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  1. MTO. I hope these words help…. No one fully understands Gods plans, if only we could. Lisa and I have your friend,his family and you and yours in our prayers. Simple words that I hope can give a small comfort
  2. Prayers to your little man. Prayer to the family
  3. Few more pictures of the family at the steam show. Only had Saturday afternoon, saw a bunch of nice IH tractors, didn’t get any pictures, sorry. I did score 3 H4 mag that are rebuildable. Faces of the grandsons say it all.
  4. Nothing wrong. Where ever I have worked was what needs to be done got done, even if it truly wasn’t my job. Maybe that’s why I haven’t ever had an issue getting or holding a job. Yup would have asked for manager, or the managers number and explain why the just lost a customer. Similar experience at Taco Bell (ok no comments) I was a hurry and it was the only place around. Ordered plain Tacos, got down the road a ways opened bag, not even wrapped, and all dumped put in the bag. Wrote a bad review, next day got a call from message from owner. We talked, excuses, covid, no help, you know how it is these days right. Point blank told him I would never go there again, and haven’t
  5. Moved the 46 OS6 and 46 W6 to the Canandaigua steam pageant. Everything got delayed a day because the oil cap on one of the trailer axles was missing. Got one today, so I could get stuff moved. I think thats all I’m taking this year. So far a large number of real nice IH stuff already there
  6. Thanks bitty. Rod is near state college, on the edge of the Bald Eagle State Forest, so not too far away. I will passing these ideas along, he will want to do his research (everything Rod does is researched out before moving forward) my guess is that next spring will be the timing I have yet to be at his place ( lots of pictures). They moved in Sept of 2020, and after his stroke, got covid when in the rehab facility. Lisa and I were in PA to see my sister Barb around Thanksgiving (she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer) and spent time with her during the holiday. We tried to get to see Rod then but he couldn’t have visitors at that time We are will be back near Lenhartsville in October and hope to swing by and see Rod and his wife then. Lisa and I will be helping my brother in law head back to GA. Barb and Richard were full time RVers and now that Barb is gone he isn’t up to pulling his camper that far by himself. Last spring I pulled it back to PA from Ga for him
  7. Yes on the ventrac. Just watched a few videos, and have seen them at the Pagent of Steam. Switching from mower to bucket might be hard but the right idea
  8. Looking for some help. I have a very good friend that a year ago had a stroke in his spine. Dr said that he would never walk again, but as Rod has always done he is now walking with a walker 🙏 Rod asked if I knew of something that he could use to get around his property. He lives on top of a mountain in PA and has some steep area’s. Rod and his wife had just retired, and built there dream house, moving in 2 weeks before his stroke. BTY Rods wife has Parkinson, so the house was design to accommodate her being in a wheelchair at some point. Rod wants to be able to mow, and do light cores around his place. I keep coming back to my Cub Cadet 1811 hydro, it has full hand controls, hydraulic mower lift, something like that would work. I think he needs a little bigger unit that could take a FEL, 4 wheel drive would also be nice. We did discuss a zero turn, but that would be limited for what he wants to do. Everything I have looked at has foot controls. Rod just doesn’t have the fine control in his legs to use those (his right foot drags when he walks). He has very good upper body strength, so it would be easy to fab something to assist getting on and off. I have found a couple of places that do conversions for paraplegics. I also think I would be able to design a conversion, however since he is 5 hours away I was hoping find something out of the box to get him going with Thanks for any suggestions you might have
  9. Brother had a welding fab business, and shipped stuff all over. Got a call back in the nineties asking if I could help him load out some large compressor skids he built. Got to the shop and this really nice, decked out Peterbuilt was waiting. Got him all loaded and I asked if I could look the truck over, nice guy said sure and we did a walk around. Looking around I noticed a computer screen mounted and asked about it. Driver said he was a government certified hauler and was gps tracked, and got instructions through the computer. Driver told me of some wild stuff he went through, like stopping at army base gate while they took his truck loaded it told him the route with 15 minute check points. The one that he told that was kind of scary was a load that he picked up (didn’t know what it was) in Texas. Had to be transported to CA. He was given the route with 1 hour check in and planed stopping points all the while being tracked by gps. Somewhere along the route blew a tire on the trailer, pulled off the road and by the time he was fully stopped, got a message on the computer stating not to get out of the truck. About a minute latter 2 F16’s buzzed the truck about 50 feet off the deck, and started circling. Within 20 minutes a crew showed and changed the tire and sent him on his way. Never knew what he was hauling, and he said he was glad he didn’t. There sure is some crazy stuff that happens when the stuff that doesn’t exist really does
  10. Went from the driest July to the wettest on record in 5 days here. We had over 5 inch last Saturday alone. Wife and I had last week off and it rained everyday except one. Ended up working inside the whole time, never got on the boat once ?
