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  1. What is the purpose of this seal control knob? How do you move it? I did not want to force it. I found the control for weight adjustment that had the + and - on the lever under the left seat area.
  2. Yes I see after going back to page one and seeing the picture I had posted. I am learning a lot!
  3. OK thanks now I see after looking at the picture I had put back on page one.
  4. I have my 3&4 shift gear problem limbered up! It shaft was tight where it goes thru the shifter cover. Works like new thanks Guys!
  5. I have order a used 84 series single remote kit. I have a ? do you also think this looks like a freeze plug I will need to remove? It look's and sounds like one to me! Do you know if this is a pressure or return port?
  6. Where is it going from the banjo? Is it going to rockshaft or just dumping into transmission case.
  7. I don't know which way the oil flows into or out of the banjo fitting. When I get to work on that I will take it apart and crank engine to see which way it flows. I need to work on the shifting problem on 3&4 gear first. Thanks Guys for all your help! I think I found the parts you were talking about.
  8. Thanks Guys for all your help! I think I found the parts you were talking about.
  9. I was able to get some pictures late today. Since my tractor has no remote outlets this is all I saw.
  10. I won't be back around the tractor till Friday. I will ck and see what I find under the right side then!
  11. The tractor has no rear remote from factory. I will ck with the site you listed.
  12. On the IH 484 I just bought it does not have any SCV remote outlets. Is there a hyd power beyond plate I can add to pipe hyd pressure to a one or two section open flow spool valve? Also where can I dump the return hyd flow back into the transmission case? I am thinking this would be cheaper that trying to get all the parts from a salvage tractor parts place.
  13. Thanks for the help. Will report on what I find.
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