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  1. 1086 mcv gauge help

    What pressure range guage did you use?
  2. Too many humans is the primary problem. They were wanting farmers to report the quantities of methane and hydrogen sulfide emitted by livestock. Why do they want farmers to do that? So the gov can regulate us out of business. Hillary wins and we go out of business, no tractors that smoke or cows that burp.
  3. 1086 mcv gauge help

    Hey Pete how feasible would it be to run guages up into the cab so I can watch what's happening? I have a 1086 I think maybe mcv and torque are bad.
  4. 1086 t/a install question

    How much is that outfit Charlie? Do you have a website?
  5. 1086 digital tachometer

    The one on my 1086 seems to be wired into an oil pressure sending unit, like no oil pressure no power. Does that seem right Pete, or am I looking at it wrong? PS mine does not work either, but too busy to worry about it.
  6. fuel supply line dt series

    Start it up with the factory line and you can feel the vibrations from the charge pump. I was also told those pumps build head pressure against the return line, might have something to do with need for dampening. Factory style line is a lot cheaper than rebuilt pump.
  7. 1066 Boost ???

    I put one on mine, pulling round Bale wagon up hills on the blacktop it will go to 13+ a little. Depends on load, and rpm. No load and low rpm equals little to no boost pressure. I turned fuel screw up to get where I am at. 3lm turbo which seems to need a lot more fuel than the air reasearch that was stock. Actually liked the way it ran with air reasearch better, seemed to build more power at low rpms.
  8. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Pretty much everything green. 2510 shut it off or stall it hot, and walk home. Run out of gas, and walk home. 2020 nice looking shed kept tractor, that I now have 12k into. 510 Baler that would wind up big clog on one blade of green grass. 1219 mower that ate it's value in parts, and clogged almost as bad as Baler. Hate green stuff, would like to rid myself of the rest of it. Baler and mower left years back I remember that being a happy day. Still have five or six pieces of that over rated green crap I'd like gone.
  9. Firestone super NO tractions

    Good year I believe makes a non multibar tire, multi bar is big mistake in my experience and my usage. I spend more time feeding over the winter, than tillage in dry dirt.
  10. Firestone super NO tractions

    No the op was telling the truth. 1066 spins around like a lawn tractor, I'm sick of it. I'll not buy them again. I didn't insult or question anyone's opinion or experience.
  11. Firestone super NO tractions

    The field and roads were much better tires. Looking for American made something next purchase. Done with these. Have them on two tens, jd2510+2020.
  12. Firestone super NO tractions

    Done buying em. Won't back up, can't go forward in mud either. JUNK if it ain't dry.
  13. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    There are two kinds of ether in a can, methyl and ethyl. I believe ethyl is the one you want, but also the one that knocks you out. Probably more expensive also, so the reason for the blend.
  14. 1586 DEcelerator pedal

    I used to run a galion grader with a 466 and a decelerator. I have thought about it also, round baling you could throttle down, tie and eject and take off again.
  15. Battery life

    I believe deka makes the Napa batteries, just like wix makes Napa filters. Maintenance free batteries are simply batteries you can not maintain, even though they need it. Scam