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  1. How's those tires been? I need two sets but would rather have bias.
  2. nelson jr

    1086 A/C

    Hey Pete those knock off compressors do have a blow off on them, mine does anyway.
  3. nelson jr

    1086 A/C

    You seem to have a real problem with anyone not taking your opinion as verbatim.
  4. nelson jr

    1086 A/C

    Pete I bought a York from AP this summer that has the blow off. The original guy's description is obviously same deal. I bought a Chinese compressor a couple years back, and I think it has one too but I forgot to look today.
  5. nelson jr

    1086 A/C

    Replacement york compressors the original style not Chinese knockoffs absolutely have a blow off on them. If he had blow off coming out of the port his pressure was obviously high enough to trip the high pressure switch, which it's function is to control over pressure.
  6. nelson jr

    1086 A/C

    The high side will put the light on also. What you are looking at on the compressor is a high pressure blow off. I don't know what pressure it will blow off at, but it's on there for a reason. A set of harbor frt gauges will help you figure it out.
  7. How many presidents have let our jobs leave and go overseas. How much of our wealth as a population has left this country in the form of buying imported goods. Politicians claim they have the country's interests and people's welfare at heart, and then they sell us down the river. The people who think trump is bad for the country and a bad person in general, they are brainwashed by the propaganda media. The main stream media in this country is truly the enemy of the people, their main function is maintaining public perceptions of the interests at the top. Just like most of these career
  8. Junk limestone 40 percent ca carbonate.
  9. How do you know how much calcium carbonate is in it?
  10. That's nice, like a log cabin in there.
  11. What 756 said. You have to have both pumps the same to be able to just switch them, make yours match the new one.
  12. Only pictures you saw were of the one cop kneeling on his neck. Then after everybody is prejudiced some pictures come to the surface with three out of four holding him down. Now how much other footage of the incident is there that the media doesn't want you to see, being as it helps the cops case and doesn't fit the media's general narrative. Why would the media want to provoke the situation? Because they're not news media at all.
  13. I was talking the valves on the compressor. Got a wee little bit of time in the morning, and then it's hook up and mow hay time. I never pictured this job taking so long or this turn of events.
  14. That's 2.5 million jobs while people were still losing jobs, so there were more than 2.5 a lot more.
  15. So far the gauge hoses leak, and the valves on compressor leak. Thinking about tearing one of the valves apart to see if they could be rehabed.
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