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  1. nelson jr

    dairy sales

    Tell em what the barns cost.
  2. I would have thought a bunch would have come up for sale with all the dairys going under but it's still slim pickin's on tractor house. 400 dairys quit and nobody's running flail choppers?
  3. Thanks everybody, I looked at the 19.5's and also 4wheel parts. 19.5 trailer rims I have are ten bolt and narrow, but man are they heavy, centers look like 3/8's plate. Rims like that just probably make a guy look guilty of being over weight on a truck. The silage bales and big squares I haul are heavy, I never weighed a load but I'm sure I'm over.
  4. I try to have something growing all summer. Oats and peas, sorghum, triticale. You can beat the tonnage on straight hay a number of ways. You can also plant things almost continuously all summer.
  5. I'm talking truck rims, trailer is 19.5 already.
  6. Haul bales all winter on a gooseneck, original steel rims are rusty'r than I'd like. If I replace them I'd prefer heaviest duty available, any suggestions on where to start looking?
  7. I green chop directly into a stoltzfus feeder wagon, handy as all get out for stretching pasture which I don't have enough of. MGD had one listed that looked decent. I spent 5k on this jd and expect to double that on the next one, I'd like something fairly new that would not wear out any time soon.
  8. With all the dairys going out you would think there would be a bunch for sale, but there is seldom more than a handful other than nh on t'house. Looked last night, 2 gehl, no jd, no case in. My jd the splines in the sheave that drives the main cutter are worn, sheave is three or four hundred and shaft I think is welded in and is like 1200. Could be more actually I don't remember so good anymore, and that's assuming you can still get the part. I blew the clutch assembly apart this year, my fault, but parts cost me around a grand. Parts came from iowa, they had less than ten in stock. What happens when the other inventory is gone, I don't know. It's been a good chopper and probably was real nice new, but I'm going to nh next. What ever you decide to do, I would try to know what options were available on each model. Two choppers might look identical but cutter head options might have one much more valuable than the other. Or spout extensions or controls. Also look hard at wear items and bearings. All these cheap choppers are going to be worn.
  9. Mine is getting wore, I bought it used and have put more wear on it myself. I will say it is nicely constructed with heavy gauge steel and made for some use. The controls I like also, although my hope is to get electric on the next one. Mine has six blades and six paddles on the cutter head, I still wish I could chop sorghum finer. Look on tracthouse, I betcha there are three on there. Slim pickin's on choice, I don't know if they even make them new anymore. Next spring I want to have a nh sitting here, never ran one but several guys who chopped a lot told me they were better machines. I am green chopping, oats and peas, triticale,sorghum sudan and hay. At times almost everyday in summer.
  10. Biggest coon I have heard about were mid fifties from iowa general area. Friend of mine in Wisc told me mid thirtys were fairly common there. Here in pa mid thirties is huge and fairly rare. Seventy pound coon in the wild, I doubt that happens.
  11. Looking on tracthouse you rarely see them, either did not sell many or almost none survived, in my opinion. I have a jd 972, they're about the same deal, very few on t'house. Mine is ok, it has all the options and does a fair job but is getting worn and needs to go before it gets real expensive. There was a caseih on tracthouse this fall, looking at it I didn't like the chopper/blower being belt drivin. NH and jd are both direct pto drive. My next move is to as new a nh as I can afford.
  12. Pa govenor spent like 10 mil of his own money to get elected, now what's wrong with that picture? Have to be governor for fifty years to get his money back, maybe a hundred.
  13. Those crow foot reels pack with dirt/mud bad? I just reseeded my sorghum fields with triticale, either chop and green feed or bale in the spring. How did your sorghum do? I had real good luck this year, chopped two cuts both 6 to 8 foot tall. Feed quality might have been better at shorter height, but tonnage was real good.
  14. Talladega speeds are up over 200mph now, network TV ads are talking about "the big one" as in wreck. Somebody is going to have to die driving or in the stands, before heads of nascar figure out the cars are going too fast. I started watching and going to multiple races a year back in 1988 or 87, quit doing either in early 2000's. Idiot Brian France and big dummy Mike Helton, ruined everything Big Bill France worked his whole life to build up. Bunch of idiots those two.
  15. nelson jr

    Big cat

    They have that white patch on their cheek right behind the mouth and below the eye also.
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