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  1. Junk limestone 40 percent ca carbonate.
  2. How do you know how much calcium carbonate is in it?
  3. That's nice, like a log cabin in there.
  4. What 756 said. You have to have both pumps the same to be able to just switch them, make yours match the new one.
  5. Only pictures you saw were of the one cop kneeling on his neck. Then after everybody is prejudiced some pictures come to the surface with three out of four holding him down. Now how much other footage of the incident is there that the media doesn't want you to see, being as it helps the cops case and doesn't fit the media's general narrative. Why would the media want to provoke the situation? Because they're not news media at all.
  6. I was talking the valves on the compressor. Got a wee little bit of time in the morning, and then it's hook up and mow hay time. I never pictured this job taking so long or this turn of events.
  7. That's 2.5 million jobs while people were still losing jobs, so there were more than 2.5 a lot more.
  8. So far the gauge hoses leak, and the valves on compressor leak. Thinking about tearing one of the valves apart to see if they could be rehabed.
  9. So if mine comes up four inches in five minutes, that's essentially a hundred times worse than what you said it should be. Right?
  10. The main stream media goes out of their way everyday, to try and make Trump look bad.
  11. Basically all fittings except for two or four, are flare fittings. Just regular cheapo guage set, in inches of vac. I certainly could have made something worse, but it worked ok prior maybe not great but good enough. Had it pumping for half an hour, and overall longer than that. Checked fitting tightness, everything seems tight.
  12. What's an acceptable leak rate under vacuum? Installed all new hoses and compressor and drier. It pumps down to 30 pretty quick, but leaks back up to 10 in less than 30 min. Pretty positive the valves are losing some, maybe more than the rest of the system. But I still think something in the system is leaking.
  13. Qt-1 at auction tomorrow, I have a 211 I think on my 1066. Could I switch the glass between the two, i need back glass specifically.
  14. I remember we had a fine coating of ash on the plants in the garden here in sw pa. No doubt on everything else, but the garden plants are what sticks in my mind.
  15. The people who are either protesting, or working, aren't home to answer the poll questions. My poll shows 100 percent of protesters are disapproving of being locked down.
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