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  1. Have watched it several years now, mostly for the scenery. Lots of farm land, lots of wheat or barley. Very pretty country. Seems to me the Europeans are way ahead of us in tillage equipment, and many other areas also.
  2. Guys are adding sulfur here one way or another, not everybody but enough to make you think about it.
  3. I need a y a r 211 for parts or complete switch out. Love being inside.
  4. 22 gal per acre is a lot , don't most sprays recommend 12 or 15?
  5. No expert by any means, but I would assume it just leaked down over the winter. Certainly could be the red light is burned out as well. If it was mine I would go to parts store get 134 can with a gauge and just charge it. My friend who is a professional mechanic has run 134 in the older systems probably since the 134 came out with no problems.
  6. What are you paying for those hydros? I'd like to try one for baling. I changed oil in two 414's this week while it was raining, seemed to me both rear filters held oil.
  7. Lots of fox here until coyotes showed up. Just like cats they are more likely to kill red fox than eat one. They might eat cats in certain situations, but a lot of them won't. Red's I see now are many times around people, other trappers across the country say the same thing. They can live better with people than coyotes. Recently we have some red's back, some Grey's also, and bobcats have moved in also. Bobcats are new here, really weren't any the last fifty plus years.
  8. How tall did it get? I think planted regular pearl, I could look on bag later.
  9. Wix makes the napa filters. I already run the 51789/1789 filters, taller more area in my opinion. The lower micron filters is what I would like to try. The low micron filters I ran in my car definetly kept oil cleaner longer. I've run these wix made filters probably thirty years, tractors might run couple times a week or every day other times.
  10. Forage oats will get three feet tall, provided fertilizer and temperatures are good. I have planted them every year for five years or more, maybe almost ten now. I green chop and feed mine, then plant something right behind it. Oats in late summer into fall does real well also, you can get another round of feed right thru fall. I do like the tonnage that you get from sorghum, but it's nice to have more than one option in case it frosts early or something else goes wrong.
  11. Planted pearl millet once before, would do it again. Green chopped and direct fed. It gets thick and five foot tall, not going to get taller than sorghum or sorghum Sudan. The prussic acid I don't believe a problem, it either produces very little or none, but I don't remember exact details now. Looks like sorghum until it heads, doesn't resemble foxtail type millets. You might look into triticale and peas or beans, the winter varieties will not go to head planted in spring the spring varieties will. Tonnage won't match pearl or sorghum, but some kind of seeds are better than no seeds.
  12. Looking on napa yesterday website suggested a 1747 filter as lower micron higher performance. 1789 is 24 micron, 1747 is 16 micron. Is anybody running higher performance lower micron type filters? What brand? And what is your opinion of quality of filtering? I used to run purolator low micron filters on my car, definetly kept the oil cleaner longer.
  13. I talked to a seed guy this week about short day corn, he said don't worry about it. The really short day corn has shortcomings that make the long day corn turn out just the same in the end. Last year I planted some corn to green chop real late, either July or August late. It got up six or eight feet, but the ears needed more heat and time than they got. All in all it was more feed than the second cut hay which was going no where. I try to write things down when trying new things, but I get sloppy and lazy too.
  14. Hey bitty, what day corn are you planting?
  15. Prussic acid, if you are going to plant it and graze or chop I heavily suggest you read up on the dangers associated with feeding it. Nitrates can also be a problem at times.
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