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  1. Rural king has wells Lamont's in the fall early winter, they don't have them here the rest of the year for whatever reason. Still well made gloves, I'll take them over kinco's any day. I'd just as soon buy them elsewhere but no one seems to have them here.
  2. Are you individual wrapping all those bales? Or online? Three or four neighbors have Anderson inlines now, super fast processing. My second cut on the other farm was three or four foot on Monday, but I think I am going to let it go as I don't think I could squeak out a third due to weather. Last year I had a bunch of second cut that didn't get much over my knees, due mostly I think to lack of hot weather late towards fall.
  3. Are you saying you're putting on 200lb of n to start, and then 50lb after first cut? 200lb of straight n seems like a lot to me, but I'm no expert on sorghum either. I'm putting on like 300+ triple 19, and then another dose after first cut if I can.
  4. I'd like to have a hopper of some sort that I can transport and dispense feed grain into bunks with, preferably with an auger. I think a 3pt would be best option for muddy winter conditions. Ideally I would like something that would hold maybe five hundred pounds, where I could drive into field drop and feed into bunks. Tired of handling sacks and getting knocked around by cows. I've looked a little on tractorhouse, but haven't seen what i am looking for. Anyone know if there is something like this for sale anywhere?
  5. How much N are you putting on initially and between cuts? I have the same mower, good machine. Has wear on it now, but no breakdowns in 16 years.
  6. Ever plant any triticale, and bale or chop it in the spring?
  7. I have always flail chopped and direct fed it. Have been thinking baling it off would get regrowth started faster and lead to overall more tonnage. Green chopping is handy and I like it, but it takes a bunch of time also. Neighbors used to right before a frost, chop it all off and make a pile. But that seems like you'd be losing over just baling and wrapping.
  8. I bought the better grade k&m floor mat, disappointed going to try fehr next. K&M headliner I thought was good, just not happy with floor mat.
  9. I wear the 804-4367 thorogoods, wide toe steel toe. They have changed model numbers and features on the boots over the last twenty years, but I've bought the same general boot for twenty years. US made Carolina's for four years before that. I really like wide toe boots, thorogood and Carolina both make them in a steel toe or metatarsal. Both high quality leather and soles. My thorogoods have a sole that seems to self clean well. Last two pairs I ordered from the union boot pro website, got a discount for being union member and couple pair of free socks which were well made us made socks. Last redwings I owned had urethane soles, they were absolutely horrible on wet steel. I farm and run heavy equipment which both require walking on wet steel on occassions. They would slide off like they were greased, never seen anything like it, never wanted another pair. Fell off a bunch of things wearing them.
  10. Weren't there similar washers on the spindles on the 1066's? Probably not right size but somebody somewhere probably makes them.
  11. Mowing sorghum, how much stubble are you leaving? If prussic acid is highest in lower portion of the stem, does fermenting in wet wrapped bales take care of that problem? Looked at mine tonight, new seeding waist high in places, second cut old seeding getting close to that tall in places. I'm not sure if I can squeak out another round of cuts after this or not, if I wait another ten days to mow that'd put me thirty days from end of Sept. Might just let it go and try for one big cut chopped instead of baled.
  12. That's part of what is confusing, so many different models some made by the company on the decal and some made by other companies and relabeled.
  13. Do they still sell the ceramic? Discs? Have to do my brakes and would like to get best possible discs, I haul with tractor on the road about everyday.
  14. nelson jr


    Why do I discount multiple reports? Because they're bull crap, that's why. Spread by guys who don't understand what they are talking about. Have a good day, goodbye.
  15. nelson jr


    As I mentioned before, all states except Hawaii, have coyotes. If every surrounding state to pa has coyotes, the rumor that ours had to be imported from Wisconsin makes no sense does it?
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