  11. Trimming bushes at the back of the property, need to run some gas through the generator once a year. Bought the generator during the 1990 ice storm , ran straight for a couple of weeks.
  12. Moved some boxes of wood for my SIL tonight, David brought Adian out and he got his first Tractor ride!
  13. Steering is just like the old cleatracs. Brake each side and let the differential do it work
  14. A little more progress today. Made mount plates for transmission, and did a test fit. Need to make some minor mods, the transmission shaft is about 1/4 too low
  15. Weather was warm enough to spend some time in the shop today. Got my new plasma cutter about a month ago, and its been too cold to use it. Went to plug it in, and wrong plug, ran to Lowes to get parts to make an adapter. Got that made, now where to put the plasma cutter? Found some odds and ends and made a stand for the plasma. over the welder Started to work on the transmission mounting plate. Got it cut out, and a few holes drilled. I sure wish I bought a plasma cutter a long time ago, that thing works great!
  16. timbo1946


    The IH truck I drive in the fall cat c10 went through that last year. Caught it early ( we think). New injectors, oil change. Ran it a few hours easy, changed oil and didn’t look back. Its a farm truck and only gets 20k miles a year so a little different situation than a truck that pounds out the miles every day. Hope it an easy fix for you
  17. Mark praying that the situation changes for your family. We have some family members (inlaws) that have/ still are / continue to deal with drug addiction. The cycle is very hard to change
  18. Dad made a jig to make the tracks. The “chains” are roughly 3/4 x 2 with holes drilled, the pads are 1/4 x 8 x8, and the grousers are rods, 3/8 welded on. Pipe pieces are the bushings
  19. Going to see what bolting looks like. I was able to get transmission down to 13 1/2” long, that was 1 1/2” shorter than I thought i was going to get to. Way easier to bolt up than cutting off the casting. Moves engine out another inch but want to see what this looks like. Plate will be 1/4”, with a rear support right by the sprocket. The front plate only has to keep input shaft in line
  20. Couple of hours messing around, measuring, thinking, finally made a pattern to see how the transmission mount might look like. I looked a bunch of options, finally settled on the simplest solution, even though it pushes the transmission back about 1 and 1/2” further than I wanted. Measured up for the steel I want, get that ordered this week
  21. Thanks Clay. Ordered the Kindle addition. I have switched to all electronic version of when possible
  22. What these young men went through is unimaginable to those of us that didn’t. My uncle was a navigator on a B17. He was late coming into the war, and had some close calls that he related to us. What I remember in detail was that at the end of the war he stayed on to drop relief packages over Holland. Uncle Don related in detail one mission drop where they circled the drop zone, the people were running around under the plane until they were so low on fuel they had to drop. He was sure that they dropped on those poor people. When my Dad quietly told him that we had relatives in that area of Holland, Uncle Don got very solemn and had leave the room. Many years later when this came up Uncle Don made it point to tell everyone that he never flew over Holland. I’m sure it was his way of coping. Yes we owe all our veterans our debt of gratitude, for we that have not served can’t imagine how much they have given
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