. Distillate & Kerosene to Gasoline Conversions (?)

    Nice Pic, I always knew that there was a shield over the manifold, but have never seen one. All of them were gone on the tractors I have.
  22. Distillate & Kerosene to Gasoline Conversions (?)

    I am 90% sure they are the distillate heads. I would have to get numbers to be 100%. They run great, all three of them. Check this link out. That was a couple of years ago, daughter came home from college, said she wanted to pull. Got the W6 out of the corner of the barn where it had been for a couple of years and away she went.
  23. Distillate & Kerosene to Gasoline Conversions (?)

    Both my W6 and OS6 started life as Distillate tractors. I have had the heads off both to do valve jobs, and both are still flat top pistons, and 3 7/8 bore. I have no idea the hours on either one of them but since they are both 1946 model years, it has to be alot. Both will use a little oil, but not much. I have to believe they were over hauled sometime in the past. I run straight GAS, and that was the way they were run before I got them. My second OS6 (distillate) was my fathers, I know he put a "Power Kit" in it sometime around 1960 (He purchased it new in 1946). I believe he said it consisted 4" sleeves, pistons, rings, and a new jet for the carb. He did the valves and guides when the head was off. All I ever remember was running straight gas in that as well.
  24. rebuld a r52 combine

    Wow. Great job, cant wait to see the finish